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Kurt Geiger? What's that? Let us explain.

Named after the Austrian man who founded it, Kurt Geiger started out as a British footwear and accessories retailer since its inception and has been so since. It had its first shop in Bond Street, London, during the year 1963, and since then, it has been evolving as one of the choicest and most stylish statements of fashion for both men and women. Having curated footwear and shoes for celebrities throughout the globe, Kurt Geiger has embossed itself as one of the largest stalwarts in the spectrum of fashion. It has over 70 stores and over 170 concessions within department stores, thus creating a worldwide base making customers across numerous countries happy!

Moving on to-- what does Kurt Geiger sell?

The answer to this question encompasses a vast list of things and is incredibly expansive in nature. For starters, it caters to both men and women adults and not just to one single-gender, and it also provides for kids. It is inclusive of people of all kinds of sizes and shapes, playing a significant part in endorsing body positivity. For women, it sells bags that are of all types and categories- from Shoreditch, Kensington, Cross Body, Tote, and Clutch to Backpacks, Shoulder, Purses, and Belt Bags. Along with such an elegant collection of bags, it also sells shoes- which is what the company started out with. It sells various categories of shoes ranging from flats, heels, trainers to sandals. But what it is most famous for is the boots.

What to buy at Kurt Geiger?

 In essence, Kurt Geiger has one of the most elegant and fashionable collections of boots in the entire world that are preferred by celebrities and fashionistas from all corners of the globe. The numerous categories of boots include Ankle, Chelsea, Western Boots, Biker, Block Heel Boots, Hiker Boots, Knee-Boot, Leather Boots, Calf Boots, Party Boots, and Snow Boots. These boots boast of the choicest materials and chic designs that guarantee customer satisfaction. The prices range from 88 UAE Dirhams to 965 UAE Dirhams, thus making sure that the products are evenly priced, and anyone can buy these luxury items.

Why choose Kurt Geiger Gift Cards?

Kurt Geiger also has an extensive collection of trainers for women of various categories ranging from Chunky Trainers and Embellished Trainers to Slip-Ons and Sock Trainers. These are also reasonably evenly priced and cater to all kinds of customers. When it comes to men, Kurt Geiger doesn't fall too far behind and offers an equally wide range of products ranging from Trainers, Formal, Boots, Casuals and Loafers to Slippers, Sandals, Wedding Shoes, and Drivers-Boat Shoes. All of them are reasonably priced between an extensive range and are suited to cater to a wide range of customers. 

Kurt Geiger has something for the little ones

As for kids and toddlers, Kurt Geiger brings forth a collection of colourful shoes, trainers, and backpacks, which any kid would love and would, in turn, look absolutely adorable on any young one. Also, to mention, the collection of brands that Kurt Geiger contains is incredible- From Kendall & Kylie, DKNY, Aldo, and Carvela to Paul Smith, Michael Kors, Steve Madden, and Tommy Hilfiger.

The most comprehensive range of products at the broadest range of prices

Unlike most other brands that offer either a wide range of products or a wide range of prices and never both, Kurt Geiger makes sure it stands apart from the rest in that regard. It offers the broadest range of brands and products and categories. At the same time, it makes sure that it caters to the broadest range of consumers and has customers with widely varying spending propensities, thanks to its extensive range of prices.


Confused about what to buy as a gift? Read on.

A gift is something that anyone and everyone like- it has the power to make anyone's day. A bouquet of roses, a pack of chocolate, a book by a favourite author, or a favourite music album- a gift can shower a person with an overwhelming amount of warmth and happiness. Sure, everyone likes gifts, and everyone likes to be given something that they want, but do you know how you make that a little more unique? By giving someone a gift card. A gift card or as they sometimes call it, a gift voucher is one of the most exciting things you can give to someone as a gift instead of something like a bunch of flowers or a regular gift. When you give a gift voucher to someone, you give that person the freedom to choose whatever gift they want for themselves and redeem it to their personal liking, which makes it so much cooler.

Why choose a Gift Card?

Most importantly, a gift card saves you the time or the effort spent in thinking and deciding on a gift, go on to buy it, and pack/wrap it. A gift card gives someone the same amount of happiness like that of any other gift, if not more, and carries with it the same amount of warmth, good wishes, and personal touch. You give a gift voucher to someone, they take it to any store they like, they buy literally any product they want, and they enjoy it the same way or even better than it would have if you had given them something as a gift yourself. So, you see why you should switch to gift cards already.

Use my gift card at Kurt Geiger? How?

Yes, you have heard it right. So, by now, you are aware that once you acquire a gift card, you have gotten the one gift voucher that exceeds all standards of gifts (we are not lying), and you have hit the jackpot, literally. Be it your significant other, best friend, mom-dad, sibling, anyone in the entire UAE to whom you want to give something, get this for them. But this is going to get even better if you make sure that you go the extra mile. When you give someone a Kurt Geiger gift card or get a Kurt Geiger gift card for yourself, all you need to do is walk into any Kurt Geiger store and redeem that card and literally get any product you want.

