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Home Centre Gift Cards

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Home Centre Gift Cards

Are you someone who gets confused every now while planning a gift? Are you worried about the fact that your gift might seem a tad bit dull or thoughtless at times to some? Hey, we totally get you and that is why we are here to present you with the ultimate gifting solution: Home Centre gift cards! 


With these amazing gift vouchers from Home Centre, every UAE resident can now be at peace because planning gifts has never been so easy before! Every kind of home solution you can imagine could be directly delivered to your loved one's doorsteps with these gift cards.

What is Home Centre?

Home Centre is the leading household utility and decor retailer brand in the entire Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. They have been flourishing since 1995 because of their trendy outlook, dedicated services and global approach to home solutions. From nifty household items to personal care products, they can take care of the customers' needs in the most intricate ways.  They also offer complete interior makeovers in UAE.

What does Home Centre have?

Home Centre showcases a wide array of products in their fabulous stores as well as on their swinging website. From the latest furniture to fashionable furnishing items, from worthwhile kitchen solutions to classy dining sets, Home Centre brings to you little joys that transform a house into a home. And on top of that, you can get in touch with the vast range of comforting personal care things, like thoughtfully sorted bath and bed care products. Moreover, they can offer you world-class interior plans, suitable for today's contemporary UAE population. From traditional interior plans to urban and technologically sound infrastructures- Home Centre has a choice for practically everyone.

Reasons to Shop with Home Centre

First of all, we understand how difficult it can be to choose a perfect gift for every occasion. It gets unnerving to constantly monitor what our loved ones need and what they wish for. Along with that, the concern that heavily burdens us all is for our gifts not to come off as something usual or similar to what they already have. Home Centre provides us with a multifaceted spectrum of useful home items that can be handy in our everyday lives. Home Centre is a platform where technology meets imagination and creates beautifully crafted household commodities, suitable for anyone and everyone.

Multiple Brands, Uncountable Options

Each and every product category in Home Centre features locally and globally acclaimed brands. For example, they have top furniture brands like Louis Poster, Dublin, Delvin, Clover or Casablanca. Not only custom made beds or tables or wardrobes, but also furniture for different needs can be found here undoubtedly. Their beautiful home decor items include brands like Sienna or Costiero, covering the range of products such as rugs, mirrors, decorative bowls, figurines, mats, curtains, vases, lamps or mesmerizing artworks.

Effective Product Range

From beautiful chandeliers to space-managing cabinets and sofas, from luxurious mattresses to soothing bedroom equipment, Home Centre can take your home outlook up to a notch. Your kids can find the joy of living with Valentina under beds or vibrant comforter sets. Your cooking affairs can become a grand fiesta with the help of chic kitchen-wares such as unique serving sets by Primrose or cutleries by Rosemary, exclusively available at Home Centre.


In simple words, who would want to take up so much trouble to buy one gift item by going from store to store, when you can have practically every kind of home solution from Home Centre. Plus, they almost always offer large discounts and exciting offers that make the shopping duty even more satisfying. And with gift cards and vouchers from Home Centre, you can brighten up your peers' lives with the most useful gifts, just as they need them.

Home Centre Gift Cards Facility

Do we ever really know, what could be the only gift that is attractive and advantageous at the same time? We do not. That is where Home Centre gift cards come and save your day. With these gift cards and vouchers, your gift choice becomes very easy and flexible, because you actually can give the liberty of choosing whatever is preferred at the moment, instead of a random, inconvenient gift item. Added perks? They save you the trouble of running into shops amidst the busy everyday jobs.


You no longer need to visit Home Centre retail stores to vail gift vouchers. You can avail a Home Centre Gift Voucher from We understand your requirement of providing your loved ones with the best ad unique presents on their very special days. Hence, we make it simpler for you to purchase Home CentreGift Cards that can be easily redeemed and used by your friends or family. Just provide us with a few necessary details, and you are good to go! 


You no longer need to rummage through popular stores and stand in a long queue. We start working on your Home CentreGift Card once you proceed with the check out process. So, don’t worry and brighten up your special one’s day.

Home Centre Gift Cards Amount

These gift cards give you the freedom of choice. Home Centre understands the purpose of different kinds of gifts, so the gift card amount has been made extremely flexible. You can buy a gift card worth 100 AED to 5000 AED, feasible for your budget and your preferred gift choices. Even if you want your friend to have a small lamp, the minimalist gift card will serve the purpose. At the same time, they can be an ideal opportunity to spend money on valuable decors or furniture, with the liberty of choosing personally.

Complete Assurance of the Gift Cards

Home Centre gift cards are safe and practically designed, keeping the concerns of contemporary consumer's needs in mind. These gift vouchers can be used to purchase anything from the stores or on the website, as long as they are functional and within the validity period. Even non-registered users can also avail of the advantage of these gift cards without succumbing to any complicated procedures. Their refund policy is also pretty convenient and efficacious. 

