July, the month of Cancer and Leo, symbolized with ruby stones is actually a month of contentment, passion, and integrity.  VoucherCodesUAE lists the best offers and deals to your heart’s content. Make sure you don’t miss any July offers.

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The interesting fact about July is that the month was named after Julius Caesar posthumously because he introduced the Julian Calendar.

Here is the list of the most important and quirky events happening this month:

  1. International Joke day
  2. World Chocolate Day
  3. World Nature Conservation Day
  4. World Hepatitis Day
  5. International Day of Friendship

International Joke day

Joke Day

We all need to exercise our spirits with some jokes and laughter once in a while. Forget April Fool’s day, July 1st holds importance and recognizes the wonders jokes can do to keep stress, tension, and anxiety at bay.

Sharing a laugh with someone special, who is feeling too low for one reason or the other marks the importance of this day. And with everything happening in the world, we need a little laugh.

Take a break from the news and go through humor pieces in magazines or newspapers. Be a part of your regional or virtual comedy club, or plan a day with your family where you can enjoy comedy movies right in the comfort of your home. Sign up for Netflix and enjoy the freedom of huge discounts on your monthly packages. And enjoy unlimited comedy throughout the day!

World Chocolate Day

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The annual observance of World Chocolate Day occurs globally on July 7th. And what does the celebration include? Of course, chocolates! All of us have a reason not to stop indulging ourselves in having as much chocolate as we like, thanks to International Chocolate Day. July offers on chocolates include 15% off on chocolates and flowers from 800Flower by using the code “GIVE.”

World Nature Conservation Day


Every year on July 28, the world celebrates World Nature Conservation Day. The purpose is to generate awareness regarding the earth’s natural resources. Nature is bound to suffer if precautionary measures are not taken to save it from deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, pollution, plastic or chemical usage. The duty to save our mother planet rests on our shoulders. How can you play your role? Shopping with earth-friendly brands will spare you the guilt trip. Switch your choices to eco-friendly products. H&M is using better materials that have a lesser impact on the planet. Check out their cool collection and embark on a guilt-free journey.

World Hepatitis Day

perosnal hygiene

The world observes Hepatitis Day on July 28, every year. The objective is to raise global awareness of hepatitis. Hepatitis affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, causing acute and chronic diseases and killing 1.34 million people every year. Every year events such as free screenings, poster campaigns, demonstrations, concerts, talk shows are organized. It is contagious, so we must take great care of our hygiene and maintain a clean and healthy surrounding. A regular clean-up, dressing up in neat, well-washed clothes, maintaining proper hygiene, and eating healthy can prevent us from various diseases.

International Day of Friendship

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Define friendship. Is it an old-school friend? A colleague? Your better-half? Sibling? Or a pet? Well, a friend can be anyone. So we have this International Friendship Day, a celebration to regard friendships all around the globe on July 30. Friends hold a special place in our hearts. They are someone we can confide in, rely on in our bad times. They are by our side, even when the world is against them. So why would you not want to surprise them this Friendship Day with 800 Flower? Send them over a beautiful bouquet and let them know their importance. Use code “GIVE” and get an extra 15% off on all orders. As mentioned above, you can complement it with chocolates.

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Mark your calendars and start planning out the ways you would want to make the most out of these upcoming days. Celebrate, have fun and make loads of memories. Tag us on Social Media to see you and perhaps give you a shoutout.


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