Mother Teresa said; “The Earth is what we all have in common,” and it is our responsibility to strengthen the link between humans and nature to sustain our planet. Switching to a zero-waste lifestyle will help you not just to live a sustainable life but to make it better for future generations.

Today we will learn everything regarding this lifestyle and how you can implement it in your daily life. Just keep in mind, you don’t have to radically change your lifestyle, you just have to take small steps.

What is a zero waste lifestyle?

Zero waste lifestyle

Several misconceptions have clouded the zero waste lifestyle, and if you want to radically change your way of living, chances are, it won’t stay for long.

A complete zero-waste cycle isn’t practically possible, the only way it would be possible is if we are dead. Because we do create waste unintentionally. A zero-waste lifestyle doesn’t focus on the complete elimination of waste, it focuses simply on reducing the waste.

When you reduce the amount of waste generated, you directly reduce the number of materials sent to the dumping area. Therefore, you reduce the pollution caused by the transportation and production of the said materials.

Impact of zero waste lifestyle on our environment

Hand holding tree plant

Before you make such a significant decision in your life, we would like you to understand why this is necessary. A zero-waste lifestyle has benefits for our environment just by using the three R’s reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The main benefits of a zero-waste lifestyle can be summed up by:

  1. Reduction of carbon emission
  2. Conservation of natural resources
  3. Minimization of pollution
  4. Builds community health
  5. Promotion of social equity
  6. Creates job opportunities
  7. Helps local economy

The benefits don’t end with the list above, a zero-waste lifestyle is much more affordable.

Adapting to a Zero waste lifestyle

Living without waste certainly doesn’t imply that you’ve to stop enjoying the luxuries of life. This cycle will help you reduce consumption for the sake of consumption.

You don’t buy everything anew to start a zero-waste lifestyle. Phew! Ain’t that a good way to start. For some sustainable options that you may want to opt for, we have deals and offers from VoucherCodesUAE. We have looked out for the best products, across trusted sites.

Here are some of the ways you can implement them in your daily life.

Ditch the plastic packaging

Zero waste lifestyle: packaging

Fresh & fit glass container Amazon

Price: AED 150

Use glass or stainless steel containers such that they can be cleaned and reused many times. Ditch any plastic packaging for your food or any other substance, especially if it is a one-time-use plastic.

Product: Fresh and Fit Glass Container.

Fun fact: only 9% of the total plastic produced is recycled. Learn how to repurpose your one-time plastic.

Another fun fact: You can use the Amazon coupon code “SAVE15” to get 15% off your order on Amazon.

Stop using disposable paper products

Zero waste lifestyle: Microfiber cleaning cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Price: AED 45

Disposable paper towels may sound fancy but they can add up to your budget. Rather choose a reusable cloth version. You will quickly notice the positive effect on your budget and the reduction of daily trash.

Oh! AliExpress gives you $4 off your order, use AliExpress coupon code “ali001” at checkout.

Avoid using plastic bags

Zero waste lifestyle: Jute Shopping Bag

Jute Shopping Bag

Price: AED 12 onwards

We have already discussed that plastic is a big no-no. If you’re shopping, you opt for cloth, mesh, or even a paper bag instead of a plastic one. It is an easy choice and you can get it at the supermarket at a low price.

Product: Jute shopping bag

Segregate your waste

Zero waste lifestyle: segregate

We know the basic segregation of dry and wet waste. Keep it organized, it provides a helping hand to the ones responsible for the landfills and composting of waste.

Get yourself a water bottle

Zero waste lifestyle: UV sanitizer water bottle

UV sanitizer water bottle

Price: AED 149

If you’re someone who buys water outside, a piece of news: more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day. Imagine the pollution and waste products. Best solution: Get yourself a reusable water bottle. You get a self-sanitizing one too.

Composting is easy

Zero waste lifestyle: Composting

You can try vermicomposting if you don’t have a large space in your garden. You can use the kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable peels and parts, eggshells, coffee grounds, unbleached paper, tea bags,  houseplants, and the list goes on. The clean and efficient system can help you convert organic matter into usable compost quickly.

Buy huge bulk items

Best zero waste products

Avoid buying single servings as it can add up to more trash from the packaging, production, and overall buy. Rather buy huge bulk products and keep them stored in small eco-smart containers or Mason jars.

Zero waste lifestyle products: Clear container set

Clear container set

Price: AED 24

Get your own lunch box

Zero waste lifestyle: lunch box

Insulated lunch box

Price: AED 49.99

Disposable lunch boxes such as the takeaway packaging and the plastic utensils generate 100 pounds of trash per person in a year. Instead, home-cooked meals in a reusable lunch box are the healthier and better option.

These are the few ways you can implement a zero-waste lifestyle in your daily life. Take a step forward and make it better for the ones to come.

Make use of your time and space, find the smart appliances for your kitchen, redecorate your space, keep yourself entertained with the must-have electronics. If you’re a little old school, you can get the best books you need to read!

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