women's day art

Credits: wishesgood.com


Women’s Day is just around the corner (8th March) and we want to give a big shout out to all the women: past, present, and future – who’ve made a difference in their own little ways. In anticipation of this special day, we’re listing down life-changing inventions pioneered by women which we just cannot live without –


Wireless Technology, Computers & Caller ID


So, guess what? The Wi-Fi you’re using to read this wouldn’t be there without inventor/film-star Hedy Lamarr. She created a “Secret Communications System” to help fight the Nazi’s during World War II, which laid down the foundation for all wireless communication from Wi-Fi to GPS. How cool is that?


Also, the first user-friendly computer software was designed by computer scientist Dr. Grace Murray Hopper and Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer ever. Basically, all the hours you’ve wasted on your computer browsing through the internet is all thanks to these incredible women.


As a special note, caller ID & call waiting was invented because of Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson’s research in telecommunications. The next time you’re intentionally avoiding someone’s call, you’ve got her to thank for making it possible.


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The Little Black Dress & The Curling Iron


A sleek little black dress with show-stopping curls is such a #look. We have to thank the legendary Coco Chanel for coming up the iconic LBD design. What about for bouncy curls and beachy waves? All the credit goes to Majorie Joyner and Theora Stephen’s who invented and improved on the technology respectively to make the modern curling iron.


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The hours of arguments and passive-aggressive conversations you’ve had with your family/friends can be linked to Elizabeth Magie. The inventor of Monopoly (which was then called The Landlord’s Game), her game was a critique on the effects of land-grabbing and overall capitalism. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the credit she deserved because the game was appropriated 30 years later by The Parker Brothers.


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Dishwasher, Fridge & Other Household Inventions


Washing dishes with your hands is so 1886. Josephine Cochrane wanted her dishes to be washed faster than her maids could, so she just went ahead and invented a whole new machine – the Dishwasher. In 1914, Florence Parpart won the patent for the modern refrigerator, which is just an irreplaceable invention. And in the 1900s Lillian Gilbreth pioneered everything from shelves inside refrigerators to the pedal trash can. These inventions have pretty much changed the way your home works.


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Car Heater & Windshield Wiper


Yeah, a car’s great until it’s -2 degrees outside and you’re freezing inside. That’s why we need to acknowledge the great Margret A. Wilcox, who designed the first car heater in 1893. But, a car heater’s no good if there’s snow on your windshield and you can’t see where you’re driving. Mary Anderson probably thought the same and created the first manual windshield wipers in 1903 which was then made automatic by Charlotte Bridgwood in 1920.


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Chocolate Chip Cookies


Sorry, but a world without chocolate chip cookies is not a world we want to live in. In 1930, Ruth Wakefield was baking cookies for her guests and ran out of baking chocolate. So, she improvised and used chunks of Nestle’s chocolate bar thinking it would melt in. Lucky for us, it didn’t, and the first batch of chocolate chip cookies was born.


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We hope you’re feeling a little more inspired after reading about these wonderful women. Celebrate this International Women’s Day to the fullest and buy something for yourself or your favourite ladies to show them what they mean to you – there are deals on deals just for you! Happy Women’s Day!