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Valid for passengers traveling to both international and domestic sectors in a single itinerary receipt. Valid for travel in all Philippine Airlines flights except for domestic sectors utilizing Q400/Q300 aircraft. For United States/Canada, existing United States Department of Transportation/Canada National Transportation Authority rules apply. Carry over of Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) is applicable regardless of number of days of stopover in Manila or Cebu. The following FBA will apply for tickets with a combination of international and domestic sectors: International and Domestic flights in one (1) ticket – follow FBA of International sector For multi-cabin itinerary in a single ticket with the domestic sectors having a higher FBA, checked in baggage shall be assessed on a sectoral basis. For combination tickets with the domestic sector utilizing Q400/Q300 aircraft, FBA shall be assessed on a sectoral basis. Baggage in excess of the FBA shall be assessed for the applicable excess baggage rates. Please click here to know more about the FBA per domestic or international sector.

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    How to Use Philippine Airline 2017 Code

     How to use Philippine Airlines

    Still not sure how to use Philippine Airlines promo codes you find at Voucher codes UAE. Let’s do it step by step and settle the issue once for all. It is easy and simple so you can do it without any hassle.

    Select Philippine Airlines coupon code or deal at Voucher Codes UAE and click on it. Upon this you would get the code or will be guided appropriately for the next step and Philippine Airlines website would open in next tab. Copy the code with a single click.


    *Don't forget to check whether Philippine Airlines Promo Code has any Terms and Conditions. Some Philippine Airlines Coupon Codes may have certain exclusions or restrictions for use.

    Start Searching

    Go to to start booking from a wide range of flights and get ready to fly!


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    Book a Flight and enter Promo Code


    Book a flight by entering origin and destination with travel dates. Enter Philippine Airlines Promo Code to get the maximum discount out of it.


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    Check Flight Fares

    Check the route summary with flight fares for on going and return routes.


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    Traveler Detail

    Enter traveler details with simple contact information like e mail address, contact number and address.


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    Payment Option

    Choose the payment option you want. Press “proceed to payment” for the next step.


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    Enjoy your flights with Philippines Airlines using Philippines Airlines Promo code available at Voucher Codes UAE.

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