All superheroes walk the path of self-discovery where they find their power and become unstoppable in pursuing their goals. Likewise, camera enthusiasts tend to spend hours on YouTube and also surf the internet to find the perfect accessories for their camera in order to achieve the perfect photograph or cinematic footage.

To make it easier for you, we at VoucherCodesUAE have searched high and low for the ideal accessories curated to make your journey as a camera person, an enjoyable one. Each of the equipment mentioned below is tailor-made for you and would perfectly fit in your arsenal of powerful tools.

Best camera accessories – camera bags

Are you tired of packing your camera carefully in your travel bag but it doesn’t feel right? Well, you need not worry because here are some excellent bags for you. These camera bags are precision cut and made for your camera to fit. Whether you are a photographer or a cinematographer both the camera and the accessories fit perfectly as they have good storage space.

National Geographic NG 5070 Camera Backpack

Camera Accessories VoucherCodesUAE

AED 117.85

National Geographic has the best photographers in the world and their photos and videos mesmerize the audience. Every Nat Geo inspired photographer dreams of working with them someday. If not that, at least there’s merch from the brand that would make the fanatics rejoice.

Made of very good canvas, NG 5070 Camera Backpack is water repellent. It also has interior padding specially crafted to carry a photo or video gear. In addition, it has a laptop compartment that can fit a 15.4 inches screen sized laptop. The lower compartment is for storing the camera or camcorder with its respective accessories like lenses, battery grip, on-camera flash/ strobe, cables, etc. It can be easily customized as per the preference of the owner as it has removable sections that can be assembled into any shape easily.

Lowepro Passport Sling III

Best Camera Accessories VoucherCodesUAE

AED 190

If you don’t like your camera slowing you down in pursuit of that perfect shot or video, we have just the backpack for you – the Lowepro Passport Sling Bag. It is a very portable and ergonomic bag. You can carry very comfortably as it with an adjustable shoulder strap and a detachable shoulder pad.

Since the introduction of the revolutionary mirrorless cameras from Sony, Leica, Canon, Nikon and others, the bags designed by Lower pro specifically for these cameras are equally light and portable. The bag holds a mirrorless camera with the attached lens and an additional lens or a flash with a protective, removable camera inserted within the main compartment. You can also increase the storage capacity by up to thirty percent when you need to store travel items or additional photo gear as the front compartment can be expanded.

Top Camera Flash

Low light photos that look out of the ordinary are shot with an external camera flash mounted on the camera. External Camera Flashes are the best accessories for a photographer. It helps get rid of the limitations of taking a portrait photograph in low light conditions.

YongNuo YN560 III Flash Speedlight

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AED 175

This is a very good flash that can help achieve studio-like pictures. It has a high-frequency flash throw which gives you the best results. It is a long-range manual flash unit that can be triggered from 330ft away. Also, it has many different flash modes with eight levels of output control and twenty-nine levels of fine-tuning along with a high zoom range which makes it versatile to take an array of different styles of flash photography.

The YongNou wireless flash features a 2.4 GHz wireless radio receiver which is very useful while using a multiple flash lighting setup as it can be triggered by a camera trigger from as far as 300 feet. For an artistic approach to flash photography, you can also set the camera to produce a stroboscopic lighting effect that makes the background in your photos appear amazing like a sci-fi movie.

Godox AD200 Pocket Flash

Godox AD200 Pocket Flash Camera Accessories

AED 1007.99

Do you want to take an amazing photograph but your external flash just doesn’t deliver that kind of performance? Well, then you need to upgrade to the AD Series of Flashlite from Godox. These lights are built around a unique flashlight source that comes with a standard Speedlight head along with a bare build head that delivers two different light qualities.

The Speedlight head outputs a standard look of an on-camera flash that can be modified using an optional softbox, umbrella or beauty dish. The bare bulb head produces a 360 degree of soft, bright and nearly shadowless light. You can also modify the lights using optional reflectors that focus the beam angle and gives directional control.
It has 3 flash modes: Manual, TTL, and Multi (Stroboscopic).
This product is available on for AED 1007.99


Yunteng VCT-668 Pro Tripod

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AED 37

This is a very flexible and compact tripod with a built-in bubble level for that perfect horizon measurement and accuracy. The four-section aluminum legs extend to a maximum height of 57.5 inches (approx. 4.8ft) and collapse to a foldable height of 18 inches (1.5ft). It has non-slip rubber feet and aluminum alloy legs which all add to weigh 35.2 oz (just under a kg). It is a fairly lightweight and portable tripod compatible with most of the cameras and camcorders.

The Yunteng tripod may be light but its center of gravity is perfect and that makes it very sturdy. You can also add some counterweight on the hook below for your convenience.