Work From Home (WFH) is the future and the future is here. While some may be used to work from home, others may feel restless and a bit overwhelmed.

A study from Airtasker has shown that people who work from home, are more productive, have longer working hours and less distraction. Therefore, you have no excuse, this lockdown, However, to have family members around can be challenging for work, but those can be worked around.

VoucherCodesUAE brings you the necessities to keep those creative juices flowing! If you’re not sure about your productivity, we got you.

Here is it, work from home essentials to boost your productivity to the maximum and let you have a breather whenever you need, (without the boss breathing down your neck!).

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Get these work from home essentials from Aliexpress

1. LapGear Lap Desk

If your brain is making you think about not working because you don’t have any office space, you better chill out and get yourself a lap desk. Don’t let your brain spill any lazy beans!

With this cute little lap desk, you can relax and work on your bed or the sofa. Our pick is the Foldable laptop stand from AliExpress.

Work from home essentials


2. A Pretty Planner

There can be a fair chance that you haven’t used a planner before. The work from home environment will need you to stay on track. A planner is the best way to ensure that.

Log in your activities, plan accordingly and use your hours in the most productive ways.

Why pretty, you ask? Well, who doesn’t like pretty things? If you plan to have a planner, why would you have a bland one?

Our pick is the Pu Leather notebook Hardcover Journal.

Work from home


3. Scrumptious food

healthy food work from home

Food, delicious mouthwatering delights! Work from home can result in mismanagement of time, especially when you’re just starting with it.

You may not get time to cook the dishes, your palate craves, but fear not! We got you covered, with fast delivery from UberEats. Whatever you like, whenever you like, UberEats will deliver it to you.

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4. Desk organizers

Before you sit down to work, make sure to declutter the space and organize everything. Having everything in its own spot, it is easier to get the task done.

Fancy Penholders to file holder rack, get it all. Decorate your office desk as you like

Our pick is the multi-layer storage shelf rack Desk Organiser.

Work from home essentials


Multifunctional pen holder.

Work from home


5. Fancy water bottles

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself from time to time. A break to eat and drink is a must. Work load may be gaining on you, but hunger and thirst will only be a distraction.

With these pretty bottles, you will down the 8 glasses of water without you knowing it yourself!

Our pick is the Square Transparent Water bottles.

Work from home


And if you like to have hot drinks as you work, you can try the stainless steel hydro flask.

Work from home


6. Charging station

When you work from home, there is a fair chance that your family may just hog the charging point. How can you say no to your kids?

Get yourself a charging station on your own desk so you don’t have to hassle around the house while balancing your equipment on both hands.

Our picks is the Bamboo Fast charge station for multiple devices that includes 6-in-1 USB charging station.

Work essentials


7. Wireless noise-canceling headset

Conference calls are one of the major parts of work from home. Sharing updates, planning next strategy, crucial calls…. and then you hear your kids crying in front of your boss.

To avoid all the background noises and echos, and to have a peaceful conversation, opt for noise-canceling headsets.

Our pick is Bose QuietComfort 35 II Active Noise Cancelling Headphone (Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Earphone HIFI for IOS Android Smartphone)

Work from home


8. Back Pillow

Honestly, some people have no regard for their backs. The general hard desk chair is absolutely worst for your back. Especially if you work for hours on a stretch.

A comfy pillow to lean back on can have a huge difference! Try it, your back will be kind to you when you grow old.

Our pick is Cartoon Bone shape Chair Cushion Pillow Lumbar Back Support

Work essentials


9. Supportive brace

As we are already discussing upon the dire state you’re putting your back through, let’s talk about a posture corrector.

You have been hunching over your laptop for hours like Smeagol hunches over his ‘precious’ (Lord of the Rings reference, you would know if you didn’t hunch so much!).

Trust me, you need this guy in your life. Why you ask? Because I have one too. I am Smeagol as well. It is a blessing.

Our pick is the OPER Adjustable Posture Corrector Back Orthopedic Support Shoulder Brace.

OPER Adjustable Posture Corrector Back Orthopedic Support Shoulder Brace


Get most of these productive hours during work from home. You will surely miss the environment of working when you want, wearing what you want and taking a break when you need.