Taurus season is here! This means it’s either your birthday season or you know someone whose birthday is coming. If it’s the latter, then you must be wondering what to gift your favorite Taurean. The month of the bull starts from April 20 to May 20 and we’ve curated a list of the best Taurus gift ideas for you.

Represented by the bull, this Earth sign is often seen as practical, stoic, determined, focused, and ambitious. Since this sign is ruled by Venus, the enchanting planet that governs love, beauty, and money, Taureans are said to be the most sensual of the zodiacs. Enchanted by the physical beauty of comfort and luxury, they can be materialistic too to some extent. Pleasure is an essential trait of Taurus people, and they feel most content when pampered.

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you our top picks to help you pamper your favorite Taurus person.

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Taurus Gift Ideas to make them feel special

1. Luxurious Gifts

This has to be number 1 on the list of Taurus gift ideas. Your favorite Taurean deserves some high-quality gifts. Since they would love to get pampered with luxurious gifts, surprise them with something a little expensive— maybe an expensive watch or even a Swarovski crystal.
What luxe-lover wouldn’t be pleased with a watch as fancy as this? Here are our picks from Amazon:

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For Her

Taurus Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

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For Him

Taurus Gift Ideas

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Fossil Machine Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch.

This lovely accessory will add a special something to any outfit they wear.

2. Bath set & fragrance candles

A Taurean wouldn’t mind spending time in the tub all day. Gift them bath and shower products from Bath & Body Works.

gifts for Taurus man

Our pick is this — a perfect way to pamper with fragrant bubbles that fizz and foam.

Taurus gifts for her
You can also add some fragrance candles to your gift to complement their relaxing bath. We’ve picked out this Eucalyptus and Mint Scented 3-wick Candle for that fresh and soothing effect.

3. A bouquet

Epicurean or not, anyone would love to receive a stunning bouquet of flowers on their birthday. Have a pretty bouquet delivered to your Taurus’s door. Since the Rose is one of the birth flowers of this zodiac, a bouquet of Roses would make for a perfect surprise.

gifts for a Taurus man

Our pick is this bouquet of pink and white roses from Flower Store. Use the code “DELIGHTFUL” to avail of free shipping on orders above AED 99.

4. Zodiac mug

gifts for Taurus

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A useful item and pretty too, this would make a great gift on a budget. Get this Taurus Everyday Mug with a lid from Amazon.

5. Perfume

Taurus being a sensual sign, they would definitely have a weakness for anything that smells amazing. Gift him/her a perfume that would linger around for a long while, making them remember the gifter every time they get a whiff of the fragrance. These are our picks from Sephora.

For Her

gifts for a Taurus

Gucci Bloom has notes of natural tuberose and Jasmine that leave an unexpectedly rich white floral scent on the skin. Your Taurean lady would surely dig this fresh, light, crisp, and feminine perfume.

For Him

Taurus birthday present

Sauvage by Dior is a fragrance inspired by the desert at sunset. While notes of spices give it more consistency and roundness, this subtle, masculine fragrance is perfect for your Taurean man.

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6. Art set

Ruled by Venus, artistry is another side of Tauruses. They’re known to be the creative types. Give them a sketchbook to let them bring their artistic side into action.

best gift for Taurus man

Our pick is this Painting Paper and SketchBook from AliExpress.

gift for Taurus

You can also add this Sketching Pencil Set to complement your gift. Use the code “ALEXP586” and get Up to 80% Off Flash Deals + an Extra $4 Off.

7. Planters

Being the Earth sign, they would definitely have an attraction towards plants and earthy stuff. Besides, gardening caters to their nurturing and earthly nature. A planter would make a really thoughtful gift to let them connect to their element.

Taurus gifts

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We’ve picked out this wooden planter from Amazon.

8. Comfort food

Best Taurus gifts

Taureans crave comfort. This includes comfort food too. From coffee from their favorite cafe’ or meals from their favorite restaurants, they’d love anything at all. Make a list of their favorite food and drinks and have UberEats deliver it right to their doorstep for the perfect birthday celebration. This would undeniably make a wonderful surprise.

9. Silverware

Since we already know Taureans love luxury and food too, why not combine both and gift them a stunning set of silverware? They can use the luxurious cutlery set to enjoy eating their favorite meals. There you go, two birds killed with one stone! Our pick:

Best Taurus Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

LPOLER 32-pcs Cutlery Set from Amazon

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10. Beanbag

Taureans are comfort-seekers and bean bags would make one of the best Taurus gift ideas as the most ideal furniture for them. What comfort-lover wouldn’t want to laze around on a bean bag that would contour to every inch of their body? Not only is it fun to sit on, but this kind of bag also provides an ideal form of relaxation—just what a Taurus person craves. Our pick:

Best Taurus Gift Ideas

Soft Suede Bean Bag from Amazon.

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