What is an iVenture Card?

If you are too adventurous for a tour group but still want to save some time and money, you’ll love the iVenture Card. It is more like a tourist pass that will give you access to a host of attractions in many destinations across the globe. This smart card gives you access to loads of must-see attractions at one small price, so it is totally worth it.

Why choose iVenture Card?

Loads of attractions

Every package deal will you offer you loads of attractions and experiences to choose from the destination you are visiting. Most of them are the best tourist attractions the place has to offer.

Gives you flexibility

It is very flexible since you can choose the attractions you want to see at the leisure of your own time. It also provides you with a free tour guide and colorful maps so you don’t miss out on anything while planning your holiday.

Will save you a lot of money

You can always count on iVenture to give you the best deals on tickets and passes. No matter the destination, it will always save 60% money as compared to other tour packages.  Every package offers great deals whether you are traveling alone or with friends.

No cash and coupons required

Once you recharge your card it is hassle-free to use. Just go to the entry point of the attraction and show your card to get easy access.

Skip the Line

Don’t like to stand in the line? Well, you don’t have to if you have an iVenture Card. This card lets you skip the line and saves you time.

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iVenture destinations around the World

You love to travel, don’t you? iVenture can be a useful tool and your travel companion when you set out for your adventures. It offers you numerous destinations that span across all the five continents. Your next destination can be checking out amusing sea creatures from the Captain Crook Cruises in Sydney, or relishing an exquisite English Breakfast while you tour the city of London.

If you like thrills you can watch some live Muay Thai action in Thailand or go for the Marine Dynamics Shark Cage Diving at Capetown. iVenture has everything that will cater to all of your traveling needs and expectations anywhere in the world.

iVenture in Dubai

Dubai is one of the top-rated destinations at iVenture. Well, why shouldn’t it be? From the world’s tallest building, stunning landmarks and unique experiences to thrilling adventure parks and exotic desert safaris, Dubai has it all. No wonder it’s so high on the bucket list of so many travelers and explorers from around the world. So, if you are living in the UAE itself, there is no reason not to explore Dubai to the fullest! VoucherCodesUAE brings you the top destinations that you can visit at a low-cost using iVenture in Dubai.

Make the most of your iVenture cards to explore Dubai and also the world to the fullest. If you don’t own an iVenture card yet, you should definitely get one. You can also get a flat 60% off on all iVenture packages in Dubai and up to 80% off on other packages for various destinations around the world.

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At The Top, Burj Khalifa

Would you like to have the experience of being on top of the world? You can have that on ‘At The Top’ observation deck of Burj Khalifa. Once you get there, you will be personally escorted to a dedicated elevator that will ascend you to level 125 in a matter of minutes as you fly over global landmarks, through projections inside the elevator.

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Aventura Parks

When in the mood for some serious adventure, there is no better place than the Aventura Parks to visit. Gear-up in a sporty outfit to explore and conquer the 35000 square meters of pristine nature inside the park. Aventura also features the longest series of thrilling top zip lines in the region. There will be five circuits for you to explore and each has a different difficulty level. From bridges and zip line tunnels for children to exhilarating water sliding and tree surfing for adults, Aventura has something in store for your whole family.

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Desert Safari

Want to experience the true essence of the Middle East like royalty? Book a night at the Desert Safari with iVenture to embark on an exciting 4×4 safari over the dunes, see the sunset in the desert and savor an Arabian dinner with cultural entertainment.  Upon arriving at the camp, you will be showered with drinks and dates. After getting refreshed you can then head out for a camel ride in the desert or do some sand surfing. You can then wear traditional Arabian Outfits and sit around a sheesha water pipe and have pro photographers take epic Arabian desert pics for your Instagram feed. Enjoy the barbecue buffet in the evening with some belly dance and  Tanoura dance under the desert skies.

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Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

For an educative as well fun-filled day with your children, head out to the Dubai Mall. On the ground floor, you will come across the ten million liters Dubai Aquarium tank. This is one of the largest suspended water tanks in the world and happens to be the home of over 160 species of aquatic animals. You can also get a glimpse of sharks and rays in the aquarium as over 300 live there. It also happens to be the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world. After you finish exploring the aquarium, you can then head into the Dubai Mall to have some grub or do some shopping.

Aqua Fun

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Looking to have fun under the sun? The Aqua Fun at JBR beach might just be the place to go. With 101 different kinds of water rides and obstacles, the place is perfect for a family outing no matter the age. Everything is Dubai is measured on a large scale, as is the case with Aqua Fun, which holds the title of being the world’s largest inflatable water park. You can burn up to 800 calories if you manage to finish the course from start to end or you see how fast you can go in the world’s longest and highest inflatable water slide!

So, why wait around? Get your iVenture today!