The pandemic has been heavy on our budget, and oftentimes, even sales aren’t tempting enough.

When it comes to shopping online, we want not only good products but the best prices too. That isn’t possible all the time but sometimes it is. And this might just be one of those “sometimes” when you can actually get nice products at equally reasonable prices. Here is an online shopping platform that offers a wide array of products worth buying. VoucherCodesUAE presents to you all you need to know about Fordeal discount codes, the best deals, and our top picks from the site.

Current Fordeal Coupon Codes To Use

Fordeal coupon in VoucherCodesUAE

Use these voucher codes from Fordeal for crazy discounts:

  • “VC10” for an extra 10% off site wide; Golden Membership ( including free home delivery + 1% Voucher Back + 10% off on shopping); up to 50% off on electronics + extra 10% off.
  • “FDL1” for up to 70% on selected items + extra 10% off; 10% off on car storage, car electronics and automotive interiors.
  • “VCU” for 10% off on leather jackets, woolen coats and more, up to 80% off on women’s winter clothing collection, up to 75% off on makeup products + extra 10% off, two-piece outfit for men + 10% off, women’s clothing and accessories + extra 10% off.
  • FDL50” for an extra 10% off on baby toys and more; 10% off on home and kitchen accessories.

About Fordeal

Headquartered in Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia, Fordeal is a cross-border global e-commerce platform that focuses on the Middle Eastern market. The company was founded in 2017 and mainly sells lifestyle products including apparel, shoes, stationery, home essentials, accessories, and makeup. It also features electronics and automotive products on the mobile-only platform.

Shipping & Return Policy

Fordeal shopping - Shipping and return

According to the information available on the website, Fordeal takes about 2-6 days to prepare an order once it is placed and 4-8 days further to ship it.

If for any reason a customer is not satisfied with their purchase, Fordeal has a flexible return policy whereby the customer can return the products and a refund will be processed within 2 days. The online shopping platform supports free return within 15 days after receiving the order except for categories not included in the free return.

Do shopping with Our Top Picks from Fordeal!

Here are our top picks from Fordeal. These are products you need in your day to day life and come at a reasonable price. Ready for shopping?

Top 5 Kitchen Essentials

Plate Rack

Fordeal coupon - Kitchen Essentials

Get this plate rack to store all your pretty ceramics in a convenient yet stylish way. Not only that, you can even use it to strain your freshly washed dishes.

Price: AED 12.68

Silicon Mitts

Fordeal coupon - Silicon Mitts

These Silicon Mitts are a must-have in the kitchen. They’re so versatile— resistant to heat as well as cool. You can use it for handling frozen items or even while holding hot pots and baking trays.

Price: AED 14.73

Semi-automatic Egg Beater

Fordeal coupon - Semi-automatic Egg Beater

This hand-held kitchen utensil with rotating blades can be used for beating, whipping or mixing. Just because it is called an egg beater does not mean you need to use it only to beat eggs. You can even use this for whipping cream and mixing other liquids.

Price: AED 10.68

Multi-function Peeler

Fordeal coupon - Multi-function Peeler

This is definitely another must-add to your kitchen supplies if you do not own one already. With the super-convenient multi-function peeler, you can now peel a variety of fruits and vegetables easily. In addition to that, you can scrape, peel, shave as you like.

Price: AED 10.66

Oil Splash Guard

Fordeal coupon - Oil Splash Guard

Hate cleaning up after cooking? Especially all the oil that gets splattered on the walls after frying your favorite munchies. This heat resistant Oil Splash Guard is exactly what you need. Just spread it out before you start cooking and fold it once you’re done. There! You’re all set without having to clean your walls every time you cook. This product is a must-have of Fordeal shopping!

Price: AED 12.69

What else Fordeal has to offer

Fordeal coupon VoucherCodesUAE for shopping

Home Décor

Feel like giving your home a little makeover? Check out the wide range of wall decoration items, clocks, photo frames, and more. Pick your favorites and decorate your home with all the chic items.

Fashion Goods

From pretty dresses for women to cool sweats for men, Fordeal has quite a lot to offer in the fashion scene as well. Check out their range of clothing for men and women. accessories, baby products, electronics, and more.

Kids and Toys

Here’s all you need for your little ones too. From toys for kids to baby furniture, apparel, and other essentials.


Fordeal has this collection of super cute stationery items we just cannot take our eyes off from! Check out these notebooks, planners, storage boxes, pencil bags, pens and so much more.

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