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How to Use Atlantis The Palm Promo Code 2017

 Don't forget to check whether your Atlantis The Palm Discount Code has any terms and conditions. Some Atlantis The Palm coupon codes may have certain exclusions or restrictions for use. 


1. Find a coupon


Atlantis the Palm is the best place to stay, dine in and enjoy the peak of adventures. Select the discount you would like to use. Once you find your coupon, Click 'Get Code * Open Site'. This will reveal the code and open the store website in the next tab with another window showing you the voucher code. Click to copy the code. Now you’re ready to use this code for some super savings.Don't forget to check whether your Atlantis promo code has any terms and conditions. Some Atlantis promo codes may have certain exclusions or restrictions for use.


2. Start Searching – Make the Most of our Atlantis Promo Codes


Go to to start planning for your next adventure filled vacation.


3. Book a Vacation and Enter Atlantis the Palm Promo Code


Select the type of vacation you are looking for. If you are looking for a day trip, select Book a day trip, else select Book a vacation followed by your dates and other details. There are a number of promotions offered by Atlantis, eg: Amazing Suite Offer. If you wish to book the offer, click Book Now (you will find the link on the top- right corner of the page). Once you've entered the number of guests and visit period, you will have the chance to enter your promo code. Click More Options to see the option to enter the promo code. 



If your coupon code isn't working, it may be that your coupon has already expired.


4. Modify Search


Atlantis Promo code will be applied. Atlantis will now give you your special price per night and a variety of options to modify your search before your final booking.



5. Guest Info and Payment option


This is the chance you can review your booking. This is a very important page, fill in your personal details after your review your vacation summary, remembering that all fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in to complete your booking. 

Move on to the payment area by scrolling down and clicking Continue below. Review your order summary and enjoy the adventures at Atlantis The palm.


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