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How to Use Uber 2017 Code


How to use Uber Promo Codes and Deals

Still not sure how to use Uber promo codes you find at Voucher codes UAE. Let’s do it step by step and settle the issue once for all. It is easy and simple so you can do it without any hassle.



Select Uber promo code or deal at Voucher Codes UAE and click on it. Upon this you would get the code or will be guided appropriately for the next step and Uber website would open in next tab. Copy the code with a single click.

*Don't forget to check whether your Uber Coupon Code has any Terms and Conditions. Some Uber Coupon Codes may have certain exclusions or restrictions for use.


Sign Up

Sign up to claim the benefits and to book rides from Uber. Enter email with password to get your Uber account.



Enter Profile details

After providing email, enter the name and mobile information for contact purpose. Don’t forget to select language you want.



Payment method and enter Uber Promo Code

Enter the credit card number and Uber promo code to get the discounts on your rides. Don’t forget to enter all the fields with star sign*.



Get amazing discounts by using discounts and offers and enjoy your rides with Uber. 


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