As said by Albus Dumbledore, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

Don’t let the spirit of Easter be dampened by this quarantine. Be it your birthday, Easter, or any other festivals, there will always be creative ways to celebrate it at home. Anyway, a celebration is always about hope. Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death. Though it doesn’t have a fixed date, it occurs after the third day after the day of crucifixion. One thing is for certain, it is always on a Sunday.

For Christians and non-Christians alike, Easter has been a day of the festival and a holiday to spend with friends and families. With the Easter Celebration coming around next week, we have got the perfect ways for you and your family to enjoy the day, in the best quarantine way possible.

VoucherCodesUAE brings you the best ways to pump up your Easter celebrations! Check out our quarantine Easter ideas listed below!

Decoration ideas for quarantine Easter

The tradition of decorating eggs date back to ancient Pagans. The eggs represent new life and rebirth, linked with Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection. In Christianity, Easter eggs symbolizes a empty tomb, from which Jesus had resurrected.

The old tradition of staining eggs red was done in the memory of the blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed during crucifixion. Throughout the years the decorations have evolved too, that means, you can let the artist in you work freely! The decoration of eggs is an important part of the Easter celebrations.

Easter Egg decoration during Easter celebration

Following the oldest tradition, you can sit down with your family and dye chicken eggs and decorate them as you wish. You can even opt for a modern version, a decorated chocolate or plastic eggs filled with candy— an easier option for your quarantine Easter celebration.

You can make these chocolate eggs at home with the help of Silicone molds. Our pick is 3D Easter Egg Shape Silicone Mold From Amazon promo coupons.

Easter egg hunt with the Easter Bunny

All of us have heard about the ‘Easter Bunny.’ It is a folklore creature in the form of a rabbit, a symbol for Easter, a bringer of joy to the Easter celebrations. The origins of the bunny lie in the German Lutherans as the Easter hare. The hare comes as a judge, whether the kids were on good or bad behavior, similar to another famous figure, Santa Claus. Be sure you’re not on his naughty list, or you may just lose your Easter Basket!

Easter egg hunt in Easter celebration

With your decorated Easter eggs hidden by the ‘Easter Bunny’, join in the hunt to get the most eggs in your basket. During self-quarantine, your ‘Easter Bunny’ may opt to hide the eggs around the house instead of the backyard.

Quarantine Easter treats – keep up the delicacies

The most basic and non-negotiable item on the family Easter recipes for your Easter celebrations has to be the cake. A carrot flavor cake in honor of the bunny is a huge hit!

Easter carrot Cake

But! Back to the tradition! The traditional dishes include ham, lamb chops, deviled eggs and lots and lots of chocolate bunnies. Uber Eats coupons is a way to order a food delivery service ready to your home!

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Easter ideas on quarantine – send gifts & gift cards

With sites such as AliExpress, SheinGAP, etc still operating, you can pre-order the gifts for you and your family. (Use codes from VoucherCodesUAE to get up to 20% off on your gifts).

After-all giving is an important gesture and part of the Easter celebration.

Easter Celebration

If the delivery option is a tad late, you can always opt to send your friends and family an e-Gift card. For an online shopping spree or a hunger carving, it is the best gift for a time like this. Besides being safe and personal, if you need more reasons, we have 10 reasons why gift cards are the best gift especially for you!

Dress to impress

You can’t let this significant day with your family pass by in boring clothes. Keep these memories alive! Memories are to be cherished for the future, and to be enjoyed in the present.

Post them to your social media, keep your friends and family updated about your well-being and optimistic mind-set about this self- quarantine.

With your makeup done and OOTD in place, you can pose for and post as many selfies you like! Rack up on those likes on your feed and the love of your family. Who knows, the next influencer maybe, budding in you during this lockdown.

We wish you a wonderful quarantine Easter celebration with your family. After all, they are the ones we are with most of our lives. Don’t let the quarantine dampen the cheerful mood of these festivities. Check out our Easter special offers to make the day even more special!