The Amazon Prime Day sale is just around the corner. This massive two-day shopping extravaganza is set for July 11-12, with a plethora of deals across all categories available during these 48 hours. The two-day shopping event for Prime members includes discounts from top brands as well as Amazon. Amazon Prime Day has become a phenomenon, with Prime members receiving deep discounts, promotions, and deals on smartphones and electronics. It’s a fantastic time to get a good deal, but not every deal is the best. 

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this event, as well as some money-saving tips. VoucherCodesUAE’s discounts and deals will help you add a little more to your savings wallet. We bring you exclusive promo codes, discounts, and deals just for you. So, what are you holding out for? This week, we’ve added new coupons for you.

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Ways to make the most out of the Amazon Prime sale

Amazon prime day

The biggest sale is approaching, but how will you avoid overspending? We will provide you with insider shopping tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your shopping experiences. Here are the best deals and coupon codes from Amazon UAE and Amazon KSA.

1. Do a good research

To get the best deals, you must conduct extensive research ahead of time. When shopping for smartphones, headphones, or cameras online, take a moment to search for the product on Google. You will be able to see the product’s full specifications/features as well as the prices offered by other retailers. There have been instances when competing e-commerce sites and large high-street retailers have matched Amazon’s price. The more you research, the more likely it is that you will have to seek out the best deals ahead of time where possible.

2. Set a budget

While the purpose of the Prime Day sale is to encourage spending from a retailer’s perspective, it’s a money-saving exercise for consumers. Instead of falling for bad deals, make a list of what you really want, whether it’s a new smartphone, TV, laptop, or tablet. Simply state your intentions. Set a budget and make a list of any specific brands or features you want. This makes it easier to get discounts.

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3. Keep your payment methods ready

keep your payment method easy

Anything you’re trying to buy, especially if it’s a good deal, is most likely being purchased by a large number of other users during the sale. Keep things like your payment methods and addresses saved in the app prior to the sale. When adding credit cards or using services like Amazon Pay Later, make sure you have enough credit limit left for the current month to comfortably make your purchases.

4. Don’t fall for a blockbuster deal

Just because it’s Prime Day doesn’t mean everything is discounted. In fact, during such shopping events, smartphones frequently cost more than their regular price. While we think of them as blockbuster deals, retailers take advantage of unsuspecting customers and sell them items at inflated prices. As a result, it is always advised to carefully plan the two-day shopping event for Prime members. You must understand what you are purchasing and avoid everything else.

5. Look for early deals

It’s a good idea to wishlist the items and monitor their prices before the sale starts. Sometimes, particularly with smartphones and electronics, products are sold at the same price that was in effect prior to the sale. You should not completely disregard such products, but you should always be aware of how much the prices are actually dropping during the sale, as this can influence your purchasing decision. 

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6. Don’t let deals change your mind

If you want to buy a specific model of a refrigerator or a specific smartphone, don’t let offers and discounts influence your purchasing decisions. Keep in mind that you have a specific feature set and budget that you must adhere to. If you buy another product to save money, you may come to regret it months later. It’s fine to switch to another product as long as you’re still meeting your requirements.

7. Read the return policies

Before purchasing any products, make sure to check the warranty and return policies. Some require you to return items within a certain number of days. Some items purchased after Prime Day may be non-refundable or subject to additional terms and conditions. Check the company’s policies before making a final purchase.

8. Do not check out right away

Amazon prime day

Finally, gather your belongings and place them in the cart. Don’t check out right away; instead, wait a day. We guarantee that you will receive an email with additional discounts or offers for that item. It is not conventional, but it is intelligent.

9. Beware of fake Amazon Prime discounts

As excited as all shoppers must be about the massive Amazon Prime day sale going on across the web, let us warn you about potential scams. 

While the excitement surrounding the sale and the deals can be overwhelming, there are a few pointers you can keep in mind before you go shopping. These tips will help you get the best prices on products and avoid missing out on great deals. Read here on the benefits of owning a Prime account as soon as possible.

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