If you think that the Nordic culture of a country like Germany is too far away from the enchanting Middle Eastern atmospheres of the UAE, you need to reconsider your vision of today’s world!

What’s the Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest, one of the most renamed and popular German festivals, is descending on Dubai. This annual festival comes from Munich, Germany, where the celebrations first spread to the rest of the country and the world. The festival preparation starts in mid-September, with restaurants and pubs decorating with German-themed items, such as Bavarian-styled pointy black hats, white and blue diamond-quilted tablecloths, glass beer mugs, and many more items that you can even play with at the online authentic German casinos of DeutschlandCasinos, the ultimate resource for the best casino bonuses of all time.

The first Oktoberfest celebration occurred on October 12, 1810, in Munich. From there, the festival soon spread across Bavaria, developing a specific cuisine with unique flavors and foods like pretzels, a baked dough-based pastry shaped into a knot, and pilsner beer, a pale lager beer from Pilsen, Germany.

3 Best Dubai-Based German Restaurants

If you want to try some unique home-cooked German flavors in Dubai, you can choose your ideal option from several high-class restaurants:

1) Newton

With a 5-star rating, Newton offers a comfortable environment styled after the Mad Man bar in Berlin. The restaurant cherishes all customers with a generous array of delicious starters, soups, salads, and grilled meat. Newton is your best option if you want to try German Schnitzels and charcuterie.

Pro: Excellent selection of food and drinks; impressive customer service.
Con: Prices are above the average; Some starters might take a while to come out.

2) Ernst Biergarten

The Ernst’s “beer garden” offers a German pub experience, with plenty of European dishes and all German beers. Ernst Biergarten specializes in Bavarian cuisine, including seafood-based dishes, sausages, soups, and other popular German dishes. The restaurant offers live sports matches through multiple screens and can host up to 429 guests.

Pro: Vibrant atmosphere; Dogs are allowed on the terrace.
Con: Very busy service; Loud dining room due to the many guests.

3) Allegra Bar

Not many other places offer the best German cheeses, cocktails, and charcuterie at reasonable prices. Allegra Bar has it all for everyone! The lounge has stunning sightseeing in Dubai, surrounded by an elegant atmosphere for relaxing while holding a toast in hand. Allegra Bar has a modern and lively vibe, with friendly and welcoming customer service and live music. Food and wines are original.

Pro: Modern ambiance; Delicious meals.
Con: Not so many dishes; Some drinks are expensive

2 Best German Bars in Dubai

For a quick German vibe experience in Dubai, you might enjoy some local German bars:

1) 71 Sports Bar

It’s where you can enjoy the flavors of Bavaria in Dubai. Grilled meat, Bratkartoffeln, and Schnitzels are served with cranberry sauce and Spaetzle, a sort of egg noodle dish.

2) Barasti

This bar has a summer tent dedicated to Oktoberfest. From September 21 to October 1, Barasti offers live music and dancing in the Bavarian style with long tables laden with grilled meat, beer mugs, and Pretzels. Barasti has a 100% German atmosphere with a special menu on Oktoberfest, including handmade food.

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