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Lifestyle Gift Cards

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Lifestyle Gift Cards

Do you often find yourself in a bit of confusion when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your near and dear ones? We understand it is impossible for any of us to keep a tab on other’s wishlist all the time. The urge of giving something unique to the loved ones sometimes becomes a headache in our constant daily rush. Lifestyle gift cards and lifestyle gift vouchers are the perfect solutions for your confusion. Lifestyle gift cards are a way to give something valuable and useful to your peers without having to go on a tedious shopping spree or the worry of gifting something too common. Whatever amount you can spare, use it to buy a Lifestyle gift voucher, and the rest will fall into place without any glitch. 

What is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is an established retail and online house that showcases more than 190 brands and has over 200 stores in the MENA region. Across UAE, they have multiple standalone shops where you can find a vast array of amazing products, starting from home decors, household furniture to personal beauty, health or hygiene brands. Therefore, gifting your friends and families any Lifestyle gift card is actually providing them with the ultimate shopping possibilities.        

What brands can you explore at Lifestyle?

From UAE based brands to international brands like Guess, NYX, OGX and many more, Lifestyle is your one-stop destination for every shopping fantasy. Lifestyle has different shopping categories like home decor, beauty, fashion products, school supplies and stationery, kitchen essentials, furniture and etc. Anyone can avail their desired product, from the wide range of choiceable brands and can save a lot if they use Lifestyle gift vouchers.

Reasons to shop with Lifestyle: 

Lifestyle in UAE features exclusive brands and houses from around the globe along with exciting offers and cashbacks in general. Lifestyle has multifaceted sections separated for the ease of the customers. 


  • Brands of Choice: Their bags, purses and fashion accessory products cover brands like Baggit, Caprese, Guess, Bessie London or Fiorelli. For home decors and furnishing, they showcase attractive and trendy figurines to nifty utility items, ranging from their own brands like Adore or Sasha to internationally acclaimed brands. Brands like Esteban, Heart & Home or Boles d’olor enhance their home fragrance collection.


  • Advantages with Lifestyle: Not only adults but kids can also get benefitted by their wide range of products from Jansport, SHOUT, Santoro or Sakroots. Moreover, they have extensive tie-ups with houses like Babyshop or Centrepoint, which sets the bar of the shopping options at a higher level. Overall, shopping with Lifestyle is a memorable and ecstatic experience for all UAE residents.

Lifestyle Gift Vouchers  

The most fearsome factor that concerns us while buying a gift is the worry of gifting something similar or already possessed items. With Lifestyle gift cards and vouchers, your gift options become flexible and easy. It saves you the time and labour to go from store to store to pick out the most suitable gift and at the same time, you can gift your loved ones something that can be used according to their own needs. 


Lifestyle stores across UAE feature hundreds of remarkably known brands, where you can find extraordinary beauty products, makeup accessories, bath care, kitchen utensils and vases, unique figurines to enhance the beauty of your home, essential school kits for your kids and many more. In simple words, Lifestyle gift cards are time-saving and effective means of showing your love and care.


Availing Lifestyle Gift Cards

Availing any Lifestyle gift vouchers is pretty simple. You can buy gift cards of your desired amount from any of the standalone Lifestyle stores across UAE or else you can buy an e-gift card from their website or from sites like vouchercodesuae


By signing in through your registered email id, you can check out the different gift vouchers options. The amount will be transacted through a secure payment gateway and then you can choose your preferred mode of delivery and that’s it; your Lifestyle gift card will be on its way to brighten up someone's day. 


Redeeming the Gift Cards

If buying a Lifestyle gift card seems a time-efficient option to you, it would prove to be an even more easy thing to use. The person who the voucher has been gifted to can shop on Lifestyle website or at the stores within 12 months of the generation of the gift voucher. There is no limitation or prohibition on any specific category where it can or can not be used.


Lifestyle offers you uncountable product and brand options and they can be availed by these gift cards as and when they are purchased through Lifestyle. You can put the gift card or voucher code before check out, in case of an online transaction. And if the purchase is made at the stores, gift cards can be used during payment.       

Amount of Lifestyle Gift Vouchers 

Lifestyle gift cards can range from 50 AED to 5000 AED, giving you the liberty of choosing options for every occasion. This flexibility gives you the advantage of using these gift cards for any token gifts as well as for any grand one. So, you do not need to worry about your budget while choosing a gift card. The gifted voucher amount can be used while making any purchase on Lifestyle website or in the stores. 


Using the Vouchers

These gift cards are applicable to any Lifestyle stores across UAE or for online purchases as well.  As long as you are buying anything within the mentioned validity period of the vouchers, it is safe and useful. The process for applying the gift cards is very easy and friendly to the customers. The billing executives usually take care of the gift cards in case of store purchase. For online transactions also, the gift card application does not require any different method.   


