YouTube was founded in 2005 and acted as a starting point of a dynamic trend.  We all have witnessed this trend rapidly increasing. As a matter of fact, YouTube which started off as a social media platform has now become a source of income for countless influencers. Not just YouTube, nowadays major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have also provided a platform for these influencers. Are you also interested to become one? VoucherCodesUAE is here to guide you with all you need on getting started with your own vlogs.

Facts and figures

You tube- facts and figures

According to a survey by oberlo, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform. Over 2 billion users are active on YouTube and people of all age groups enjoy endless videos to satisfy all your requirements.

Up to 720,000 hours-worth videos are posted every day. Not just that, YouTube has become a powerful marketing tool. 62 percent of businesses post on YouTube for their video marketing. People all over the world invest up to one billion hours on YouTube everyday. So long story short, the competition is immense. However, if you put up good content and make your videos interesting and informative, you can surely get there.

What is a vlog?

What is a vlog- details vlog

A vlog is an interactive video in which the vlogger talks about themselves or anything else happening in life. It may be a travel vlog, a DIY tutorial or any other subject which can attract the audience.

Essentials for starting a vlog

Vlog essentials- equipment

Wondering what you need for a good start? We bring you all that you need to start off on your first vlog all from Kul. Create videos that impress the audience and become famous.

It’s not much, here’s a shortlist of all the camera equipment you need:

1. Camera

The most important thing for making good videos is a good quality camera. It’s not necessary that you pick an expensive DSLR. Anything which is capable of recording up to 1080p should be good enough for a start up. Camcorders, webcams, action cameras or DSLRs, you can use anything.


Sony FDR-AX33 Handheld Camcorder 8.29MP 10x Zoom With Built-in Wi-Fi

Sony camcorder: essentials for vlog

AED 2999


Logitech C310 HD Webcam Black

Logitech webcam: essentials

AED 295

Action cameras

Dji Osmo Pocket With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Capabilities 

DJI Osmo pocket: action cameras

AED 1139



Canon EOS 4000D- DSLR

 canon EOS 4000D- DSLR

AED 980


However if you are not willing to invest on a new camera, as a start-up you can always make use of your phones. Most smartphones today come with great cameras which should do just enough as a starting point for your vlogging journey.

2. Tripod Essentials

Tripods or gimbal stabilizers are a must. If you don’t want your video to be unsteady, you need to have these. While tripods can be used to capture videos without any camera movement, you will need a gimbal if you are going for handheld shooting.


Nikon Flexible Camera Tripod Stand Black

Flexible Camera Tripod Stand Black- tripod by nikon

AED 15.60


Gimbal stabilizer

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal Stabilizer With PGYTECH Action Camera Adapter Grey

Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal Stabilizer- dji stabilizer


AED 834


3. Microphone

Your audio will have to be great if you want to attract audience. You might have produced a great video but if your audio is not good enough, the entire experience of watching your video goes to waste. So your microphones are the next most important thing in your list of requirements. You can always choose from USB microphones, condenser microphone, shotgun microphones and lapel microphones according to your requirements and budget.

USB microphone

USB Capacitance Studio Microphone ZB25500 Black

USB Capacitance Studio Microphone ZB25500 Black- usb microphone for vlogging

AED 68


Condenser microphone

Condenser Microphone With Shock Mount BM-800 Blue

Condenser Microphone With Shock Mount BM-800 Blue- condenser microphone

AED 170.05

Shotgun microphones

Sony Gun Zoom Microphone ECMGZ1M Black

Gun Zoom Microphone ECMGZ1M Black- shotgun microphones from Sony

AED 521

Lapel microphones

Boya Cardioid Lavalier Lapel Clip-On Microphone 1D7775 Black

Cardioid Lavalier Lapel Clip-On Microphone 1D7775 Black- lapel microphones by boya for vlog

AED 188.95

4. Lighting

Enhance the feel of your video with some great lighting. There’s always a wrong notion that lighting is only required in dimly lit places. That’s not true. Whether you’re shooting indoors or out, good lighting will always enhance the video and give the best desired results. From soft boxes to umbrella lights, ring lights and on-camera lighting, you can get it all.

