Amazon may have taken the world by storm, but not in the UAE. It is not an unknown fact that Amazon’s performance, ever since its launch earlier this year, has been slightly underwhelming. The region’s in-house e-retailers, especially Noon Coupons, is giving a tough competition to the multinational e-commerce giant, and it continues to do so.

The UAE residents love shopping at over any other e-retail sites and since its inception in 2017, Noon has become a household name in the MENA region. Here are eight massive reasons why shopping on Noon is actually much wiser than you think.

Benefits of shopping in Noon

No delivery fees

If you haven’t heard already, scrapped its delivery charge for all orders last month and the offer stands till the end of July. The free shipping facility was implemented silently, so we are hoping the offer returns soon. There is no minimum purchase requirement and the advertisement, which was soon pulled down, featured a water bottle with a tag line “even this.” Free shipping may have been limited but Noon still has an upper hand when it comes to no extra charge for Cash On Delivery.

Same day delivery

The lack of instant gratification when shopping online is what makes half the population rely on stores. However, with Noon, delivery wait time is just a matter of few hours. In Dubai, the delivery is made within six hours.

Regional brands

Sure, with other e-commerce sites you will get access to international brands, but with Noon, you get both global and homegrown brands in one platform. For years now, Noon has partnered with small and medium local brands, traders and suppliers. In fact, it would not be an understatement to say that they have served as the gateway for many emerging regional brands.

benefits of shopping in noon

Across MENA

Noon launched in Saudi Arabia in 2017 with a $1 billion-dollar-investment by the Emaar Properties, marking a dawn of digitization. Before anyone knew it, Noon was catering to the UAE and Egypt. With its own gigantic warehouse, Noon hosts over 20 million products and after partnering with e-Bay, it brings global items to MENA.

Noon Refurbished

The best way to save money on tech items is to buy from Noon Refurbished. Noon Refurbished is a platform that sells previously purchased and fully refurbished products. Tech items, especially mobile phones, that have been returned by the customer are fixed and resold. The returned products go through various steps of inspection and are thoroughly cleaned, fixed and refurbished to be resold at almost 60% less than its original retail price. Fret not, it comes with a 3-month warranty.

Noon East

The startup’s own label offers over 90 live products including cookwares, towels and cables at a show stealing price. Noon East range is known for its quality, durability practicality and aesthetics. The e-commerce backed by e-Bay collaborated with best of manufacturers to get the brand out at an affordable price.

Noon is young and innovative

The brightest of young minds work at Noon to give a seamless online shopping experience. Their innovative ideas are always churning and the latest happens to be the introduction of driver-less vans. The startup has estimated that reliable driver-less vans can remove up to 90% of the cost associated with last-mile delivery. The Dubai Government is aiming for a quarter of transportation to be autonomous by 2030.

Noon Coupons at VoucherCodesUAE

With Noon Coupons by VoucherCodesUAE right at your fingertips, you don’t have to wait for sale. Besides the fact that Noon offers everything under the sun at the best price, VoucherCodesUAE chimes in to give a minimum of 10% off on all Noon products. Throughout the year, the discount can even soar as high as 80% off on the required product. In short, shopping at Noon is more of value than anywhere else.