 Honestly, anything. Any of the products mentioned above- from trainers and boots to everything that's up on the store. Sounds fun, isn't it? Told you. Walk into any Kurt Geiger store at one of the participating UK locations and online at, Kurt Geiger High Street Boutiques, Kurt Geiger Shopping Centre Boutiques, Kurt Geiger Airport Boutiques, and Kurt Geiger Sale Shops.

Yes, you heard it right. You can get it online as well.

We understand that the world is too fast/hectic, and your tiring job is getting the better of you, but you still want to get the loveliest gift for your loved one(s). We appreciate that and think you deserve it- so all the gift cards and vouchers are available online as well, and you can order them at your place or directly to the address of the person who you want to give the gift to. It's that easy! Once you get the gift card, you're set to redeem it at the Kurt Geiger store.

Make use of regular discounts and deals.

There are a ton of discounts and deals on the gift cards throughout the year, and you could use them to your advantage by keeping an eye on the deals that keep coming up, especially during festivals and year-ends. This will reduce your costs and get the best gift possible at the same time. Certainly, this cannot get any better. So, grab your gift voucher and redeem it at the Kurt Geiger store online or the one closest to you. Happy shopping!



FAQs related to Kurt Geiger Gift Cards


What is a gift card?

A gift card is basically a prepaid stored-value card which you can, after you get it, redeem it at any particular store and get any product encompassed by that gift card within the prepaid amount contained in the gift card. You can use a gift card to give someone on any occasion. It is different from any other gift because the person you give it to can use it to buy anything they want, and it also saves you a lot of time in choosing and deciding on a gift and time spent in packing and wrapping.

What is a Kurt Geiger gift card?

A Kurt Geiger is like any other gift card but slightly better since you can redeem that gift card at any Kurt Geiger store within one of the participating UK locations and online at, Kurt Geiger High Street Boutiques, Kurt Geiger Shopping Centre Boutiques, Kurt Geiger Airport Boutiques, and Kurt Geiger Sale Shops. The Kurt Geiger gift voucher covers any and every product sold within the Kurt Geiger stores.

What's the process of redeeming a Kurt Geiger gift card?


Add the products that you want to buy to your cart.

When you are checking out, choose the redeem Kurt Geiger gift card option. Enter your gift card number and the corresponding PIN number during the process of the payment to redeem your gift card successfully.

Can the items purchased using a gift card be returned or exchanged for cash?

No. The items purchased by redeeming a gift card at any Kurt Geiger store cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

What can I buy using a Kurt Geiger gift voucher?

The Kurt Geiger gift voucher can be redeemed to purchase any product at any Kurt Geiger store within one of the participating UK locations and online at, Kurt Geiger High Street Boutiques, Kurt Geiger Shopping Centre Boutiques, Kurt Geiger Airport Boutiques, and Kurt Geiger Sale Shops. The products range from boots and all kinds of shoes to trainers and bags for men, women, and kids.

Can I redeem the gift card to purchase a product of a higher price than the balance on the card?

Yes, you can redeem the Kurt Geiger gift card to purchase any product of a higher price than the balance on the card during payment.

How to check the validity of the Kurt Geiger gift card?


Kurt Geiger gift cards can be redeemed or are valid until 365 days from the date of purchase. To know more about the validity and balance of the gift card, you can contact Kurt Geiger customer support.

This E- Gift Card is Valid for 365 day from the date of issue.
This E- Gift Card is redeemable on Kurt Geiger Physical store & at all participating Landmark Group Brand Stores i.e. Centrepoint, Babyshop, Splash, Lifestyle, Shoemart, Max, Home Centre, Home Box, , Carpisa, Ecco, Le Confort, Steve Madden, Pablosky, Shoexpress, Kurt Geiger across UAE.
This E- Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash either in full or part.
This E- Gift Card can be redeemed for part value. Hence same Card can be used in multiple shopping trips across all participating Landmark Group Brand Stores across UAE.
Should the purchase value exceed the value of the Gift Card, the differential value should be paid by the customer who redeems the Gift Card.
No replacement / compensation are permissible /payable for lost E- Gift Card.
Mutilated or defaced E- Gift Card will not be honored.
Shukran reserves the right to alter any /all the terms and conditions of this E- Gift Card at any time without prior notice. Any dispute shall be referred to Landmark Retail Co LLC Shukran Division (The Company) and the decision of the Company shall be final.
E- Gift Card issued cannot be returned or refund.
Items purchased by the E- Gift Card are refundable, as per the refund and exchange policy of the store.
For balance enquiry and expiry, customer may visit online at & Shukran App or visit nearest Landmark Group store.