The Best Saving Option to Present Valentine’s Gift

A lot of people say that celebrating Valentine’s Gift is not the ‘in’ thing anymore. But statistics say otherwise. According to a recent survey, 72% of those who have a special someone look forward to celebrating Valentine’s, and that was reason enough for me to want to help them with this post.

It really is crucial that you do something filmy and romantic this Valentine’s. Everyone is bored stiff after the awesome winter break. The person you plan this getaway for is also bound to welcome the small/tiny or week-long break that you plan. (Even though it might raise some eyebrows at work, the spark that it will add to your relationship will make everything worth it).

Follow these steps after finalizing/booking your getaway this Valentine’s. Our favorite picks are right after this fun checklist.

The checklist:

  1. After booking your getaway speak with the managers there. You want it to be perfect. Lay some ground rules for them.
  2. Don’t let your guy/husband know. (Obviously, since we are turning the he-whisks-her-away upside down)
  3. Speak to your valentine’s boss beforehand so that there are no hiccups on the day you-whisk-him-away. (We hope for your getaway’s sake that you are on speaking terms with the boss)
  4. Tell him you are picking him up for lunch, he has to make time. You have to discuss something that is crucial to your relationship. (Or make something up that is less dramatic)
  5. Pick some snacks/chocolates/flowers on your way to wherever you are meeting him for lunch
  6. Make sure to pack everything you need for your getaway. The list varies depending on the duration you choose from the options below.
  7. Don’t forget to pack HIS supplies/clothes/toiletries
  9. After lunch instead of dropping him to work, and without saying anything, take a different route.
  10. When he realizes what is happening, don’t forget to catch his expression on camera.

Happy Valentine’s Getaway!

Ok, enough with that. Coming to the fun part of choosing your getaway

Let’s sort out some very cool  Valentine’s Gift and Valentine’s Day getaways that have potential to become unforgettable! Whether it is a hotel stay, dinner, our getaways list includes the best picks.

Santorini: My favorite romantic holiday. Spend time in the optimal winter weather. It is not too cold and it definitely is not too hot. Enjoy breathtaking views of this gorgeous and white city in Greece.


Paris: Just cannot miss adding the city of love here. For those who have not yet been to Paris, it is a must for those who want to feel that the love is in the air.

If you are planning on going to a destination that you and your valentine have chosen and have been putting it off for a while, that is also perfectly fine. Musafir is offering a wide range of some of the most romantic places around the globe.  Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the best Holiday Package

In love bride and groom are posing in romantic emotion

If you are looking for International packages check Groupon here. You can choose from the culturally exquisite Istanbul, to the splendid views of Georgia. The natural beauty of Austria or the beaches of Maldives, there really is a gold mine this time for international getaways.

If you want to check-out getaways that are closer to home, there are some amazing deals for 2 and 4 people here. This includes all different duration as well as all the scenic locations near Dubai. Some of the deals include Khorfakkan, Ajman, Fujairah, Dreamland Aqua Park, and for adventure seekers there are some camping for two deals as well. For those wanting to go for a luxurious ride, you can choose from the extravagant cruises as well.

It definitely doesn’t end there. For those stumbling across this blog on the last few days, not to fear. Groupon is here! You can plan a nice Valentine’s dinner. Check out food deals on Groupon.

Citymax Valentines Pool Bar Dubai Deal of the Day Groupon Dubai

Searching for Valentine’s Gift even more for inspiration?

Accor Hotels is offering deals for Europe’s most romantic destinations from £30

accor hotels

Hyatt: Romantic night at Awtar. Add a Lebanese twist to your special night with Awtar from AED 250 per person

Times of Arabia: Enjoy a five course authentic Arabic meal for up to six for AED 185

I guess I have given you enough options. If you want to explore some more, check out the Valentine’s Day tab on our homepage. Every day is not Valentine’s so don’t miss this chance to impress your loved ones and to show them how much you love them by putting some thought into your getaway/surprise/dinner. I hope you have an Awesome Valentine’s Day.