When Destiny’s Child said “I pay my own fun and I pay my own bills,” all strong independent women felt that. As they say, “behind every successful man is a woman, and behind every successful woman, is herself.” This Women’s Day, treat yourself to the best of deals.

Life’s anyway too short in the age of self-care. VoucherCodesUAE presents to you 10 ways to make yourself feel special all by yourself.

Buy flowers for yourself

8 march

You don’t usually buy yourself a bunch of flowers, do you? It’s always someone else who surprises you with a bouquet. Rather than waiting for a friend or anybody else to buy you one, get yourself a pretty bouquet that you can admire all week long. Order a bunch of your favourite flowers or choose from a wide range at 800flower.ae 

Get Dressed for the Spring

8 march

Women’s day falls on the 8th of March. It’s the arrival of Spring and all things new. So it’s the perfect time shed the winter blues and get dressed to impress yourself. Whether you’re twirling in a breezy floral dress or chilling in a plain white cotton -T, there’s no better pamper session than getting dressed in the clothes you like. For inspiration, we suggest H&M‘s spring floral and feminine collection!

Splurge on Skincare

pamper yourself

You’re never at a loss if you invest in good skincare products. They’re not only good for improving the overall look but also for the health of your skin. It’s no secret that with age, our skin starts degrading too. So spending money on skincare products now will help you save money in the long-term. Get your amazing range from Sephora.ae or Faces.com for more offers and discounts on skincare products.

Enjoy an Elaborate Shower

bath and body works

Running between the 9-to-5s and other duties, don’t we lose out on some much-needed me-time? So bring out those bath salts, pour in some essential oils, light some candles and relax. What better than some fragrant bath essentials from Bath & Body works to make your women’s day special.

Get yourself that expensive perfume

perfumes on amazon VCUAE

Always thinking twice about getting that perfume you absolutely love but it’s kinda expensive? Stop thinking and just get it. Perfumes help enhance your mood and also boost confidence, thus, automatically making you feel so much better. Also, studies have shown that the right kind of perfumes can help you beat stress and cure insomnia too! So it’s all a win-win for you. Get your bottle of fragrance from this wide range of perfumes available at Amazon.ae. Besides, you could even treat yourself to anything else you’ve thought about getting for a while now.

Eat at your favorite restaurant

independent women

Gather your besties and go to that restaurant you love. There’s nothing like having a nice ‘girls-only’ time. Make prior reservations or just walk into your favorite restaurant and celebrate. Order your favorite meals, share secrets, gossip, laugh and have the best time of your life.

Stay out for the night


Book a room in a fancy hotel and enjoy the room service. Take a refreshing bubble bath, have the food brought to your room, watch movies and just relax! The best part is, you won’t have to go through those long hours of preps or the cleaning up after. After all, you deserve not to work once in a while. Book your room from TicketsToDo.com and get exclusive deals at your favorite hotel.

Take a Solo Trip on Women’s Day

solo trip

Traveling solo is an experience that every woman should  give herself. Whether it’s a short hike or even flying to another country, a solo trip will make you feel adventurous and calm at the same time.

Order food online

deliveroo VCUAE

If you don’t feel like doing anything or going out anywhere, have food delivered at home, turn on your favourite series on Netflix and chill! Order your favourite pizza or anything you want and indulge in it guilt-free. After all, its your day and you have every right to do so! Have your favourite dishes delivered to you from UberEats or Deliveroo and let this be your day and all about you.

Have an Adrenaline-filled Women’s Day

strong independent

Book tickets for yourself and your girl friends to an amusement park and have lots of fun. Ferrari World, Ski Dubai, Warner Bros World and Yas Waterworld are some of the finest. Go on thrilling rides and adventures and make memories for a lifetime. Grab your tickets from TicketstoDo.com for exciting offers and package options.

Go to the theater

la perle by dragone


If you are someone who is into art and performances, going to the theatre would be a fine treat for yourself. Book tickets for La Perle by Dragone, one of the finest performing arts theater in Dubai and the region’s first permanent theater show. Get dressed up, go and enjoy the show and grab some nice dinner on the way back. Get your tickets to La Perle by Dragone from TicketsToDo.com.  

Decorate Yourself with Diamonds

women's day jewelry

They say that diamonds are a woman’s best friends. So why not invest in some of these valuable friends as a gift to yourself this women’s day? Even if it’s mot diamonds the joy of buying your own jewelry is like no other. This woman’s day, gift yourself refined luxury from Swarovski. 

Relax with a Massage

womens' day ideas

What could be a better way to treat yourself than by getting a massage? Besides being a treat, massages have other important health and mental benefits. Not only do they relieve stress, they also reduce anxiety and muscle tension. Massage therapy helps improve overall health and wellness. After all the hard work you’ve put yourself through and all the achievements you’ve gotten yourself, you sure do deserve to relax!

Don’t bother Doing Anything

amazon prime

Sometimes the best way to pamper yourself is by doing nothing at all.  This women’s day set your cares and worries aside and spend all day chilling. And what’s a better way to do nothing than spending the whole over a movie marathon on Amazon prime?

Just take a Nap

pamper yourself women's day

Sometimes, all you need to make yourself feel better is good sleep. A nice, long, relaxing and rejuvenating nap will outdo any other form of activity to boost your mood instantly. Studies have shown that taking naps can increase alertness and improve performance. A nap can be a pleasant luxury — a mini-vacation in itself. Celebrate your own Woman’s Day by relaxing and letting your body rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home.