There’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is, Mothercare was going through a lot of financial losses over the past few years and announced to shut down 79 stores across the UK. The good news is, none of the stores across the UAE were affected by this financial crisis and the products from Mothercare are still widely available.

Baby layette from Mothercare

Mothercare, founded in 1961, has been catering to moms and new-moms ever since. Here is a list of mom-to-be essentials you never knew you needed.

But what about new moms? You cannot wait to shop after your baby is born. So we suggest you keep everything ready to welcome this brand new member of your family. The diapers, bibs, blankets, baby apparels, and the likes must be all on the checklist but there could be some baby essentials items that could slip from your mind while shopping for the baby.

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Most important baby essentials

Feeding bottle

Although Feeding bottles are not recommended until 2-4 weeks post-birth, they can be used to pump breast milk and feed babies. This is also a good way to measure how much milk your baby is taking. These natural feeding bottles from Philips Avent are simple to use and clean. They come in a pack of 2 different sizes (4oz/125ml and 9oz/260ml) making them convenient to use according to the required quantity.

Baby layette for Newborns
Price: AED 78

Bedside cribs

Cribs ensure a safe sleep environment for the baby. Bedsides, cribs are recommended so that your baby is right beside you when both of you are asleep. Cribs can be used for a long time and some can even be converted to toddler beds that can last for years. This Swinging Crib from Mothercare can be used to gently rock your baby to sleep. This makes it easy for you to rock your baby from your bed. The rocking mechanism can be locked, making it convenient to use the crib in a static position as well whenever the need arises.

Newborn layette
Price: AED 530

Car seats and strollers

Car seats are an essential item if you drive around with your baby. It is the best way to keep your baby safe and protected when they are in a car. Also, babies love outings and for these long outings, a stroller would come in handy. Strollers make your outings safe and comfortable since it allows you to rest too. Although a stroller is best suited only after the baby is at least 2 months old, these days, there are tons of different strollers. Lightweight strollers that recline fully, make it safe to use for a newborn too.
This Journey Chrome Travel System from Mothercare comes complete with a Group 0+ car seat and stroller providing you for your baby’s outings and journeys from birth up to 15kgs. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before fixing the car seat or hire a professional so that you get it fixed in the proper way.

Layette sets
Price: AED 1900

Baby carriers

For the not-so-long outings, baby carriers are the perfect solution to traveling around with your baby while keeping them close and safe. This 4 Position Baby Carrier from Mothercare is suitable from birth to 15kgs and holds your baby in an ergonomic, natural sitting position. It has been designed to enable you to carry your baby in 4 different positions- front facing inward from birth, front-facing outward from 6 months, back position inwards from 6 months, and hip position from 6 months.

Baby layette sets
Price: AED 320

Bath support

Hygiene is important right from the baby’s birth and so is giving these little ones a bath. But this can be quite a challenge sometimes. Holding the baby still while letting them enjoy splashing the water can get difficult. Hence, a baby bath supports your rescue! This Ergonomic Bath Support from Mothercare holds the baby securely and prevents them from slipping. This allows you to have both your hands-free, making it easier for you to wash up your baby.

Baby essentials
Price: AED 68

Baby teethers

Once the baby is around 3 months old, their teeth start developing and teethers are used to soothe babies’ gums. This allows the baby to get some comfort and relief as tender gums feel better when pressure is applied. Note that it is important to sterilize your baby’s teeth before handing them over to them even if it is between short intervals of time. These Water-Filled Teethers from Mothercare give your little one something to chew on when their gums are sore or if they are teething. They come in a pack of 2 and are soft and textured. You can keep them refrigerated before giving them to your baby so that the chilled water-filled center aids in cooling sore teething gums.

Baby layette for new moms
Price: AED 25

Also, don’t forget to check out Mothercare’s wide range of amazing products for kids of all ages.


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