Winter is finally here in UAE. Gone are the burning days of hot oven cars and sweaty faces. Park picnics, beach trips, cool breezes, winter boots, and stylish trench coats finally make an appearance. But, don’t forget to upgrade your winter skincare as you change into the seasonal wardrobe. The temperature drop can be harsh on your skin, leaving it dry and flaky, especially around the face, hands, and feet!

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What happens to skin in cold weather?

Skin care

First of all, let’s make it clear: Skin doesn’t differentiate, so, it is important for both the guys and girls to pay attention to the reason, season, and solutions below. With that, let’s start by asking what actually happens to the skin during a cold season?

When the temperature drops, the superficial skin layers, also called the stratum corneum lose the water content and diminish. Along with water, the skin is also sapped out of its natural oils. This leads the skin to lose moisture. The cell loses the volume with the moisture and the skin becomes “tight”. This means that the skin is losing its elasticity and later develop fissures and cracks. Cracks can cause capillaries ruptures, triggers clinical bleeding, and even inflammation. 

Results: Now your skin is at risk of infection due to the inflammation and absorption of irritants. You become more vulnerable to allergies and even irritant eczema. Combating is easy by just keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. 

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Winter skincare essentials you should have in your vanity

Skincare essentials

Honestly, there are too many amazing options and brands to choose from. To keep it easy to follow, we have chosen from the never-ending skincare options from Not just the amazing collection but you also get a flat 15% off on your App order, with the coupon code below.

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1. Moisturizer (Face and Neck)

winter skincare essentials

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Always and we mean ALWAYS have a moisturizer in hand. We recommend the CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ with Pump 125ml which is a dermatologist-developed face moisturizer. It contains Hyaluronic acid which is a natural moisture magnet, delivering up to eight hours of hydration. Apply twice a day on your face and neck. Never forget the neck and see your skin visibly glowing. 

Price: 205 AED

Volume: 125ml

2. Hand and nail creme

winter skincare essentials

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The skin on hands has fewer oil glands and is thinner than most parts of our body. Particularly in winter, dry weather, it is hard to keep them moist, which leads to irritation and breaking. Keeping them warm and moisturized is the best way to prevent dryness. 

We chose the professional, emollient-rich treatment of Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, with soothing Sesame Oil and fortifying Japanese Mulberry. Almost like an invisible glove for your hands, it will help soften dry, chapped, and irritated skin! It will also strengthen nails and cuticles for healthy-looking hands.

Price: AED 137 

Volume: 100ml

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3. Roll-on deodorant

winter skincare

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People generally skip deodorants in their skincare routine in winter, but that is totally upon you. To make the choice easier we chose a delicately scented, alcohol-free deodorant helping you to regulate the flow of perspiration. Winter skincare is so much more than just the face, so when you care for every part of your body, your body will love you too. 

Clarins Gentle Care roll-on Deodorant contains Buchu Leaf, Witch Hazel, and Rosemary extracts which keep you from feeling dry and smelling fresh all day. 

Price: AED 105

Volume: 50ml

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4. Face mist

winter skincare

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Give your thirsty skin a dose of mist whenever you like! The Dior Sorbet Water Mist helps in your cutaneous (superficial skin) hydration while giving that long-lasting makeup hold. The emulsifiers cel becomes a spray of micro-droplets in an ultra-fine, lightweight mist, which is easily absorbed by the skin. Energizing the skin, this winter skincare essential gives you deeply moisturized, sheerly clarified, and revitalized. 

Price: AED 164

Size: 100 ml

5. Sunscreens

winter skincare

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Winter Skincare does not translate to avoiding sunscreen. Sun is always at work even when it is cool, gloomy, or rainy! We believe your face deserves the best, broadest, high-quality sun protection. Lancaster’s Sun Beauty Comfort Cream SPF50 combines Full light technology, protecting you from 100% of the sun’s rays. Also, as a personal tip, you can always opt for Spf 20 to 30. 

Price: AED 145

Size: 50ml

6. Lip Mask/ balm

lip mask

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Looking for soft, smooth, and kissable lips? We have the perfect remedy! The Kocostar Lip Mask in Pink is a hydrogel mask specially designed to offer exceptional moisture and nourishment for dry and chapped lips. Indulge in the mask’s hydrating sensation and enjoy the soothing aroma of fresh peaches. This mask is effective for addressing rough lip conditions, leaving your lips moisturized and elastic without any sticky residue.

Price: AED 147

Volume: 20 patches

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