H&M clothing essentials for men

H&M is one of the best online shopping destinations to keep your fashion up to date at a very affordable price point. Now that we are midway through the fall and have seen what H&M has to offer this season, we have handpicked the best items to build a perfect wardrobe. Check also attractive offers, which you can use thanks to our H&M promo code. Get 15% off your order with the code “DHMD18”.

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Topcoat from H&M

H&M high winter picks for men


The overcoat is back! Thanks to its timeless quality, a man can never fail to impress with a well-stitched coat. H&M’s Topcoat comes at a very affordable price point and is a perfect fit, perfect to gear up your fall wardrobe. It comes in two color variants; the camel color is more of a formal look, whereas the light brown, along with the stand-up collar, gives it more of a casual look.

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Just like the topcoat, a Trenchcoat is something that H&M does well every season, and this time it is no different. Our pick comes in two options the single-breasted and the double-breasted. The fabric is very soft, and the fit is refined. This coat will be the perfect top layer for any outfit you choose to rock this fall or winter.

Biker Jacket

These Biker Jackets from H&M never disappoint. This design comes in pure leather and synthetic leather. Although Premium Leather Jacket is a little bit pricey, it is a good value for money as it will last for many years. It will also be worth indulging in one because leather jackets are the ultimate bad boys of your wardrobe. You never know when it will come in handy. H&M also has a cheaper variety of biker jackets, which will not burn a hole in your wallet.

Suede Jacket

This Suede Jacket will add some flair to your wardrobe in addition to the fact that it will keep you very warm. The built quality is premium, and the fit is perfect.  This jacket serves as a reliable option if you are looking to buy one as it goes perfectly with a variety of jeans and boots and can be worn throughout winter.

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Bomber Jacket

A Bomber Jacket is a must-have for every guy during winters. This snug casual jacket is straightforward to wear and almost goes with all casual outfits. The fit is comfortable, and the bomber jacket is a timeless classic. It is not too heavy, neither it is too light. You can dress it up by wearing a button-down underneath along with a pair of chinos.

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Suede Jacket H&M

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Fabricated Hoodie

Although it is a Hoodie, it feels almost as if you are wearing a piece of cloud. It’s a little casual, and you cannot try to dress it up but is perfect for streetwear. Often, you cannot try to have fun with a hoodie because it is just what it is. But the fabric in this hoodie is one of a kind, and it makes it versatile and exciting.

Knitted cardigan

In theory, a wide-collared cardigan might not be a good option for the winter as it exposes a lot of your neck. But, rocking these will be a style statement, and you can play with the t-shirt you are wearing underneath. It is casual and allows you to play with a combination of fabrics and colors.

Turtle Neck

One can never understate the importance and versatility of having turtle necks in your wardrobe during the winters. Turtle necks are a classic and a must-have for every guy. Turtle necks are the key to base layering every fall or winter season. You can never go wrong with a turtle neck in the winters as you can dress it up with a classic suit or casually underneath your denim jackets.

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Long Sleeve Henleys

A Henley is the perfect long sleeve shirt out there that a man can rock during the winter. It was stylish last year, it will be chic next year, and it is fashionable this year. It is versatile, and you can wear it with jeans, chinos or also wear it underneath an oxford or a flannel shirt.

Oxford Shirts

H&M has a very pleasing line of Oxford Shirts, and they come in many colors. These are, without a doubt, a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. They are classy but at the same time, casual.

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Flannel Shirts

The lightweight Flannel Shirt from H&M feels excellent when you put it on. It is a great layering option base on a classy look. If the patterns are a bit too bold for you, you can tone them down by layering a jacket on top of it. However, it is an excellent option if you are trying to integrate some patterns into your wardrobe.

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Blended Sweaters

Your winter wardrobe is incomplete without any sweaters, and these Cashmere Blend Sweaters are the perfect ones.  You can play with colors with this one as they come in many options. The silhouette is classic, but the colors add a bit of fun factor to it. These sweaters come in a fine-knit cotton and cashmere blend with long sleeves and ribbing around the neckline, cuffs, and hems.

Raw Denim Jeans Jacket H&M

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Raw Denim Jeans

Raw Denim can be tricky as they are sometimes too shiny or not blue enough. The tobacco stitching can be too dark and too much of a contrast. But in the case of H&M, you have nothing to worry about, the fit is perfect, and there are no issues whatsoever. H&M’s Raw Denim Jeans are a great bottom options for winters as it is very versatile and will shield you from the cold.

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Skinny Fit Ripped Jeans

Skinny Fit Ripped Jeans are very minimal in distress as it features only two slits across the knees. However, it is still bold enough to make a statement. It may not be a practical choice while heading out to the colder months, but it is a stylish choice. If your ripped jeans do not appeal to you, then H&M also has the same jeans without the ripping, so it’s up to you to choose.

Acid-Washed Distressed Jeans

The Acid Washed Jeans are not only relaxed but are also trendy, as it is a throwback to the ’90s as well. However, a pure acid wash can be something a little bit difficult to integrate into your closet, so try something a little more subtle like the  Light Washed Distressed Jeans, and you will still be on-trend.


These Chinos are another great bottom option as you may be bored of wearing denim all the time. They come in a skinny fit and also many color options. You could go for bold colors like deep maroon this winter because they work well with the other winter notes. If not, you can also opt for the more standard options like navy blue or khaki for a more traditional look.

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Corduroy Pant

The last bottom option of this list is the Corduroy Pant. As we all know, corduroy is a trend, and these pants from H&M fit well, so there is no way to avoid these trendy pants for the season. The velvet itself is a very bold material, and the slack is a saturated brown, with an added reflective sheen. It’s a must-have.

Bum Bags

If we are talking about trends and corduroys, we cannot ignore the Bum Bag. These bags can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe, as they are very functional. The crossbody strap adds a little bit of dynamic to your upper body when you are wearing a simple outfit. Moreover, you can put small things like your wallets or cellphones instead of your pockets and prevent your pants from swelling up.

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