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Centrepoint Gift Cards

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Centrepoint gift card

Are you worried about giving your loved one some unique and amazing presents? We know how difficult it can be to choose the gift that expresses your love for someone special. With so many wide arrays of options to choose from, it is quite natural to be confused. If you want your loved one to buy something that they need or will fall in love with, give them a gift card. 


Centrepoint’s wide array of products

Centrepoint has a wide range of products ranging from clothing apparels of women, men and kids, fashion accessories such as shoes, accessories and bags, etc.  If you opt for the Centrepoint gift card you open up new shopping experience for your near ones. Your friends or family can shop for a wide range of products with Centrepoint gift cards UAE.  


Get home products and home decor items, men's sport collection, baby clothing and essentials, beauty products from the house of Splash Fashions, Shoemart, Babyshop, Lifestyle and Shoe Express. Centrepoint is a one-stop destination for all essentials and favourite products for every occasion. 


Gifts for Him, Her and little ones

Are you confused about what to give your friends or family? Well. in that case, hop on to Centrepoint’s take a tour. You can also browse through Centrepoint’s Blog and view all the latest products that are trending right now. From luxurious products to essential basic items, kids and baby essentials and toys, sports goodies, Centrepoint has everything in store for you. 


Centrepoint’s Beauty and Makeup products

Centrepoint has a wide range of beauty and makeup products from the best stores that you love. Grab makeup tools and hair care products or eye and lip makeup products, etc with Centrepoint’s range of exquisite cosmetics. Try out Centrepoint’s latest fragrances and bath and body categories to pamper yourself or someone a bit more today. 

Reasons to give someone a Centrepoint Gift Card

 It is difficult to keep a tab on all the products that your friends and family or someone close to you like to purchase. The most common concern while buying a gift is for it to not be similar to something they already have. This is where Centrepoint gift cards save your day!

- Centrepoint has a wide range of products from trendiest clothes to fashion accessories.

- You can also get a hold of household items and home decor products, baby essentials and toys, skincare and beauty products, fragrances, and many more goodies at your favourite store now.

-  To avoid the heat of a queue and shop like a pro, you can shop from Centrepoint’s online store anytime, anywhere!

- Centrepoint takes care of your loved one’s requirements and offers them with innumerable choices.    

- From shopping exquisite home collections to trendy sports collections, Centrepoint has all your needs sorted.

- If you need more reasons to shop with Centrepoint, let us tell you all your favourite brands like Lifestyle, Splash Fashion, Shoemart, Babyshop and Shoe Express products are available as well.

- You can avail all your desired and favourite products of these popular stores and brands with Centrepoint Gift Cards. So, hurry and brighten up someone’s day with a Centrepoint Gift Card today!

  • Follow these steps to get the Centrepoint Gift Cards

Gift card amount

Enter the amount you want to gift your loved ones

We provide you with a variety of options while purchasing a Centrepoint gift card. There are cards with predefined amounts ranging from AED 50, 100,150,200,300,500 and 1000. You can pick one based on your budget or you can even input an amount of your choice while making a purchase.

Personalise message or wishes

Give your gift card a personalized touch by including a message depending on the occasion. You can choose one from our list of available wishes that cover all major occasions like birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, festivals etc. 

Or, you can even curate a heartfelt message on your own while buying the card and leave a personalized touch to it.

Checkout Process

Once you are done providing the gift card amount detail and leave a message or wish, checkout to complete the process. 

The delivery process of the gift card

Choose any one of the following as the delivery method

The Centrepoint e gift card can be delivered to the desired recipient in a number of ways like SMS, email etc. 

Buying the gift card early but want it to be delivered on their special day? You can schedule the delivery by mentioning the date and time during your purchase.


So, make your dear ones smile today with a Gift Card and pamper them the way they deserve. Express your love and brighten up their day with Centrepoint Gift Voucher. 


FAQs for Centrepoint Gift Vouchers

You can browse through our page or contact us for any additional queries. Here we have some of the most popular questions that have been asked by our customers.


Can I add any amount to the existing Centrepoint gift card?

You can purchase as many gift cards that you prefer. But sadly, once you purchase the gift card, you cannot add an amount to it. You can view all the popular amounts that we have in store for you. To increase the amount, purchase a new gift card following the same procedure. 


Where can I find Centrepoint Gift Cards?

