So we’ve just stepped into the month of the optimistic ones, the lovers of freedom. Yes, I’m talking about the Sagittarians. This is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac and depicted by the archer. People born between November 23 and December 22 fall under this zodiac and possess the fire element. No wonder they’re always the active and energetic ones. They’re also said to be adventurous, fair-minded, honest, and intellectual.

Okay, so now you’re worried about what gift to get your favorite Sagittarian for Woman and Man on their birthday? We’re here to help you with that! VoucherCodesUAE presents to you 10 fantastic Sagittarius gift ideas to present to your dear archer sign.

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Gifts for Sagittarius Woman and Man List

Sagittarius Tapestry

gifts for sagittarius man - Sagittarius Tapestry

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When it comes to giving gifts, you always want to give items that are appreciated. Also, it would be nice to give something that would make the receiver remember you every time they see it.

This beautiful Sagittarius Tapestry from Amazon would be a great gift, your dear Sagittarian could use to decorate their wall or even as a beach towel, tablecloth, or anything else. Price: AED 96.59

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Barbeque Grill

gifts for sagittarius man - Barbeque Grill

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What more could the fire sign love more than a gift of flames? Present to them a product featuring their own element and watch the flame in their eyes gleam brighter than ever! Might be a little difficult to gift-wrap, but nonetheless, they’ll love it without fancy wrappers. It is a gorgeous idea for a gift for a Sagittarius man!

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Travel Tickets

gifts for sagittarius man and woman - travvel ticket

This would probably make for the best gift ever! Travel tickets are meant for travelers and Sagittarians absolutely love going places. Buy them a ticket to any place they haven’t been to. Or if you know of someplace they’ve been wanting to visit. TicketsToDo offers tickets to places and attractions all over the world at the best prices.

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A Pair of Comfy Shoes

gifts for sagittarius man and woman - comfy shoes

Said to be the adventurous ones, this fire sign is always pretty much on the run. Gifting them a pair of comfy shoes would seem really practical. They can use it in their outdoor activities and all the running around they usually engage in.  Besides, a gift like this one would show you really care for them and their well-being. Good for you too, right?

Lucky you, Namshi has an amazing collection of shoes from all the top brands on the web. Pick which one your fiery friend would like! Use the codes to get 40% off on all discounted and non-discounted items.

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Travel Set

gifts for sagittarius man and woman - travel set

Sagittarians are adventurous, fun-loving people. They’d be up for any chance they get to go out. This means having everything handy. This travel set from Bath & Body Works will warm their heart thousand times over. It includes travel-size Shower Gel, Super Smooth Body Lotion, and Fine Fragrance Mist (3 fl oz) arranged in an easel-style gift box with a ribbon.

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gifts for sagittarius man and woman - books

The intellectual ones, Sagittarians are quite the bookworms. They love reading anything— from fiction to non-fiction, sci-fi, and more. Gift them some books and they’re sure to finish turning the pages in a jiffy. This is definitely one of the most fool-proof Sagittarius gift ideas for women and men.

A Pretty Lamp

gifts for sagittarius man and woman - A Pretty Lamp

This one is to compliment the books you’ve just gifted. Pretty sure the archers have plenty of books on their own. So you can also present to them a very nice lampshade to put up in their reading corner.

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Board Games

gifts for sagittarius man and woman - Board Games

As mentioned earlier, Sagittarians are the intellectual ones and love indulging in intellectual stuff. They can spend hours playing board games and sharpening their already sharp minds. Buy them some board games, and watch them challenge you first! Nevertheless, you better let them win (purposely or not) because it is their day. And all you’d want is for them to be happy, right? Even at the cost of losing a game.

Delicious Treats

gifts for sagittarius man and woman - Delicious Treats

Yes, food! Sagittarians are foodies in the truest sense and gifts in the form of delicious food would surely please them. Have their favorite food delivered right at their doorstep and they’ll love you for the rest of their lives. If you’re not much into cooking yourself, there’s Uber Eats and Deliveroo to your rescue! Use the codes and get 20% off on your menu + AED 10 off.

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Gift Cards

gifts for sagittarius man and woman - Gift Cards

If none of the above gifts worked for you, you can always send them a gift card. With this, you won’t even have to worry about them liking the gift or getting disappointed. Because who wouldn’t be happy to receive a gift card? Get a gift card from al giftcards and gift your Sagittarius person their joyful moment to pick whatever they like. Besides, you can never go wrong with these gift cards— it’s your gift, their pick.

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