Those who say love is all you need certainly did not have enough cuisines to touch their palate. Today we will take you on a journey around the world through your tastebuds. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your house! We can show you the world, at your home with flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo.

Travel Enthusiasts are the Best Foodies

Order the best cuisines from Deliveroo

Traveling is not just about pretty pictures for the Instafam or ticking off a place from your bucket list. When you travel, you learn their culture, through the local food, through sight and smell. Right now, the world seems to be closed, but your adventure for food should not. That’s why we bring you the best flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo to satisfy the hunger in you.

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8 flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo to quench your adventurous soul

In UAE, Deliveroo has about 400 restaurants and 300 riders in service to provide you with food. Among them, they have several cuisines you could choose from. Here are the most flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo, that will have you drooling.


Flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo greek


Greek cuisine is one of the most popular and flavorful cuisines in the world and in high demand in Deliveroo. It has a culinary tradition of 4,000 years.

You can taste the rich culture from the mouth-watering moussaka, souvlaki, and Greek salad for starters. Then, share a platter with your friends, filled with tzatziki, taramasalata, and dolmades, or tuck into a slow-cooked tender beef stifado. Finish off with some honey-sweet baklava.


Flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo - chinese


Are you only thinking about the rice, noodles, and succulent meat dishes, with dazzling combinations of spices and flavors? There is so much to the fine dining of Chinese cuisine.

Have a bite of dim sum or choose delicious crispy fried beef. Add a side of spring rolls. Throw in a sweet and sour chicken and pair it with some wantons -delicious! I am not drooling- you are.


Flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo Indian


Let’s go a little beyond the curry, alright? Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse and flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo and the world. And we are here to give you a mouthful.

Dive into the chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, lamb bhuna, and biryani.  Add on some sides, such as pakora, onion bhajis, saag aloo, and poppadoms. Indian cuisine doesn’t shy away from spices, be ready with dessert-like Kheer, Malpura to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo lebanese


Here comes the most popular cuisine in the Middle East. It is a slice of heaven on the plate. Lebanese cuisine brings you the mouth-watering flavors of the Middle East.

They have spicy falafel, griddled halloumi, and kebabs. The shawarma, that even the Avengers craved after their battle. Oh, also don’t forget the delicious sides, the smoky ganoush, creamy hummus, or a fresh serving of tabbouleh.


Flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo Italian cuisine


Craving for pasta and pizza? What can be better than getting it from the creators themselves? Italian cuisine offers you an avalanche of flavors on your tastebuds. Therefore, it is one of the most flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo and around the world.

Italian cuisine has its ingredients fresh and subtly seasoned and spiced. So what would you like? Crispy bruschetta or classic Italian arancini with gooey mozzarella centers to start off your meal. Then, tasty spaghetti bolognaise, a creamy carbonara studded with pancetta pieces of a silky risotto with a side of comforting gnocchi dish.


Flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo - mexican


Mexican cuisine is a festival of flavors. With a culinary history of about 9,000 years ago, there’s a saying, “Life without Mexican food is like no life at all.”

So, we are bringing the Mexican fiesta to your table or wherever you want to eat! Get a burrito or a chimichanga and dip it into the creamy guacamole. Enchiladas and fajitas are there too! If you like spice, get the chili con carne and chipotle.


Flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo - japanese


‘Udon’ know how much you will love Japanese cuisine until you try it. Prepared with years of practice and care, they have the cuisine, packed with nutrients and flavor.

Let’s get you started with hot miso soup, gyoza, and edamame beans. Enjoy hearty ramen with noodles and broth. Then have a fresh bite of the crisp tempura. A tasty bento box or a poke bowl is also an option! And don’t forget to try a teppanyaki dish or teriyaki chicken. Traditional sake to finish it off.


Flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo from Thailand


Thai cuisine is based on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromas and a spicy tone. It makes their cooking easily one of the most flavorful cuisines from Deliveroo.

The exotic delights from Thailand, straight on your table. Panang curry with spring rolls or massaman curry with fried rice. A fragrant green or red Thai curry might just hit the spot.

Enjoy your tasty meals with friends, family, or just treat yourself! We hope you have a satisfying palate and an amazing gastronomical experience.

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