Let’s admit it, the kitchen is the heart of the house. A place where the fondest memories are made, with friends and family gathered around the table. As said by Laura Esquivel, “cooking is one of the strongest ceremonies of life,” and in the kitchen, we find life itself. During the festivities, it thrives. With Ramadan approaching, add vibrance to your kitchen with Amazon‘s exclusive sale on kitchen essentials.

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Cooking appliances

Those days are far gone when the only appliances in the kitchen were a gas stove and a refrigerator. Air fryers, boilers, mincers, there are appliances for you to use to do almost anything.

Better appliances come forth with better technology, helping you cook the best meals in better ways and optimizing the time in the kitchen. Get yourself the best cooking appliances here.

Here are our top picks:

  • Black & Decker Digital Air Fryer
Kitchen Essentials

AED 241.50.00

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An air fryer with 4L food capacity for healthy, tasty, and easy cooking. It can be used for roasting and frying.


  • Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
Kitchen Essentials

AED 179.00

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With its innovative design, the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender gives a hassle-free blending, chopping, and mashing experience. No splashing, and zero waste, make this blender a must for kitchen essentials.


  • Russell Hobbs Compact Bread Maker
Cooking appliances

AED 220.00

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Get mouthwatering homemade bread for yourself. With seven hours delay function, you can get precise and delayed baking services. Let the aroma of fresh bread fill your house.


  • Tefal Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware Set

Kitchen Essentials cookware

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This 9 piece cookware set is an easy-to-use staple cooking set. The heat indicators, and non-stick coating, makes cooking much easier and more fun. The glass lids help in easy monitoring.

Price: AED 249

  • Tefal Clipso Minut Pressure Cooker
Kitchen Essentials

AED 749

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Tefal Clipso Minut Pressure Cooker is fast, easy-to-use cookware. It has a one-handed easy opening. The vitamin preservation and 5- security system ensures safe cooking for you and your family.

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Cutlery and Knife Sets

  • Prestige Knife Block SetKitchen Essentials

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Price: AED 108.74

This 15 knife set block is made from superior quality Japanese blades for precise cuts. A balanced and controlled knife set for your comfort. It is one of the kitchen essentials you cannot miss.

  • TD Stainless Steel Cutlery Set


Cutlery Set

AED 580.00

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A set of 24 stainless steel cutlery pieces with the luxury surface finish of high mirror polish and full gold PVD. An elegant design, shiny and luxurious makes everyone fall in love with having food using them.

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Food storage

  • Royalford Transparent Food Container
Kitchen Essentials

AED 7.00

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This transparent food container has a capacity of 2600ml. It is BPA Free, reusable and microwaveable. You can store it in the freezer too.

Serveware and Dinner sets

Dinner sets and serve wares attract a person to the meal. Get your kitchen table ready, with the best table decorations for this Ramadan.

  • Royalford Melamine dinner sets


RoyalFord Melamine dinner sets in black and white color

AED 165.00

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RoyalFord 35pcs dinner set is alluring and durable. With its long-lasting protection from scratching, this set will last you a lifetime. The melamine makes it fade-resistant. A pretty all-rounder dinner set like this is a must for your list of kitchen Essentials

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Food warmers and Hotpots

Keep your food warm and yummy for the next meal! Don’t fret to cook more for later, you can always warm it up on these Kitchen Essentials.

  • Sunnex chafers
Kitchen Essentials

AED 1189.00

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A generous capacity of 6 liters keeps the food for a long time. It is attractive and affordable, keeping the food warm and perfect for mealtime. Bonus point: It comes with a glass lid and spoon rest.

In the Holy Month of Ramadan, when each meal signifies one’s devotion, how can the place creating them, be any less than perfect? Hone your kitchen with the best of kitchen essentials and surround yourself with friends and families to share laughter and joy.

We wish you and your family a great time this year, to share smiles and stories around the kitchen table during this Ramadan!


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