A Personalised Touch

The whole idea of Home Centre Gift Cards is to satisfy the needs and wishes of the UAE customers. Therefore, Home Centre always allows you to create a personalised gift card, which can signify your heartfelt emotions through the gift card. You can add messages, suitable for different occasions, from their sorted collection. Or even better, you can write a message on your own to reflect your heart's wish. This personalisation facility really brings the gift cards much closer to any customer than the rest.

Gifts Made Easy in Long-Distance

It is a saddening thing to miss out on the festive spirits around your friends or to be bound to spend a special day away from your family. Being at a distance often makes things difficult in the gift zone. But Home Centre gift cards can be directly delivered to the address of your choice, as and when you need it. So, you can spread the joys by providing them with the freedom of shopping, even if you can not be around them. Best perk? You can schedule them prior to the occasion so that the gift card reaches just in time to uplift the celebration mood.

Summing Up:

With Home Centre gift vouchers, your life will have one less thing to worry about at least. So, try your Home Centre gift card today, and let your peers have the window of opportunity to shop from one of the largest household solutions in UAE. These gift cards are almost always available at Home Centre stores as well as on their website, but it never hurts to hurry up. We hope you get the desired Home Centre gift card of your own as soon as possible and make your dear ones shine and shimmer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

For any other queries look through our FAQ section and take a glimpse of questions we are commonly asked. 

  1. What kind of gift cards are offered by Home Centre?

Home Centre offers gift vouchers that can be used to purchase any product on Home Centre as well as Lifestyle stores and Select Max stores in UAE. These gift cards are valid for 12 months after being issued. These gift cards worth 100 AED to 5000 AED, are ready to be bought at any Home Centre stores, as well as on their website.

  1. Can you check the balance of your gift cards from Home Centre?

Yes, of course. You can call the local customer care centre to enquire about the validity and available balance details. You can also visit the nearby stores at your convenience for the same. These pieces of information are usually mentioned on the website and the app as well, where you can check out the details upon signing in through your registered email id.

  1. Can these gift cards be partly used?

Home Centre gift cards can be partly redeemed on multiple occasions. Therefore, there is no pressure of spending any lump sum amount in order to avail of these gift cards. However, the full or remaining amount of the gift card can not be redeemed on cash. 

  1. What should you do if the purchase value exceeds the gift card amount?

It is absolutely okay if your gift card amount does not cover the whole amount of your expenditure. You can just pay for the rest with your credit or debit cards online, through a secure payment gateway.

  1. When do gift vouchers become invalid?

In case the gift card exceeds the validity period (usually 12 months from the date of issue), it becomes dysfunctional. A mutilated or torn up gift card is also considered invalid.

  1. Can these gift cards be returned?

No. A purchased gift card can not be returned at any cost. There will be no refund against a returned gift card. But, the items bought through the gift card are returnable and they are stored under the 'My Credit' section in the registered user's accounts. For non-registered users, the amount can be received as a refund voucher.

  1. Can these gift cards be applied during sales?

Gift cards are already promotional items and therefore they can not be clubbed with any other discount or sales offers(unless otherwise mentioned). They are only applicable to regular prices.

  1. How can I redeem my Home Centre Gift Cards?

Redeeming a Home Centre gift card is absolutely a piece of cake. It is time-efficient and user-friendly. These vouchers are usually valid for 12 months after they are issued, and there is no constraint on where one can use them.

In case you are trying to redeem the gift card while you are shopping with Home Centre online, you can put the 25 digit gift card number and the 4 digit pin at the specified space. The total costing will automatically be adjusted with the gift card amount. If you are buying at a store, provide the billing executive with the gift card during the payment process and your work will be done.

  1. Can you order the gift card for someone else?

As we discussed earlier, gift cards are specially designed to make space for people to shop for their own gifts. So, not only these gift cards can be ordered for someone else, but they can also be delivered according to your own preference. Anyone in or around UAE can avail of the facility of Home Centre gift cards.

This E- Gift Card is Valid for 365 day from the date of issue.
This E- Gift Card is redeemable on Home Centre online/Physical store & at all participating Landmark Group Brand Stores i.e. Centrepoint, Babyshop, Splash, Lifestyle, Shoemart, Max, Home Centre, Home Box, , Carpisa, Ecco, Le Confort, Steve Madden, Pablosky, Shoexpress, Kurt Geiger across UAE.
This E- Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash either in full or part.
This E- Gift Card can be redeemed for part value. Hence same Card can be used in multiple shopping trips across all participating Landmark Group Brand Stores across UAE.
Should the purchase value exceed the value of the Gift Card, the differential value should be paid by the customer who redeems the Gift Card.
No replacement / compensation are permissible /payable for lost E- Gift Card.
Mutilated or defaced E- Gift Card will not be honored.
Shukran reserves the right to alter any /all the terms and conditions of this E- Gift Card at any time without prior notice. Any dispute shall be referred to Landmark Retail Co LLC Shukran Division (The Company) and the decision of the Company shall be final.
E- Gift Card issued cannot be returned or refund.
Items purchased by the E- Gift Card are refundable, as per the refund and exchange policy of the store.
For balance enquiry and expiry, customer may visit online at & Shukran App or visit nearest Landmark Group store.