It’s time to tell your special buddies how grateful you are to have them in your life! Every squad has its own vibe and unique sense of friendship. The most famous squad of all time goes to the TV show, ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ The heart of the show is the group of six friends who grow and learn through each other. Based on that, we bring you the best Friendship Day gift ideas!

Friendship Day in the UAE is on July 30, 2021 and this one is to thank the special friends in your life. VoucherCodesUAE gives the perfect gift ideas for you and your group! Find out who is which FRIENDS character in your squad and surprise them with these gifts.

Gift ideas for Monica “the perfectionist” Geller

Friends Monica Geller Friendship day gifts

We are talking about the mother hen of the group. Monica loves taking care of her friends and even goes the extra mile just to see them happy. For example, she even cooks three kinds of potatoes to give everyone the Thanksgiving they want.

Not just that, she is a perfectionist, she needs everything organized and in place. The Monica of your squad boasts god-like organizing skills with numbered mugs and 11 towel categories! If you got a friend like her, oh my, she is gonna love these gifts.

Closet organizers

Friendship day gifts organizers

A spacious closet is everyone’s dream. If your friend is even 10% of the neat freak Monica is, she will be thanking you with all her heart! Closet storage organizers will help declutter the space and mind.

Help her host a tea party!

Friendship day gifts cakes

As we said earlier, Monica loves taking care of her friends. She is the one who cooks and arranges a get-together every time. Get her tea party essentials as a gift, such that, every time she throws a tea party, she remembers you!

Smart kitchen tools

Friendship day gifts to kitchen

As a chef, it is quite clear that Monica spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Your friend may be similar, be it a hobby or a career choice. Smart kitchen tools will make your friend’s daily work in the kitchen much easier and efficient.

Gifts for Joey Tribbiani – the one whom everyone likes

Friends Joey Tribbiani Friendship day gifts

Joey is a struggling actor and a serious foodie. When we say serious, you cannot eat his food, like, NEVER! Besides that, he is a fun-loving, humble, and energetic person who everyone loves. The “How you doin’?” makes all the girls swoon.

He is your that friend, with whom you can share anything. He makes you feel easy, comfortable and almost indulges in his childlike plays. It is very easy to please him, he would be happy with anything you give him a gift. We will help you multiply his happiness 10× over.

Food! More food!

FRIENDShip day gifts share food

“JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!” but he absolutely loves it! He finishes a Turkey every Thanksgiving at Monica’s and doesn’t shy away from the bizarre trifle that Rachel makes. Food is not a common gift but trust us, it is the best.

You can get the flavorful cuisines from all over the world from Deliveroo, at the doorsteps. A hearty meal with your best friend! Get the best deals and offers from Deliveroo.

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PlayStation 5

Friendship day gifts playstation 5

PlayStation 5

Video games and Joey go hand in hand. If you really want to surprise your friend, why don’t you go with the latest upgrades as a gift for your gamer friend? Check Playstation 5 information You have everything you need to know, right here.

Rachel Green – the strong-headed one, mostly

Friends Rachel Greene gift ideas for friendships day

Rachel Green, is someone who values her emotions and feelings higher than logic. A strong-headed person, who is spontaneous and flexible. She walks out of a marriage and a secure future because her whole life she was a “shoe” and now, she wants to be a “hat.”

To put in simpler words, she transforms from a spoilt, daddy’s girl to a waitress and then goes on to establish a successful career in the fashion industry. With her friends beside her. (Because of course, what are we without our “Friends”?)

Evergreen fashion

stylish Friendship day gifts

Your friend doesn’t need your fashion advice. After all, Rachel is the fashionista of the house. Evergreen fashion essentials as a gift are your way to go if you want to impress her. Everybody needs it and she will love it.

Shoes- High heels

Friendship day gifts shoes

“They’re my new “I don’t need a job, I don’t need my parents, I’ve got great boots” boots!” – Rachel Green. If you think your friend is in any way similar to Rachel, she is going to love a pair or more, especially some high heels.

Get her the best high heels shoes of the season and even give her a touch of advice on how to pull it off.

K-beauty products

Friendship day gifts beauty

Possibly your friend already has the best beauty products in the market. You can go a step further and get your hands on Korean beauty products.

Korean beauty products are more about combating skin problems rather than hiding them. That’s exactly why you should get them as a gift. You are helping her skin glow and say “glow girl.”

Chandler Bing- the funny guy

Friends Chandler Bing gifts for friendships day


Chandler’s wit is the most endearing trait in him. He’s quick, innovative, and likes freedom instead of strict planning. Surprisingly later, he gets married to Monica!

He’s the funny and sarcastic guy of the group and can’t stay still without making jokes. And for those who don’t know, he works in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. Thank me later.

Gym equipment

Friendship day gifts gym

Though, Chandler dislikes physical activity. However, he still has his favorite teams when it comes to baseball, basketball, and hockey. He even enjoys racquetball. Now, if your friend is interested in sports, you can help him get into shape.

Build him a gym at home, by getting the training essentials as a gift. After all, his health is your priority too.

Personal home workspace

Friendship day gifts amazing ideas

Quarantine or not, your friend needs office space at home. Your Chandler may or may not have a fancy sound to his job. But the success of any job comes with a properly organized space and routine. Help him build a home office with workspace essentials as a gift. You can call Monica for help!

Stylish work backpacks

Friendship day gifts bagpack

Let your friend go to work (or anywhere) with stylish and practical backpacks. It is easy, versatile, commute friendly and even organized! What more does your friend need?

Ross Geller – introvert and logical

Friends Ross Geller ideas for friendships day gift


Ross is the introvert of the squad. He tends towards alone time more than group activities. He leans heavily towards the logic side which is fact-based and detail-oriented. He relies on reason and logic when making decisions.

Keeping the record clean and checked is extremely important to him. Shown with the “We were on a break” conundrum with Rachel.

Books- yep!

Friendship day gifts books

Be it fantasy and adventure book, or must-read novels, you can always buy Ross books. He will love it! For them, learning is a part of life that never ends. You can even indulge them in poetry.

Museum or amusement park? Both

Friendship day gifts to have fun

Hanging out together at your favorite places can make for a great gift. Plan a proper day out and you can be gentle on your wallet with TicketsToDo.

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TicketsToDo helps you book tickets online at exclusive prizes. You can go to water parks, amusement parks, historical places, and even museums!

Phoebe Buffay – the free-spirited one

Friends Phoebe buffay friendships day gifts


Phoebe is the artist of the group. With a quirky personal style with both appearances and lifestyle. She is the most outgoing person in the group.

With a wide range of interests, she is always attracted to novelty. She’s a singer, songwriter and a masseuse. She can speak fluent French, which unfortunately Joey couldn’t learn. She also shows interest in animal rights, spirituality, and has the most outrageous stories! There are lots of gift options you can give this friend.

Help her build an art studio

Friendship day gifts ideas for painters

If your friend is anything like Phoebe, there are high chances they are attracted to art. You can help them build a personal art studio at home on a budget as your friendship day gifts.

Buy a musical instrument

Friendship day gifts guitar

Musical instruments are good friendship day gifts or any special occasion. It can be the start of a new learning process for them or an addition to their music taste. Get your Phoebe, a nice musical instrument, so that she can sing Smelly Cat more.

We hope you enjoy a great day with your friends and make memories. If you’re pop culture influenced or a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S you can check out the fresh merch from Amazon.

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