Perks of Personalisation 

You can add any messages to your gift cards beforehand. This makes the whole idea of the gift extremely personal and henceforth is preferred by many. You can add specially curated wishes and greetings designed by Lifestyle for different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Or else, you can write a personalised cordial message on your own, which will make it even more special!


Delivery System of the Gift Cards

Lifestyle e-gift vouchers can be delivered through different means such as SMS services, emails or by post. This option makes it more accessible and perfect even for a long-distance gift. The delivery can also be scheduled beforehand so that it reaches at the right moment.     


Last Few Words!  

Lifestyle gift cards are almost always available in UAE regions throughout the year. So, choose whatever amount you want to assign to gift cards and send them to your peers with flying colours. There is no way that someone would be disappointed by Lifestyle's versatile collection. So, be on your way and pick out your gift cards to bring joy and smile at any occasion.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What kind of gift cards does Lifestyle offer?

Lifestyle offers gift vouchers which can be applied during shopping of any products featured in their website or stores. These gift cards are valid across the UAE for 12 months after the generation of the vouchers.

  1.  Can I apply these gift cards at any promotional offers?

These gift vouchers are only to be redeemed on purchase of non-promotional items. No other cashback or discount offers can be combined with these vouchers. With these gift cards, you can not avail any special promotional sale offers. These are for regular purchases only.

  1. How many times can a gift card be used?

One single gift card can be used at a single transaction. It is advised that you use the whole amount of the gift card at one go. Gift vouchers are for one-time use only. However, if the product cost is higher than the gift card amount then you can pay the rest with cash or card. 

  1. Where can I get Lifestyle gift vouchers?

All kinds of Lifestyle gift cards can be bought at Lifestyle stores around the UAE. They can also be availed directly on the website where you can redirect them to the receiver’s address online. It is fast and smooth.

  1. Is there any upper limit on the gift card amount?

Lifestyle allows people to get gift cards worth 50 AED to 5000 AED at maximum. This vast range is specifically designed for different needs of customers so that they can order for any kind of occasion. Since the product costs vary from time to time, it is convenient to have the provision for multiple gift vouchers worth different amounts.

  1. What is the process for applying the gift cards?

These gift cards can be used for full or part payments of any products featured on Lifestyle, across the UAE region. During the checkout process, just put the gift card code in the designated section. Or else, if you are making a purchase at a store, show them the gift card during the billing procedure.  If the transaction value exceeds the gift card amount, you can pay for the rest via cash or cards. One gift card can be applied for one single transaction, online or offline.

  1. Can I buy gift cards for anyone else?

Gift vouchers are specifically designed keeping the needs for the gift in mind. You can buy gift cards for anyone at or around the UAE at any time of the year. Lifestyle’s wide range of stores and creative online collection are extremely suitable for gift card options. You can give the gift cards directly to them or else Lifestyle can arrange for the delivery of specific vouchers according to your own preference.

  1. Can gift cards be recharged?

As per the terms and conditions of Lifestyle, gift vouchers are not any system which can be topped up with frequent transactions. They contain a certain monetary amount and can be used for one single transaction at a time. However, there is no limit on how many gift cards you can buy from lifestyle. Whenever you feel like choosing a gift voucher from Lifestyle, you can get them without any restrictions.

This E- Gift Card is Valid for 365 day from the date of issue.
This E- Gift Card is redeemable on Lifestyle online/Physical store & at all participating Landmark Group Brand Stores i.e. Centrepoint, Babyshop, Splash, Lifestyle, Shoemart, Max, Home Centre, Home Box, , Carpisa, Ecco, Le Confort, Steve Madden, Pablosky, Shoexpress, Kurt Geiger across UAE.
This E- Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash either in full or part.
This E- Gift Card can be redeemed for part value. Hence same Card can be used in multiple shopping trips across all participating Landmark Group Brand Stores across UAE.
Should the purchase value exceed the value of the Gift Card, the differential value should be paid by the customer who redeems the Gift Card.
No replacement / compensation are permissible /payable for lost E- Gift Card.
Mutilated or defaced E- Gift Card will not be honored.
Shukran reserves the right to alter any /all the terms and conditions of this E- Gift Card at any time without prior notice. Any dispute shall be referred to Landmark Retail Co LLC Shukran Division (The Company) and the decision of the Company shall be final.
E- Gift Card issued cannot be returned or refund.
Items purchased by the E- Gift Card are refundable, as per the refund and exchange policy of the store.
For balance enquiry and expiry, customer may visit online at & Shukran App or visit nearest Landmark Group store.