We’re sure by now, your favorite coupon site, VoucherCodesUAE has helped you save a great deal of money. Our goal has always been to bring you not only the best deals from all the major brands on the web but also the best coupon codes and discount vouchers. Taking it to another level altogether, we introduce to you…. drumroll… Spin to Win! This is VoucherCodesUAE’s own wheel of fortune online that’ll help you win guaranteed rewards including exclusive coupon codes and gift cards.

What is Spin to Win with Wheel of Fortune Online?

VoucherCodesUAE Wheel of Fortune Online

VoucherCodesUAE Spin to Win

Playing games is always fun. How about playing one where you are sure to take home rewards? Introduced as a Black Friday Special (but don’t worry it will be here to stay), our wheel of fortune is for those looking for a fantastic way to have an amazing shopping experience! Here’s a place to try your luck and probably the only place where nobody goes home disappointed. You will for sure win a coupon code or a gift card on each spin.

How to Gain Promotion in Wheel of Fortune Online

VoucherCodesUAE Wheel of Fortune Online promotion

Discounts mean savings and savings mean money. Save money with our wheel of fortune online:

  1. Go to vouchercodesuae.com
  2. Click on ‘Spin to Win’ on the menu. (direct link: Spin to Win)
  3. To spin the wheel, click on the spin button in the center of the wheel and wait for it to land on a reward automatically.
  4. Once it lands on a reward, the code for the will pop up on your screen.
  5. Use the code to shop and avail discounts.
  6. You can also sign up with your email whereby the code will be emailed to you shortly in case you want to save it for future use.

Current rewards on the wheel

Spin and win any of these guaranteed rewards:

  1. A) Fordeal Extra 10% off
  2. B) TicketsToDo 10% off to The Green Planet
  3. C) Amazon gift card worth AED 50
  4. D) 6th Street 10% off
  5. E) Splash UAE & KSA 10% off
  6. F) The Body Shop Extra 20% off

5 unavoidable reasons you should Spin to Win

VoucherCodesUAE Wheel of Fortune Online shopping

Trust us, there’s no getting unlucky or disappointed with our wheel of fortune online. ‘Spin again’, ‘try again’, ‘better luck next time? Nah we do not believe in any of those because every spin lands on a reward whatsoever! Here are more reasons why you should try this right now:

  1. Because it’s super fun, irrespective of age.
  2. There’s no getting unlucky here.
  3. You will win guaranteed rewards.
  4. The rewards will help you avail of discounts.
  5. You will save lots with each coupon code you win.

What are you waiting for? Go try your luck! Well, not exactly. Go, spin, and win rewards rather. Here’s my wish you Happy spinning and lots of rewards!