Soft Box lighting

Ring Softbox Speedlight Round Style 

Ring Softbox Speedlight Round Style Flash Light Shoot Soft box Flash Light Black- lighting for vlog

AED 79.90

Umbrella lighting

Andoer Photography Studio Cube Umbrella Lighting Tent Kit 

Photography Studio Cube Umbrella Lighting Tent Kit - Andeor umbrella lighting

AED 209


Ring lighting

LED Photographic Ring Light White

LED Photographic Ring Light White- lighting for vlog

AED 176


On-camera lighting

Andeor Mini Portable On-Camera Led Video Fill-In Light Panel

Mini Portable On-Camera Led Video Fill-In Light Panel- on camera lighting

AED 88.50

5. Video editing software

Post-production plays a major role in creating good videos. After having all your hardware set, you will need good video editing software. Add some great music, effects and make your video more fun.

YouTube has its own video editor but I suggest getting a new one if you want to play more with your video and add your desired effects.

Some of the best video editing softwares are:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro cc
  • Final Cut Pro x
  • CyberLink PowerDirector

Vlogging: Choose your niche and make it work

Selecting niche for vlog- content ideas

First and foremost, you need to figure out your niche. What is the main focus of your content and whom is it going to target? This is the most important part!

While you can always post random videos without a central theme, it’s always better to have one particular center. You can choose anything from gaming to beauty, DIY, art and more.

If you have a sizeable audience willing to watch your videos, you can always add new content apart from your main central topic.

For example Chloe Ting has attracted massive audience with her fitness and workout videos. Even though she has a few videos on different other content, her main niche is still fitness and workout.

Furthermore it’s also very crucial to know who your audience is. While the fun, flouncy styles work for teenagers and other younger audience, it doesn’t exactly attract the older ones. You tube is a universal platform with people of all age groups. You need to be able to specify your audience and create accordingly.

Content ideas to help you find your niche

Selecting niche- for vlog

Here are 20 content ideas to help you find your niche. These are the most popular topics that people of all age groups refer to. If you have something else in mind you can always go for it.

  • Take a city tour ( Travel )
  • Talk about yourself, your life. ( Your life)
  • Give details on celebrity life and living
  • Answer fun FAQ’s
  • Make prank and comic videos
  • Music ( sing )
  • How to play a guitar or piano (tutorial programs)
  • Talk about what’s hot in the market (trends)
  • Beauty and fitness
  • Review products
  • Take up popular challenges
  • Inspirational and philosophical
  • Dance videos
  • Make educational videos
  • DIY and hand crafts
  • Cover a special event (live concerts and special shows)
  • Unboxing
  • Tell you stories (travel or other)
  • Collaborate with other vloggers
  • Last but not the least. Memes!

Get familiar with you tube and get your vlogging inspirations

It’s always good to be familiar with what you are working with. So view carefully. Check the thumbnails, search engines, keywords and channel pages. Take a look at the trending page and see what the talk of the town is.

Furthermore check out the popular vloggers who have the same niche as you and figure what you can add in your video which theirs lack. It’s not about copying everything. Keeping inspirations does not mean copying them. Add your personal touch to your videos and make it original.

Apart from these you will also benefit if you familiarise yourself with the technical side of things.

Increasing your subscribers and viewers on you tube


Vlog- increasing subscribers and viewersAfter making your you tube channel here are the things you need to do to increase your subscribers and viewers.

  • Brand yourself. Get a profile picture which shows exactly what you’re content is about. It can be a logo as well.
  • Create good catchy content. Make your videos creative. With some a perfect balance of humor, give valuable information.
  • Keep your videos updated. Ad you proceed forward get rid of the old and bad quality videos.
  • Be interactive with your viewers. At the end of your videos mention what your next video will be on.
  • Ask your viewers to subscribe.
  • Increase your channel. Comment on famous videos and try to get the famous ones to give you a shout out.
  • Try to promote on social media like instagram, facebook or twitter.

Vlog FAQs

What is is the difference between a blog and a vlog?

Vlogs are online video posts like journals and diaries. On the other hand blogs are content written online on similar topics. Vlogs can be considered video journalism while blogs are written online journalism.

Do you get paid for making vlogs?

In order to get paid for making vlogs on YouTube, you will have to enable YouTube monetization. The minimum threshold to earn money via vlogs is to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs watch time. Get started with a vlog with these tips and essentials. Become an influencer and enjoy what you do. Also, learn how to become an influencer on TikTok.

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