Ramadan is just around the corner. We’re sure you’re already up and about to prepare for the festivities. From cleaning your home to hunting for the perfect Ramadan light decorations, the month of Ramadan can be fun but hectic. We’ve compiled the best of classic decor items as well as the ongoing Ramadan decoration trends to get you festival-ready for Ramadan and Eid 2021.

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How can I decorate my home for Eid?

Here are some ideas for decorating your home for Ramadan and Eid

1. Add A Big Crescent

ramadan moon lantern

As you wait on the crescent moon to usher in another day of fasting and prayer, crescent décor items can be the perfect centerpiece for your home décor for Ramadan. Here are some of our favorite crescent décor pieces that can add a magical element to your home

Crescent Tree to complement your Ramadan light Decorations

Ramadan light decorations

Amazon: AED 300

The happiest moments during Ramadan are when the entire family comes together to put up the decoration. A crescent moon can be a focal point that can bring your home together. Let children participate in the home décor by letting them hang baubles and stars, or even a lantern on the Ramadan Tree. You can light the whole tree up and top it off with a topper that reads Ramadan Mubarak.

Don’t Forget the Crescent Focal Light

Eid Al Adha Mubarak

Amazon- AED 76.99

Adding a big light element to your living area can create a harmonious focal point. The crescent moon is such an important element during Ramadan, so it only makes sense to create a focal point on the moon with a big Ramadan lantern that is shaped like the crescent.

Play with Crescent Patterns

Black crescent pattern cushion on chair

Amazon -AED 59

Home décor is incomplete without the aesthetic of fabrics. From curtains to cushions, there are so many ways you can add moon patterns into your home décor. A big center cushion will help you create focus, while curtains with moon patterns will add coziness to your décor.

2. Make it A Starry, Starry Celebration

ramadan light decorations

Is there a pair more poetically perfect than the moon and stars? If you’ve got your crescent moon décor set, you just cannot miss out on the stars. You can accent your Ramadan home décor with stars around your crescent centerpiece. This will create a dreamy ambiance at your home and will surely add to the peaceful energy as you go through suhoor and prayer.

Here are some ways to add stars to your Ramadan decoration

Add A Star LED Light

Home Decoration LED Star Lights

Amazon- AED 54

These Star LED Lights will add a mystic air to your home’s ambiance. These Ramadan light decorations have been set to flicker at different speeds, so they’ll surely light up the mood for your family and guests.

Wrap your Crescent Tree with Star String Lights


Amazon – AED 52

Wouldn’t your Ramadan moon tree look empty without some string lights? Star-shaped string lights will pair perfectly with your crescent tree. The warmth of the yellow fairy light will only add to the beautiful green of the tree.

Add Star-shaped Ramadan Foil Balloons

ramadan kareem baloons

If you’re hanging up a Ramadan Mubarak banner for wall décor, adding some foil balloons will help you bring out the message 3-D style. The star foil balloons utilize the space around the banner and will definitely help you create a holistic Eid decoration.

3. Ramadan Light Decorations

ramadan decorations

As your family and guests visit you for celebrations, you’d definitely want to make them feel welcomed. Lights elements such as a string light or a lantern will add warmth to your home. So when you’re choosing your Ramadan light decorations be sure to include a variety to your list. While A Ramadan lantern can form a beautiful centerpiece, you can also adorn your walls with fairy lights to create a cozy corner in your home.

Here’s how you can style your home for Ramadan with lights:

Add candles to your fireplace mantelpiece for a rustic look

ramadan lantern

Amazon- AED 80

Candles can add an old-worldly charm to your home. You can go all out by putting up vintage candle stands on your living room coffee table, dining room table, or above your fireplace. Light them up during prayer time to create a serene aura around your home.

Adorn with Ramadan Kareem Lights

Ramadan light decorations

Amazon – AED 60

The month of Ramadan is the time to greet people with a grateful heart. Spread the festive joy by bringing out the Ramadan Kareem lights to your lawn or even your balcony.

Hang Ramadan Lanterns Atop your Center Table

ramadan lantern

During Ramadan, the entire clock revolves around suhoor, prayer, and iftar. Add some glimmer into your mealtimes with these beautiful lanterns to light up your mealtime.

4. Freshen up your decor with a Flower Arrangement

ramadan flower

The month of Ramadan in 2021 is just around Spring. So this year is especially the perfect time to add flowers to your home décor for Eid. A flower arrangement can make such a subtle impact on your decoration by creating a focal point of freshness. The sheer color and variety of flowers available to play around with for decorating the house for Ramadan can make the ordeal so much fun.

Here’s How to incorporate flower arrangement into your Ramadan decorations

Put up A Floral Wreath on your Door

DIY ramadan decoration

Who says that wreaths are exclusively for Christmas? Adorn your door this year with a colorful floral wreath. The variety of flowers that you can choose from is endless. We suggest tulips for an elegant look and roses for classic spring decorations. Wrap your Ramadan light decorations around the wreath so that they shine bright even during the night.

Add A Vase Full of Flowers to your center table

eid decoration

No home decoration is complete without vases full of flowers. Get a bouquet of your choice and place it into your favorite vase. Place this on your center table. And Voila! The flowers will light up the room in a jiffy.

Pop up your decor with potpourri

ramadan decor

Potpourri and dry flowers are other interesting ways to add flowers to your Ramadan home décor. Add a bowl full of your favorite scented potpourri and have your home smelling like a dream throughout the occasion.

5. Ramadan Countdown Decorations

As the 30 days of fasting start, isn’t it exciting to countdown to the day when the big day for Eid Al Fitr finally arrives? Adding a countdown element to your Ramadan décor is a practical and fun move. Here are some of our choices for the best Eid countdown décor items:

Jazz it up with Ramadan Countdown lights

Counting down the days to Eid has become even more exciting with countdown lights. These Ramadan light decorations have become a hit in the last few years and are perhaps the trendiest décor item you can get for Ramadan 2021.

Add A Countdown Calendar

Ramadan Calendar

Amazon- AED 69.98

You can also take the classic route and go for the good-old calendar to add to your living room decorations. You can choose from the many varieties available online on sites like Amazon. Some of them are even decorated with Ramadan-inspired patterns and designs.

Design your own Ramadan Calendar

DIY Ramadan decor

Do-it-yourself decorations can be so much fun. Not only does it get the creative juices flowing but also brings the whole family together. So a DIY countdown calendar can be the perfect Ramadan project for you to take up with your loved ones.

Here’s how you can make your own countdown calendar to add to your Ramadan home décor:

Things You’ll Need

  •      30 pieces of paper
  •     Felt pens/crayons
  •    Glitter and other décor items
  •     A pair of scissors
  •      A burlap string
  •     30 Paper clips


1.       Take the pieces of paper and cut them out into moons and stars

2.       Write down the no. of days of each paper

3.       Fill the paper with crayons, glitter, and stickers of your choice

4.       Attach one paper clip to each date and hang them on the string

5.       Attach the string to your wall

Your DIY Ramadan calendar is ready! Cross out each date as the days pass by and Eid finally arrives.

Spread the Joy of Ramadan Suhoor festival

ramadan feast

Whether your shopping for foil balloons or Ramadan light decorations, you can get the best deals on your Ramadan shopping only on VoucherCodesUAE. No matter what the decor may be, this holy month is meant for prayer and goodwill. So work hard on your home decorations for Ramadan but don’t forget to spread the message of love!