A new year, a fresh start, and a new you! That is the intention of most people at this time of year as they swear off chocolate, alcohol, and other “sinful” things they have enjoyed over Christmas. Thinking of getting back in space is a big leap. So, we found the most popular fitness YouTubers to take the journey with you!

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Start the year by taking inspirations from the most popular fitness YouTubers of 2024

Be it a full 20 minutes run, some burpees, or just a way to move your body to feel healthy and whole again. With such positive thoughts, nothing should slow you down on getting that heartbeat racing. Start small! An expensive gym membership can come later when you have a solid routine and a whole lot of enthusiasm. For now, these popular fitness YouTubers of 2024 are here to get you off your bed with their killer videos and routine for free!

In no particular order let’s get to know these YouTubers:

1. MadFit

Subscribers: 8.72M

Videos: 865 videos

Popular Canadian Fitness YouTuber MadFit‘s real name Maddie Lymburner rose to popularity with her Dance Party videos featuring cool dance workout exercises to some of the famous songs and artists such as the 15 min TIKTOK dance workout, and ONE DIRECTION 15 min dance workout.

The fun dance sessions and viral song choices made MadFit one of the most popular fitness YouTubers in the past year and definitely of 2022 as well! Her channel offers exercises that can be done at home with little to no equipment and she also provides healthy meal ideas.

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2. Caroline Girvan


Subscribers: 2.83M

Videos: 2000+ videos

If you think YouTube workouts are easy let Caroline Girvan’s 10 weeks EPIC ENDGAME on her youtube channel change your world! Her workouts are catching the eye of many for their long workout sessions, weight training, and of course the intensity. If the workouts are not hard how can you achieve those chiseled abs? The way Caroline Girvan’s intensive routine is helping others she’s no doubt a fitness YouTubers of 2022 to look out for this year!

3. Pamela Reif


Subscribers: 9.78M

Videos: 255 videos

Great song playlist, amazing dance workout moves, all these are key ingredients for a YouTube workout video to go viral. Besides Pamela Reif has made a name for herself in the fitness world by releasing high-impact, exercise videos that get straight to the point. She’s not one to waste time with long introductions or unnecessary instruction. Instead, she takes you through her workouts at a brisk pace and expects you to keep up with her. So, follow along and dance to some hit music and get toned in the process!

4. Yoga With Adriene

Subscribers: 12.5M

Videos: 733 videos

If high-energy HIT workouts are not for you? So how do you find a brand of yoga that is right for you? Adriene’s channel has a nice variety to it. From beginner videos, to more advanced and even a few themed playlists like the “Yoga for Mental Health” playlist or her “MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey” collection.

Her videos are not only super relaxing but also provide great yoga instruction for beginners plus you have Benji her dog on the frame for the support!

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5. Greg Doucette

Subscribers: 2.6M

Videos: 3,179 videos

Greg Doucette has been an active member of the fitness industry since 2003. He is a former collegiate athlete and a coach to many professionally ranked athletes. He became popular on YouTube for educating people about nutrition, weight-lifting and also reviewing other fitness experts on YouTube. His method is quite harsh and not for everyone! You’ll often hear him call you names and also mention the fact that he’s not a Doctor!

6. Jump Rope Dudes

Subscribers: 1.32M

Videos: 1000+ videos

One of the best ways of losing excess body fat is skipping ropes.  ‘Jump Rope. Get Lean. Live More’  With the intention of educating everyone on the benefits of rope training. Jump Rope Dudes is an impressive duo on YouTube providing amazing workout videos with ropes!

7. Juice & Toya

Subscribers: 1.51

Videos: 248 videos

Juice & Toya are yet another Fitness duo on YouTube helping their viewers to achieve their health goals. Providing 10 to 30 minute long HIT workout videos that focus on the core, arms, and legs. You get the complete package! Concerning your fitness level, you can follow as they provide modified versions done by Toya. They have the potential and can be the next popular fitness YouTubers of 2022!

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There are a lot of great YouTube channels out there that specialize in fitness. This was VoucherCodesUAE’s look at the most popular fitness YouTubers of 2024. Keep an eye out for these channels in the next few years and be sure to subscribe if they’re your cup of tea! What other YouTube channels do you think will be big in five years?

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