With love and care, nothing really ages. We are sure you have your set of favorite things that you handle with the utmost care. It would be a shame if the care goes to waste. So without further ado, we have found the right products to renew your favorite things and keep them new for a long long time!

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Why should you renew your things?

why to renew and reuse?

First of all, why shouldn’t you? If you love the things you own, you certainly want to use it or keep it for a long period of time. These items tend to bond with you emotionally and provide an element of security. That’s why keeping products to renew such items is an excellent and important choice for you to make.

Here are a few other reasons why you should keep renewing your stuff from time to time:

  • Environment hero: You will be helping the environment. Moreover, replacing a perfectly renewable item with a new one calls for energy, material and other limited resources to waste.
  • Waste management goals: You don’t have to worry about landfills and other garbage dumps if you think about starting cleanup from home.
  • Think about the little fishies: Unfortunately, most of the garbage produced is sent to the ocean ultimately. Keep renewing and reusing your favorite things so the ocean can breathe a little.
  • For someone else: If you renew it and don’t feel like it suits you or fits you in any case, drop it off at charitable thrift stores or sell it, so it can be used by someone else. Sometimes there are gems hidden in the closets too!

Products to renew your favorite things

We chose the following products from Aliexpress.com. You can find anything and everything out there. The products mentioned are all highly reviewed and from trusted sources. You can use the code ali001″ and get up to 60% off and an additional $4 off your order. The Single’s Day 11.11 sale is live, so don’t miss it.  Without further ado let’s jump in and get your things looking brand new again.

Cleaning  products

1. Slime gap cleaner

products to renew

Slime gap cleaner is one of the quirky and fun products to renew and clean your things. Let’s be honest the small crack and crevices are the most annoying part!

This Slime gap cleaner is made up of natural products such as ethanol, water and guar gum. Hence, it is not toxic. If you use it daily on those small gaps you are missing, your item will remain dust-free and looking brand new!

Price: AED 10.91 – 18.11. 

2. Mini vacuum cleaner

Products to renew

Don’t you wish you could carry a vacuum in your bag, just in case, there’s dirt or dust on your favorite bag or clothes when you are going out?

We think we found the perfect little solution. A mini vacuum cleaner is exactly what you need.

Price: AED 12.56.

3. Rust remover


Products to renew

Rust makes everything look old. But, it is just nature taking its course. You can easily revert it back with a swipe.

From your keychains to a piece of jewelry, rust can just appear out of nowhere. It’s better to be ready with a rust remover and swipe it all off.

Price: AED 0.33 – 11.75.

4. Lint roller

Products to renew

For that favorite pair of sweats or any clothing, sometimes, washing is not enough. Lint and dust are very hard to get rid of, especially for your winter wear.

If you missed your old sweater and want to give it a try, don’t forget a lint roller. You may not be able to recognize it!  Lint rollers are underrated items that actually are the best products to renew your old winterwear to looking brand new!

Price: AED 44.00.

5. Shoe cleaner rubber

Products to renew

Having a pair of your favorite shoes is not uncommon, but getting a smudge on the same pair is highly common as well! Get your hands on this amazing invention called the “Shoe rubber cleaner”. You can erase the little smudges on the go.

It is a good choice for leather shoes as they cannot be exposed to soap water or water in general.

Price: AED 7.16.


Proper organizing is a skill and organizers are essential products that help keep your things new in the long run.

You know exactly what is wearing out and what needs to change or cast aside. When properly organized, things tend to be durable and longevity is highly increased. You can also avoid circumstances where you need to “renew” your items.

Here are a few organizers that you should definitely add on to increase space in your room:-

1. For your makeup


Keeping your favorite makeup products and brushes in a designated area is important. You don’t want them to get exposed to any bacteria or other microbial organisms as they come in direct contact with your skin.

Keeping makeup brushes clean and in an organized matter, lets you use the brushes for a very long period.

Price: AED 12.27.

2. For your jewelry

Products to renew

A piece of jewelry is always closest to our hearts, which cannot be replaced. Cleaning it from time to time and keeping it in a safe place is the only way. Besides, storing jewelry items separately will help prevent them from scratching each other.

Keep all your jewelry items in place and find them whenever you need to wear them! It’s easy with a Jewelry box.

Price: AED 10.36 – 15.28.

3. For your desk

Products to renew

Keep your desk organized and avoid that random spill of tea or coffee around your working space. Did you know most of the keyboards or laptops are spoilt by someone being careless around their cup of coffee? And most companies do not refurbish the amount if it’s your fault.

Organizing helps you be careful. Your working space should be sorted so that there will be no need for products to renew your items which cannot be renewed!

Price: AED 48.52.

Make good choices for yourself and for the environment. For any other shopping-related questions of where to buy and which to buy. We are always here!

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