A new money-saving trend is observed in the UAE, and that’s a steal for families who can now cancel their home telephone lines, TV, and internet, and replace it with just one item- 5G routers!

A solid internet connection is a necessity whether you’re working from home or just scrolling through social media and playing video games. So, this modified 5G innovation seems to be the answer to the slack of internet service providers with rising fees and cumbersome issues such as low speed and restrictive terms. Emirati-based multinational telecommunications services providers like Etisalat, DU and Virgin Mobile are providing these wireless 5G routers starting at only AED 199 a month. This game-changer offering not only provides lightning-fast internet speed but is also replacing traditional home telephone lines and cable TV, resulting in massive savings for households.

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Here are the current available plans for 5G routers in the UAE market. Make the most of it!

Home Wireless: Basic

BrandEtisalatDUVirgin Mobile
Plan nameHome Wireless AdvanceHome Wireless PlusHome Internet Plan Monthly
OfferStarts at AED 199/month. Limited time offer with 50% discountStarts at AED 199/month. Limited time offer.Starts at AED 250/ month.
Limited time offer
ContractRequires 12 months commitementRequires 12 months commitementNo contracts. Cancel anytime
DataUnlimited data for 12 monthsUnlimited data for 12 monthsUnlimited data for 12 months
5G routerOptional 5G router5G enabled routerOptional 5G router
BonusFree DeliveryInternet Calling Pack for 3 monthsFree Delivery

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Home Wireless: Premium

BrandEtisalatDUVirgin Mobile
Plan nameHome Wireless PremiumHome Wireless EntertainmentHome Internet Plan Yearly
OfferAED 299 with 25% off. Limited offerAED 299. Limited offerAED 125 with 50% off.
Limited time offer
ContractRequires 24 months committmentRequires 12 months committmentRequires 12 months committment
DataUnlimited data for 24 monthsUnlimited data for 12 monthsUnlimited data for 12 months
RouterIncluded 5G routersIncluded 5G routersOptional 5G routers
BonusFree 24 hours deliveryInternet Calling Pack for 12 monthsFree 60 minutes delivery
FreebiesFree Starzplay and GoChat PremiumFree Disney+ OSN+ and Prime for 12 monthsFree activation

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Advantages of using 5G Wireless Routers

5G powering the house

Supercharged Internet Speeds

5G technology is the fifth generation of mobile networks and represents a significant leap forward in terms of speed and connectivity. In the UAE, 5G networks have been rolled out extensively, providing users with incredibly fast internet speeds that outperform previous generations by leaps and bounds. With 5G wireless routers, families can now enjoy seamless streaming, lag-free online gaming, and speedy downloads, making it an ideal replacement for traditional fixed-line broadband connections.

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Say Goodbye to Home Telephone Lines

The advent of smartphones has already diminished the relevance of home telephone lines, and 5G technology takes it one step further. With the ability to make high-quality voice calls over the internet (VoIP) through 5G, the need for a dedicated landline diminishes. Households can now consolidate their communication needs onto their smartphones and 5G wireless routers, simplifying their setup and reducing monthly expenses.

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Cable TV Cord-Cutting Made Easy

Traditional cable TV subscriptions can be expensive and often come with channels that go unwatched. With the rise of streaming services and on-demand content, many households have already started to cut the cord. 5G wireless routers open up new possibilities for cord-cutting by providing a reliable internet connection that can support multiple streaming devices simultaneously. This allows families to subscribe to streaming services that cater to their preferences, resulting in substantial cost savings without compromising on entertainment options.

Cost-Effective Home Entertainment

5G wireless routers can act as a central hub for all your entertainment needs. The high-speed internet connectivity enables streaming 4K and even 8K content without buffering, transforming your home into a theater-like experience. Additionally, online gaming enthusiasts can enjoy seamless multiplayer gaming without experiencing frustrating lags. By replacing cable TV subscriptions and optimizing entertainment expenses, families can allocate their budget more efficiently while enjoying a vast array of content at their fingertips.

Enhancing Smart Home Capabilities

As smart home devices become increasingly prevalent, having a reliable and fast internet connection is essential for optimal performance. 5G wireless routers provide the necessary bandwidth to support a multitude of smart devices, from smart thermostats to home security cameras, making the UAE’s homes more connected and efficient. These smart devices can be controlled remotely, providing added convenience and potential energy savings.

The rise of 5G wireless routers in the UAE has ushered in a new era of connectivity and convenience for households. With lightning-fast internet speeds, the ability to make VoIP calls, and support for multiple streaming devices, 5G has effectively replaced traditional home telephone lines, cable TV subscriptions, and fixed-line internet connections. By embracing 5G technology, UAE homes can experience massive savings while enjoying an array of entertainment options and enhancing their smart home capabilities. As 5G technology continues to evolve, it holds the potential to reshape how we live, work, and communicate in the future.

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