Corporate gifts are given at the beginning of the year as a way to thank employees for the work they did for the business during the previous year. The majority of businesses ought to have already started thinking about suitable corporate gifts in advance of the upcoming New Year.

In particular, at a time when employers are looking for New Year Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees, VoucherCodesUAE has put together a list of the top 8 suggestions for corporate gifts for employees. Employers, employees, clients, and others looking for suggestions for corporate gifts can choose from one of the top 8 suggestions offered by us, which are as follows.

8 best New Year corporate gift ideas for employees

1. Business spiral notebook

corporate gift ideas

Price: AED 21.20

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Diaries and notebooks are frequently at the top of most people’s wish lists when it comes to New Year corporate gift ideas for employees. Shop for a wonderful selection of diaries and notebooks that can be bought together as gifts.

2. Planners and organizers

Organizer Notebook & Productivity Journal by Legend Planner

Price: AED 92.72

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The ability to plan and organize various aspects of their work is highly valued in executive careers. Among the many business gifts available, executive planners and organizers might end up being a wise choice.

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3. Work desk accessories

corporate gift ideas

Price: AED 19.99

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Nowadays, the vast majority of people work all day long in front of computers. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic, having these items on the desk adds a lot of value and functionality.

4. Calendars

White multicolor Wall Calendar 2023-2024

Price: AED 76

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Calendars that incorporate uplifting and energizing quotes alongside attractive visual imagery can add a lot of life to the daily routine. Shop for beautiful and meaningful calendars only on Amazon.

5. Sippers, bottles, and flasks

corporate gift ideas

Price: AED 24.89

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Sippers, bottles, and flasks are useful fluid containers that come in a variety of fun colors, styles, and sizes, and are excellent New Year corporate gift ideas for employees.

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6. Coffee and tea mugs

Light blue coffe mug with white lid by Kambukka

Price: AED 99.00

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A steaming mug of coffee, tea, or both is how the majority of us begin our days. Businesses now have the chance to regularly use the use of these gifts to draw customers’ attention to their names.

7. Wall clocks

Biala Vintage and Rustic Wooden Retro Wall Clock

Price: AED 32.50

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Wall clocks are a great item for prominent branding and make excellent New Year’s corporate gift ideas for employees. The same can be said of wristwatches as classy gifts.

8. Office bags

Brown and Grey Office Bag

Price: AED 99.99

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Today, there are many different uses and functions for bags. They offer a very useful corporate giving solution and can be used both at work and while traveling or commuting.

Besides the items listed above, you can also gift T-shirts and hoodies with company logos printed on them are commonplace in workplace settings. They are a well-liked option among many businesses, groups, institutions, and universities as promotional gifts.