You can now avail Centrepoint Gift Cards with us. All you need to do is fill out a few necessary details and you are good to go. We also make sure to send your eGift Card to the recipient as soon as possible for you. Also, you can write a sweet message or note for your loved ones to make it extra special for them. 


Where can I redeem my Centrepoint Gift Cards?

You can redeem Centrepoint Gift Cards at any Centrepoint retail outlets across UAE. Other outlets like Splash, Lifestyle may also keep Centrepoint products and goodies. You can hence use your gift card on Centrepoint products as well. If you are making an online purchase from the Centrepoint online store, provide the gift card number to avail the gift card amount. 


What is the validity of my Centrepoint Gift Card?

The Centrepoint Gift Card will be valid until 12 months from the date of purchase. At any time, if the gift card reaches the expiration date, it will not be accepted at any Centrepoint stores. To know more about Centrepoint gift card expiry date, contact Centrepoint customer support. 


Can I get a cashback or refund in exchange for my Centrepoint Gift card?

Sorry, once you purchase a Centrepoint Gift Card, or receive one you can only redeem it by purchasing Centrepoint goodies. There is no provision of cash, return or exchange of Centrepoint Gift cards. 


I have lost my Centrepoint Gift Card. What should I do?

We are sorry but there is no compensation for the loss of a Centrepoint Gift Card. Also, gift cards which are damaged or mutilated cannot be redeemed or refunded.


What is the procedure of returning a product I bought with a Centrepoint Gift Card?

Any product that you purchase with a Centrepoint Gift card adheres to the strict policy of returns and exchanges of Centrepoint. So, you need not worry if you need to return or exchange a product, contact the Centrepoint customer care and they will assist you as soon as they can. 


How to find authentic Centrepoint gift cards?

Many of the websites that offer you gift cards, will redirect you to the main webpage of the brand. Sometimes, the websites directly deliver your gift card. If you find a website suspicious, try using another webpage to be safe. 


Can I purchase gift vouchers for my family?

No matter how far or near your family or friends are, you can always send them Centrepoint gift cards. Check out our gift card delivery procedure and follow the steps to purchase Centrepoint gift cards. You can send them to your family or friends using our delivery methods. If you choose the scheduling delivery, you can mention the exact date as well. 


How to redeem the Centrepoint gift vouchers?

You can redeem Centrepoint gift vouchers at any Centrepoint retail store. When you shop and select the products, provide the Centrepoint gift card at the time of billing. At any given time, if the billing amount is more than the Centrepoint gift card value, the customer will be eligible to pay the extra amount. 

You can also redeem your Centrepoint gift voucher at Centrepoint online store. Provide the gift card number or coupon at the time of checkout and you are good to go. 


Can I use the credit balance of the gift card later?

Centrepoint gift cards can be used once. If you buy a product of value lesser than the gift card, you lose the credit amount. A gift card cannot be used twice.


Can the gift card be used on offers?

Gift cards are supposed to be availed on eligible products. You can contact the Centrepoint store to know the availability of the gift card along with other promotional offers. Generally, gift cards cannot be combined at all.


This E- Gift Card is Valid for 365 day from the date of issue.
This E- Gift Card is redeemable on CenterPoint online/Physical store & at all participating Landmark Group Brand Stores i.e. Centrepoint, Babyshop, Splash, Lifestyle, Shoemart, Max, Home Centre, Home Box, Carpisa, Ecco, Le Confort, Steve Madden, Pablosky, Shoexpress, Kurt Geiger across UAE.
This E- Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash either in full or part.
This E- Gift Card can be redeemed for part value. Hence same Card can be used in multiple shopping trips across all participating Landmark Group Brand Stores across UAE.
Should the purchase value exceed the value of the Gift Card, the differential value should be paid by the customer who redeems the Gift Card.
No replacement / compensation are permissible /payable for lost E- Gift Card.
Mutilated or defaced E- Gift Card will not be honored.
Shukran reserves the right to alter any /all the terms and conditions of this E- Gift Card at any time without prior notice. Any dispute shall be referred to Landmark Retail Co LLC Shukran Division (The Company) and the decision of the Company shall be final.
E- Gift Card issued cannot be returned or refund.
Items purchased by the E- Gift Card are refundable, as per the refund and exchange policy of the store.
For balance enquiry and expiry, customer may visit online at & Shukran App or visit nearest Landmark Group store.