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How To Use - Asda Groceries Discount Code

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How to Use Asda Groceries 2018 Discount Code


1. Find a coupon


Select the discount you would like to use. Once you find your coupon, click "Get Code & Open Site". This will reveal the code and open the store website in the next tab with another window showing you the voucher code.


Click to copy the code. Now you’re ready to use this code for some super savings.



2. Start shopping – And make the most of out Asda Direct Promotional code


Go to the and start choosing and shopping from the wide range of food, clothing, general merchandise, toys and financial services available to you online with great deals and offers.



3. Review your purchase and enter Promotional code


Once you have found what you are looking for click on “Basket/ Checkout” on the top right corner of the page, to review what you have selected so far to purchase, make amendments in you selected items if you feel important before you pay for them.


Also enter your Promotional code in the box just below the order summary, once you have pasted the code in the box click on “Add” to apply the code, the page will refresh and your total will be recalculated by the adjustment of the discount.


Click on “Secure Checkout” to proceed further.



4. Subscription


Enter your email address in the box to get subscribe with the company. Click on “Next” to proceed further.



5. How would you like to get your order?


Choose from the given options that how you are going to get your order and enter respective details in the fields.



6.Contact details


Enter your contact detail in the fields to get register with the company and make the purchasing process more convenient and faster the next time you will visit the site. Remember not to leave any field empty here as fields are marked with asterisk that show mandatory to be filled in.


Click on “Next” to continue.



7. Select your delivery date


Choose a desired date of delivery from the given options remember faster delivery will charge you more. You can also go with free delivery option as well.


Click on “Next” to move towards payment page.



8. Select your payment method


Select your payment method from the given options and click on “Next” to enter the payment data or card data.



9. Enter your payment details


Enter your payment details in the fields, if you have chosen to pay through card your window like the following picture. Once you are done click on “Confirm Order” to end the purchasing process.

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