There are ways to “hack” your vouchers and reap even more savings than you’d think! Follow these easy tips, and you’ll unlock the secrets to living large without breaking the bank.

Know the Lingo

In order to familiarize yourself with couponing, it’s helpful to learn a few key terms and acronyms. This is especially useful if you plan to follow couponing groups or accounts on social media, as they will use these terms. 

  • Stackable Coupons: Using two vouchers for a single item or service
  • Double/Triple Coupon Deals: When a company matches a coupon discount
  • OYNO: “On your next order”
  • MIR: “Mail-in rebate”
  • BOGO: “Buy one, get one”

Use Coupons on Sale Items

Let’s say you have a voucher that gives you 10% off all purchases at Noon. a dollar off any bakery item at a chain of coffee shops. Instead of using it on that new phone you’ve been eyeing, hold off for a while. a full-priced pastry, hold off. When the site shop announces a tech or phone-specific promotion, that’s your time to use it.  for example, announcing that everything is half-price on Wednesdays, use it then! Suddenly, a $6 piece of cake will only cost $2! Now, you’ll be getting 10% off of an already reduced sales price! 

Be Organized!

You should wait to use coupons until the optimal time. That being said, don’t let them expire! It helps to make a spreadsheet with expiration dates and other clauses, so nothing is forgotten.

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Do Your Research

Trying to use stackable coupons, or even a voucher on a sale, can be tricky. Sometimes, staff members will argue that you can’t use both deals. That’s why it’s crucial to read and have access to the company’s coupon policy. This is something you can request or access publicly. 

Plan Shopping Excursions Around Vouchers

Heading to the grocery store? Be sure to sort through all of your food vouchers. It’s helpful (and fun) to make a weekly menu to ensure that you utilize everything. 

Bulk-Buying Is Key

Not only is it a budget-friendly way to shop, but it’s even cheaper when there’s a voucher or coupon. Stock up on non-perishable items when you have a voucher—it’ll save you money down the line.

Be Open to New Brands

Now isn’t the time to be fussy about which company made your tissues or which cinema you attend. If you want to make the most of coupons, it’s important to be willing to try new experiences and brands.

Know Yourself

Through open-mindedness is important, it’s still crucial to be realistic. If you don’t like to work out, spending money on a discounted gym membership really isn’t worth it. Be honest with yourself before you buy: Will you ever use this?

Let’s say you have two H&M vouchers: one for children’s clothing and one for the entire online store. If you don’t have kids, it’s probably wise to only use the latter coupon. Remember, it’s not a bargain anymore if it just collects dust in its packaging.

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