Some angels chose fur instead of wings, bringing unconditional love, in the form of pets. Scientific studies and researches have proven time and again, how pets are our true best friends. Giving them the love and care with the right pet supplies is our responsibility. The responsibility does not end during the quarantine period.

According to the Gulf News, a rise in the number of dog adoptions have increased during this pandemic. The reason is quite clear, pets have psychological importance in one’s life. They help in dealing with depression, anxiety, loneliness, and stress. Along with that they give a real sense of companionship, much needed at this hour.

They may be your new fur babies or your old companion, we are sure they are going to be your best friend. And how can your best friends get any less than the best pet supplies?

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Grooming time

A daily grooming routine plays an important role in your pet’s health. Taking care of your pet’s fur and nails will save them from skin irritation, pores, and such problems. At this time, when a groomer is no longer available, having a personal grooming kit is the best solution and one of the important pet supplies.

Pet supplies

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Grooming kit ensures safe cutting, neat, and tidy hair results. The low vibration and Super quiet clipper are below 60db on the scale of noise. It helps the pet to be at ease and will no longer be afraid of haircuts anymore.

AED 99

Doggo needs food

Our food may not be as yummy to our pets. Dog foods are formulated, such that the needed nutrients required for the dog’s digestive system and easily absorbed by the body. Digestibility is important, for the use of all the nutrients and easily get rid of waste products.

Pet supplies

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PEDIGREE Dog Food comes in a full range of dry food, wet food, and treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is specially formulated to provide the energy and nourishment needed to keep the dogs healthy and looking its best. The skin and coat, immune system, digestion, and oral care are the important sectors, the nutrients focus on.

AED 115.55

Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser

Research shows your pet’s health can be greatly improved with proper intake of water. It is essential for your pet’s vital organ function. On average, your pet should drink one ounce of water per pound of weight daily.

Pet supplies

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The honeyguardian smart water dispenser provides the convenience to keep your pets hydrated. The Infrared induction keeps the water safe for your pets to drink.

AED 159.99

Pet Feeder

Pet supplies

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The Pet Feed is an automatic feeder, feeding your pets on time. The fully programmable function gives your pets each meal based on the portion. The built-in voice recorder and speaker record your voice for  10 seconds, which calls your pets for the meal.

AED 269.99

Grooming Bath Glove

Pet supplies

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The enhanced 255 silicone grooming tips of this grooming bath glove resembles the touch of your hand. The flexible grooming gloves allow you to brush away dirt. Bathe the pets with ease, while giving them a gentle massage. One of the best pet supplies is eco-friendly and gentle, which omits any skin damage during bathing or massage.

AED 19.99

Disposable pee-pads

Give your pet the potty training during this lockdown by familiarizing them with the pad. Verbal praises and special treats, with essentials pet supplies, will help your pet get successful training.

Important supplies for pet

Disposable Absorbent Quick Drying Leak-Proof

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This disposable pee-pads has a five-layer design which makes it much more absorbent. A durable waterproof plastic layer makes the pad waterproof, which protects your floor from damages while making the cleaning process much easier. The diamond-quilted design directs the liquid to prevent overflow. The premium materials are resistant to scratches and tears.

Pee Pads
AED 49.99

Marshmallow bed

Supplies for pet

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This Marshmallow bed is ultra-soft, cozy, and flexible giving your pet the sleep they deserve. The round shape is perfect for your pet to curl up! This is one of the important pet supplies as a restful sleep is necessary for improved behavior and better health. It is made up of non-toxic material, safe in the washing machine and dryer.

AED 99.99

Take care of yourself and your furry friend during this lockdown with these pet supplies. Keep safe with the online deliveries by following the safety measures of no contact delivery.

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