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  1. Please communicate to your partners that the coupon will only work on offers within Middle East and used with users in Middle East.The coupon will be available to the hotels mentioning “Promo Eligible

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How to Use Agoda 2017 Code


Don't forget to check whether your Promo Code has any Terms and Conditions. Some Promo Codes may have certain exclusions or restrictions for use.


1. Find a coupon


Select the discount you would like to use. Once you find your coupon, click "Get Code & Open Site". This will reveal the code and open the store website in the next tab with another window showing you the voucher code.

Click to copy the code. Now you’re ready to use this code for some super savings.



2. Start Searching - Make the Most of our Promo Codes

Go to to start planning your next well earned holiday and choose from the numerous hotels available. Just enter your destinaiton, Hotel, Landmark or address and Dates in which you are willing to stay along with number of rooms and persons. 
Click "Search" to check the availability and proceed further.






3. Find Your Hotel
Now you can see your entered data's result on the screen, select the best Hotel of your choice scroll down the page to see more options, you can also filter your research by select one or more options on the left of the page. Once you have found what you looking for Click "Select" to select the Hotel and room type.
4. Hotel informaition and Booking
Learn more about the Hotel, you can see Hotel description, Maps and review options here. This will actually help you selecting the best hotel according to your interests. Once you have go through the entire page Click "Book Now" to proceed further. 
5. Discount code
If there is any discount code apply it.
6. Payment
Fill in your details and payment in order for your booking to be processed. 
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