Work from home surely made work easier for all of us, but it also showed us new horizons of how lazy we can actually be. We are sure that there have been times where your bed was your workplace. You should understand that having a designated area to work, has a direct link to productivity. With that said we understand that things are not always easy and we are here to help you solve it. To boost your productivity, focus, and comfort, we complied a list of efficient work desk accessories that you’ll love.

Simple work desk accessories for you to try out

 the best work space organizers

We have mentioned work from home, but these appliances are applicable for office workspace as well. Stiff chairs, clutter, and chatter can be distractions, we got solutions for that too. VoucherCodesUAE will help you go easy on your wallet. You can try out promo codes for discounts and deals from major stores like Amazon, Noon, H&M, etc.

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List of the best desk accessories with great discounts

Choosing the best desk accessories isn’t an easy task, so we hope you give us a pat on our back and check out our blog after this. We have found the items from AliExpress coupons, finding only the best-reviewed and rated items for you to try on. On top of that, you can get a discount of $4 off on all your orders.

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1. Mug Warmer

 work desk accessories - mug warmer

Hey, we understand, life gets busy and once you put the cup down, you may just forget about it. So, mug warmers are the perfect pretty work desk accessories you can rely on. You can let it heat up the drink for you according to your taste your preferences. Our pick is the above coffee mug with temperature settings.

Price: AED 50.51

2. Blue Light Glasses

blue light glasses - work desk accessories

If you’re staying in front of screens for too long, you need a pair of blue light glasses. Digital screens are a major source of blue light. Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. Not only that, it penetrates all the way back to your retina, damaging the light-sensitive cells. Filtering out blue light is the best way to avoid the risk. You can find the best blue light glasses on Eyewa.

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3. Post-it and stick notes

work desk accessories - useful notes

Post-it notes are a small, simple, and efficient way to keep track of your work. It can serve as a reminder for the early stages of your projects or be a daily task planner. Choosing aesthetically pleasing and pretty post it will make the whole planning, a little bit more organized and color-coded.

We chose a Planet theme supply bookmark post-it.

Price: AED 1.03 – 1.58 / lot (30 pieces)

4. Surge Protector

Work desk accessories surge protector

Expensive appliances can be put out of risk, with the help of surge protectors. Power outages, grid malfunctions, lightning strikes, and spikes can be the cause of your appliances to die. The multi-socket structure can provide an inlet for your mobile, laptop, power bank, etc.

Our pick is the one/two story smart  Surge Protected Power Strip Socket EU plug.

Price:AED 24.25 – 34.35

5. Foam Cushion

 work desk accessories foam cushion

Stiff chairs and aching backs are a complete no-no. Sitting in the chair for hours with no cushioning is too bold or stupid of a decision. Having foam cushions helps you maintain a good posture, which decreases the chance of any chronic pain later in life.  You will notice an increase in energy and focus along with comfort.

Our choice is the above Memory Foam Seat Cushion Orthopedic Pillow.

Price:AED 60.83 – 159.56

6. LED Light Bar

Work desk accessories - LED Light Bar

You need to get a monitor light bar if you work in front of the computer screen for hours. It is ideal for someone who reads or types a lot of text. Avoiding all that extra glare from the screen and lessening the stress on your eyes.

Get the Baseus screen bar to up your lighting game. Buy it here.

Price:AED 103.40 – 127.54

7. Wireless Charging Station

Work desk accessories - Wireless Charging Station

Wireless charging is so much better than the traditional wired charging. You can simultaneously use your phone with the vertical stand. It looks neater and your phone doesn’t have to go through the wear and tear.

You will notice that absence of cables from your working space, makes it easier to work. Get the Ugreen Qi Wireless Charger Stand. Buy it here.

Price: AED 73.43 – 124.82

8. Foot Hammock

Work desk accessories - Foot Hammock

The long tiring hours make your feet go numb. Foot hammocks are incredible best desk accessories. Boosting the blood flow evenly throughout the body, improving blood flow and relieving pressure from your back.

Our pick is this Creative Simple Foot Hammock. Buy it here.

Price:AED 14.00 – 35.30

9. Desk Organizers

Work desk accessories - desk organizers

An organized and clean desk creates a workplace that saves you time. It sparks creativity and lets you stay focused. Did you know clutter brings stress to your life? So, next time when you feel too stressed about the upcoming project, try decluttering the space!

Our pick is the Desktop Storage Box. Buy it here.

Price: AED 6.03

10. A Water Bottle

work organizers water bottle

Drinking water is important, we don’t have to remind you about that. If you get a slight headache or feel weak, instead of getting sugar, you need that glass of water. Not everyone readily thinks of drinking water, and even forget about it for the most part of the day.

We don’t blame you, life is busy after all. So, having a water bottle on your work desk will remind you to drink water every time you look at it.

Get yourself a hydro flask, which is a stainless steel insulated bottle. To keep the water warm or cold! Buy it here.

Price:AED 63.73 – 73.43

Have a good day at work! Make full use of the work desk accessories. Stay in touch with us for more content on lifestyle, fashion, food, and beauty related content.