Last Updated: 14th May 2020

Noon Gift Cards

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Noon Gift Cards – The Best Gift You Can Give to Your Loved One

Noon is the most popular e-commerce platform in the middle east. Customers can either download the Noon Mobile Application on their phone or visit their website to browse through the catalog of brands. Through partnerships with the various local retailers, they provide various categories of products which include, baby products, beauty, fashion, electronics, grocery, kitchen & home and many more.

At Noon, you can also buy Noon Gift Cards which you can give to your friends and family and give them a chance to get products of their choice from Noon. Gift cards can either be redeemed instore or online.  What’s more, delivery is free for the physical gift cards that you purchase.


Purchase Noon Gift Cards & Put an End to The Hassle of Finding the Perfect Gifts For Everyone

Picking the right gift for someone can be an incredibly exhaustive affair. You need to consider the personal choices of the person concerned, type of occasion for the gift, your budget, and so many other factors. Even after all the hard work and brainstorming, it may happen that the person might not like the gift much. In such situations, gift cards can save you from all the hassles as well as bring a smile to the face of your loved one. It relieves you from the tedious task of searching for a gift that the recipient will love and cherish for the rest of his/her life. You should get a Noon Gift Card from our website that will allow the recipient to buy something that they want from the UAE’s largest online store, i.e. Noon.

Why shopping at Noon’s should be your first choice?


Noon has spread its branches in most of the Middle Eastern regions. No matter if you are residing in the UAE or Saudi Arabia, you can get all your favorite and top branded products with a tap of your hand. You can check out Noon Egypt, UAE, KSA websites and select the region of your residence on the topmost bar- Ship to. After you mention your residence, it is easier for Noon to show the best deals that you can avail. 


Noon fashion accessories for a diva

Noon’s comprehensive collection of fashion products and accessories will leave you spellbound. From fragrances that set you apart in every crowd to make up essentials, hair care, beauty care, and other fashion accessories. Be in trend with Noon’s exclusive range of women’s and men’s bags. Be it a casual gathering or party, with Noon accessories, you can slay the fashion game each time. Get fashionable jewelry, watches, eyewear, and more. Noon has the perfect solution for each look you want to chase. 


Noon’s range of baby care essentials

Noon houses some of the top brands like Mothercare, Nestle, Adidas, Nike, for your baby care essentials. Be it baby food or diapers, nursery items, or baby clothing that you want to buy today, and Noon has everything under one roof. You no longer need to worry about what to give your friend’s little angel on their first birthday or to their parents. With Noon Gift Cards, you can offer your friends and family the perfect way to shop for their little ones. Spoil the little ones with some fun games and toys from Noon’s baby store collection today!


Why shop at Noon?

Get a wide range of popular categories from the house of popular brands at Noon. Noon makes your online shopping experience on-of-a-kind. Select from an array of mobile phones, home and kitchen essentials, personal care and baby care items, makeup products, baby products, home decor, and many such essentials. Go through exclusive Noon collection and get top branded women’s clothing, video games, skincare and beauty products, women’s fashion accessories, men’s clothing, and electronics accessories. Also, with us, you can grab exclusive Noon coupon code and keep your shopping pocket-friendly. 


Noon promo codes and Noon discount codes gives you the perfect reason to shop from Noon. We provide you with the best deals and discounts on all products from essential to luxury. Grab all our latest and exclusive Noon discount code and Noon UAE coupons even on your minimum order value. While you browse through millions of products on, keep an eye on the various Noon promo code UAE. Click, copy, and save the Noon UAE coupons to use them later. You are required to avail the Noon discounts and vouchers to avail the discounted items. Provide the Noon promo code UAE at the time of checkout and enjoy discounts on all products. 


Remember a few points while shopping at Noon 

For existing users, sign in and get started. For new members, mention a few details about yourself and you are good to go! Keep an eye on the region- choose from options like Noon Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other regions. Always remember to provide the Noon voucher codes that are valid for particular regions. For example, you need to input the discount code UAE valid for UAE users. For KSA users, put the KSA code details at checkout. Once the code is valid for the region, you get access to exclusive Noon deals. Get extra discounts when you register as a member. Get daily deals and Noon code straight to your inbox.


Noon Express Delivery 

For people who do not like to wait, Noon Express is the ultimate savior. With facilities like Noon Express items and delivery, you ensure your product reaches you faster. Noon Express items are stored, packed, and are waiting for you to order. Once you place your order, it reaches you sooner than you expect your delivery package. Also, another perk of ordering Noon Express products, you get great deals and offers. 


