Chances are, you are always pretty much up for indulging in something significant. It’s a vast world out there with so much to do and learn. Thank goodness for World Poetry Day, we can present this article featuring the top 10 poetry books you wouldn’t want to miss out on in 2021.

Poetry is magic and it has all the power to heal. The world needs so much healing, and poetry books may just come in handy. March 21 is observed every year as World Poetry Day. It was launched by UNESCO to recognize “the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind.”

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Top 10 Poetry Books to read


MAYA ANGELOU poetry VoucherCodesUAE

Hardcover: AED 91


“Maya Angelou was an American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist. The beauty and spirit of Maya Angelou’s words live on in this complete collection of poetry. Consequently, her reflections on African American life and her revolutionary celebrations of womanhood are reflected in the poem ‘Still I Rise.’ In the same vein, Maya Angelou’s words have healed and inspired the world. This collection also features her final long-form poems, including ‘A Brave and Startling Truth,’ ‘Amazing Peace,’ ‘His Day Is Done,’ and the honest and endearing ‘Mother.’

You will also find a never-before-published poem ‘Amazement Awaits,’ commissioned for the 2008 Olympic Games. Timeless and prescient, this definitive compendium will warm the hearts of Maya Angelou’s most ardent admirers as it introduces new readers to the legendary poet, activist, and teacher–a phenomenal woman for the ages.”

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

Pablo Neruda

pablo Neruda poetry

Paperback: AED 27.39

Hardcover: 174.44

“The Chilean Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) was certainly the greatest and certainly the most prolific of twentieth-century Latin American poets. He brought out his first collection at the age of seventeen and quickly developed an assured and distinctive poetic voice. His third book, Veinte Poemas de Amor y una Cancion Desesperada – Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair- was published in 1924 and attracted international acclaim. It remains one of the most celebrated and admired books of erotic poetry published in the last hundred years, with over a million copies sold worldwide. Neruda was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1971.”



Sylvia Plath poetry

Paperback: 54.65

Hardcover: 50.77

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“When Sylvia Plath died, she not only left behind a prolific life but also her unpublished literary masterpiece, Ariel. Her husband, Ted Hughes, brought the collection to life in 1966, and its publication garnered worldwide acclaim. This collection showcases the beloved poet’s brilliant, provoking, and always moving poems, including “Ariel” and once again shows why readers have fallen in love with her work throughout the generations.”

Love Looks Pretty on You

Lang Leav

Lang Leav poetry

Paperback: 54.07


“Love Looks Pretty on You is the new book by international bestselling author Lang Leav. A beautiful collection of contemporary poetry and prose, offering powerful insights into love, heartbreak, relationships, and self-empowerment. Filled with wisdom and encouragement, every single page is a testament to the power of words, and the impact they can have on the relationships you build with others. And most importantly, the one you have with yourself. Lang Leav captures the intricacies of emotions like few others can.

It’s no wonder she has been recognized as a major influencer of the modern poetry movement. Her writing has inspired a whole new generation of poets to pick up a pen. Love Looks Pretty on You is truly the must-have book for poetry lovers all over the world.”

Milk and Honey

Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur poetry

Paperback: AED 55

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“New York Times bestseller Milk and Honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. About the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss and femininity. The book is divided into four chapters and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. Milk and Honey take readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.”

Heavenly Bodies & Human Things

Regina Gurung

Regina Gurung poetry

Paperback: AED 81

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“Heavenly Bodies and Human Things is a collection of poems that delve into living on the dark side. Unapologetically exploring the calm and chaos of the night, echoing the traumas of sexual assault, unrequited love, hope for an ex-lover, and a quest for home in a foreign land, the poems echo the intricacies of human emotions with brutal honesty. Further divided into four phases of the moon, this book is a must-have poetry book for those who are healing.”

The Dark Between Stars


Atticus poetry

Paperback: AED 63.34


“Atticus, has captured the hearts and minds of nearly 700k followers (including stars like Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts, and Alicia Keys). In his second collection of poetry, The Dark Between Stars, he turns his attention to the dualities of our lived experiences–the inescapable connections between our highest highs and lowest lows. He captures the infectious energy of starting a relationship, the tumultuous realities of commitment, and the agonizing nostalgia of being alone again.

In addition to the question of how to live with purpose and find meaning in the journey, these poems offer both honest explorations of loneliness and our search for connection, as well as light-hearted, humorous observations. As Atticus writes poignantly about dancing, Paris, jazz clubs, sunsets, sharing a bottle of wine on the river, rainy days, creating, and destroying, he also illustrates that we need moments of both beauty and pain–the darkness and the stars–to fully appreciate all that life and love have to offer.”

Mind Platter

Najwa Zebian

Najwa Zebian poetry

Paperback: AED 58.25

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“Mind Platter is a compilation of reflections on life through the eyes of an educator, student, and human who experienced most of life in silence. It is written in the words of a person who came from Lebanon to Canada at the age of sixteen and experienced what it was like to have fate push you to a place where you don’t belong. Subsequently, it is written in the voice of every person who ever felt unheard, mistreated, misjudged, or unseen. Mind Platter contains around 200 one-page entries as reflections on different topics that we encounter in our everyday lives; love, friendship, hurt, inspiration, respect, wholeheartedness, motivation, integrity, honesty, and more.”

The Prophet

Kahlil Gibran

Khalil Gibran poetry

Paperback: AED 54.17


“This classical work of philosophy has inspired readers around the world for generations. Upon its initial publication in 1923, Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet garnered little acclaim, however, it became a critical success in the 1930s and again in the 1960s when it inspired a generation of readers with its philosophical discussion on subjects such as love, friendship, beauty, and freedom.

Gibran’s masterpiece of poetic prose has now been translated into more than a hundred languages and is also regarded as one of the most important works of the early twentieth century. Likewise, this Word Cloud edition of The Prophet and Other Tales also includes two of Gibran’s earliest works, The Madman and The Forerunner, along with illustrations by the author.”

Yesterday I Was The Moon

Noor Unnahar

Noor poetry

Paperback: AED 59.68

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“yesterday i was the moon’ centers around themes of love and emotional loss, the catharsis of creating art, and the struggle to find one’s voice. Noor’s poetry ranges from succinct universal truths to flowery prose exploring her heritage, what it means to find a physical and emotional home and the intimate and painful dance of self-discovery. Moreover, her poetry and art have already inspired thousands of fans on Instagram to engage with her words through visual journal entries and posts of their own, and her fan base only continues to grow.”

The princess saves herself in this one

Amanda Lovelace

Amanda Lovelace Poetry

Paperback: 46.06

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“Winner of the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award, the princess saves herself in this one is a collection of poetry about resilience. It is about writing your own ending. From Amanda Lovelace, a poetry collection in four parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, and you. The first three sections piece together the life of the author while the final section serves as a note to the reader. Above all, this moving book explores love, loss, grief, healing, empowerment, and inspiration. the princess saves herself in this one is the first book in the “women are some kind of magic” series.”

Dont’miss out on any of these must-read poetry books this year.

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