Get the Best of Noon Deals 

As each year brings along multiple occasions to celebrate, it becomes challenging to find out unique gifts for every event and relation. And no one would want to receive the same type of gift, again and again. Instead of referring the popular Gift Guides in such situations, buy personalized e-gift cards for your near and dear ones. A Noon gift card can be sent instantly through email that can be printed as well. If you’re purchasing online, then there is no need to print the gift card. The card code can be applied at checkout, and the rest will be done automatically. We offer Noon gift cards at affordable prices so that every customer can purchase it for their loved ones. You can also use exclusive coupons to get gift cards at discounted prices from our website.


So, what are you waiting for? Make your family and friends smile today with Noon Gift Vouchers. Be it Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any other festival; Noon has got the perfect gift items and products. Also, when you shop, Noon products keep an eye on our exclusive Noon promo code to save more money on your total bill.

Here are some of the common questions our customers have asked us. If you have similar queries, read along!

What are Gift Cards?

A gift card or a gift voucher is a prepaid stored-value money card that can be used as an alternative to cash or online payments while purchasing products/services from the issued party’s business. They can be either a physical card or soft copies sent over email called e-gift cards. For instance, you can buy a Noon Gift Card of AED 500 and then gift it to your loved one. The recipient can buy anything from Noon worth AED 500 without paying anything.  We have Noon KSA Gift Card and Noon UAE Gift Card that acts as the best gifting option in the Middle East.


Why Purchase Gift Cards?

In today’s time, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t do online shopping. Buying gift cards will give the recipient the freedom to purchase whatever product they like from the particular gift card store. E-gift cards have become popular over the years because it creates a win-win situation for both the giver and the receiver. The giver doesn’t have to scratch his or her head to make the right product selection, and the receiver gets the opportunity to buy what he or she wants.

Be it Ramadan or Christmas or the birthday of your favorite person, gift cards or gift vouchers can be your best bet for all occasions and festivals.


What Products Does Noon Gift Card Cover?

Usually, a Noon gift card covers all the products available on the Noon online store including kitchen appliances, fashion items, home appliances, fashion, beauty, and many others. However, you should go through the card description before purchasing it for better clarity. You can buy a gift card for your special acquaintances and gift it to them on Eid, Ramadan, Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, or any other event. 


How to Get Noon Gift Card?

Whether you want to buy personalized Noon gift cards or the standard e-gift card- you can get them all on our website. We have partnered with Noon to give you a host of pleasing shopping experiences. To know more about the card, you can check the card details before purchasing them. We can also help you get bulk gift cards for your employees, as it can be a great way to appreciate all the work they did for your organization. You can contact us for corporate bulk inquiries. 


How to Use Noon Gift Card?

Here is a step-by-step process to quickly redeem the Noon Gift Card.

Step-1: Visit the website and signup or login to your account. If you don’t have a Noon account, then you can easily create one within minutes.



Step-2: Go to Noon Credits and add the Noon Gift Card number in the “Enter your gift card number” area and click on the “Redeem” button.


Step-3: Add the products you want to buy to the cart.


Step-4: Proceed to checkout.


Following the above steps, the Noon Gift Voucher can be redeemed. Once you click on the Checkout button after entering the Noon gift card code, an amount equivalent to the gift card value will be deducted from the total bill value. If you have purchased Noon gift cards from our website, and are facing any difficulty with redeeming the same, then contact us. We will be happy to assist.


What happens if there is an insufficient amount in my gift card?

If you have purchased a product worth more than the amount available in your gift card, then at the time of checkout, you will have to pay the remaining amount using your debit/credit card (in case of online purchase). You can also pay the remaining amount in cash if you are using your gift card at any physical store.

Can I redeem my Noon gift card for cash?

No. The gift card amount can only be used to buy products of an equivalent amount from Noon shopping site or Noon physical stores. You cannot get cash in exchange for the gift card.


What is the validity of my Noon Gift Card?


Make sure that you shop within a year from the day the Noon Gift Card was issued and purchased. Once the gift card exceeds the expiration date, you lose the entire amount. 


I lost my Noon Gift Voucher. What can I do now? 


We are sorry, but there is no refund or compensation policy for a lost Noon Gift Voucher. Also, no mutilated or damaged Noon Gift Cards are accepted. 


Can I use my Noon Gift Card twice if I have some balance left?


You should always try to spend the entire Gift Card amount when you are shopping. In case any credit balance is used, you may lose on it. So it is wiser to use it at the first go.

The transaction failed but amount got deducted from my gift card

In such situations contact our customer support team immediately. We will be happy to assist you so that you get a resolution to your problem.


For further queries or questions, reach out to us at We value your feedback and will get in touch with you shortly!