What month is it? Yes, it’s November and it’s World Vegan Month! This does not mean you only indulge in vegan cuisines but also try to celebrate this month in all-vegan possible ways. We use so many beauty products on a daily basis to look prettier— be it mascara, lipstick, or concealer. But is our beauty affecting other animals?

Can we use beauty products without having to worry about whether they were tested on poor animals? Yes, this is very much possible with the help of these cruelty-free vegan products brought to you by VoucherCodesUAE. And what better time to invest in these than World Vegan Month itself?

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Why is important to use vegan beauty products?

vegan beauty products for woman

First of all, what is vegan beauty? Vegan beauty products are those that do not contain animal ingredients at all. The most used animal ingredients include beeswax, wool grease, and shark liver oil. Some brands even go to the extent of using allantoin (cow urine) and placenta (sheep organs) in moisturizers!

These ingredients might not cause any harm to our skin but they do not benefit it either. All the harm that is caused is directed towards poor animals. By choosing vegan beauty, you will not only be able to remove unwanted animal ingredients from your beauty routine but also save the lives of several animals. Choosing a vegan diet is comparatively really easy compared to choosing vegan beauty products.

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What do you mean by cruelty-free?

vegan cruelty free products for best vegan makeup

People mostly get confused between vegan and cruelty-free products. Vegan products are those products that do not contain ingredients synthesized from animals. Cruelty-free products are those products that are not tested on animals.

Wondering why makeup is tested on animals? Companies test their products on animals so that they can gain data that they can use to defend themselves when they are faced with consumer issues. The animals most commonly used for testing are rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice. These tests have a really bad effect on them causing skin irritation, eye irritation, and sometimes even death of the poor animals.

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Which are the best vegan makeup cosmetics to use instead?

best vegan makeup - colorful pallet

If you do not want to use beauty products that are made at the cost of innocent lives, then it is best recommended to use cruelty-free as well as vegan beauty products. We know that it is extremely difficult to look for makeup products that are vegan as well as cruelty-free. To ease this problem, we bring you a list of cruelty-free vegan products from the best brands.


best vegan makeup - cosmetics

The first step towards applying the best vegan makeup is using a good primer. Why does one use a primer? Primers are used to even out your skin texture by filling lines, wrinkles, and over-size pores. By applying a primer you make sure that your makeup stays on your face for prolonged periods.

Is applying primer necessary? No, if you are happy with the natural texture of your skin. Although not a necessity for all, choosing a primer with skin-friendly ingredients is absolutely important as it is one beauty product that stays in close contact with your skin all day long.

Here are some great primers from Sephora to help you choose the best.

Cover fx mattifying primer

Cover fx mattifying primer - vegan beauty products


100% vegan and cruelty-free, this cover fx mattifying primer provides an instant matte finish to your skin with an extended shine control so that your skin doesn’t appear very oily. Its salicylic acid heals and reduces blemishes to a great extent.

AED 192

Cover fx dewy skin primer

skin primer - vegan beauty products


Not one for matte looks but prefer hydrating primers? The cover fx dewy skin primer is the right one for you. It hydrates, nourishes, hydrates, and imparts a dewy finish to your skin. Skin looks radiant and glowy as ever with this product. Ideal primer for dry, flaky skin.

AED 192

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Color corrector

vegan beauty products - Colour corrector

How does a color corrector work?

Colour correctors help neutralize the dark circles under your eyes and provide a firm base for the foundation.

What is the use of color correctors if you are already using foundation?

Sometimes the foundation shade might not be dark enough to conceal those dark circles and applying enough foundation might give you a cakey finish. This is where the color-correcting concealer comes into play.

As you know, colors opposite to one another in the color wheel cancel one another. This same technique is used in the case of color-correcting concealers. Green concealers cancel red zits and orange concealers cancel blue dark circles. This saves the extra amount of foundation applied to your skin giving you the natural best vegan makeup finish.

Urban decay color corrector

Urban decay colour corrector - vegan beauty products


The Urban decay color corrector comes in two shades, pure red and pure white. The white color corrector softens colors from light to medium skin tone range, giving you a more even skin tone. The red color corrector works its magic at dark pigmentation around your lips, nose, and under your eyes.

Get foundation ready with the help of this vegan and cruelty-free color corrector. 

AED 140


Foundation - vegan beauty products

Now comes the most important part, picking the right foundation shade. Foundation thoroughly evens out your skin tone so eliminating the remains of all the dark spots and patches that are visible on your skin even after using the color corrector.

You might make the mistake of not choosing the right shade of foundation. Your foundation should neither be too light nor too dark but of your exact skin tone. The most common mistake people make while choosing their foundation is that they select one lighter than their skin tone. This mistake must be avoided as foundations are used for covering spots and blemishes and not for brightening your skin tone.

We have chosen the best foundation from the beauty destination: CultBeauty

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Huda Beauty foundation

vegan beauty products - Huda Beauty foundation

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The Huda Beauty foundation is water-resistant, budge-proof, and comes with absolute coverage. This product is the nemesis of blemishes and covers a great number of spots such as scars, acne marks, and black-head pores. So effective that it can even cover tattoos! It comes in a wide variety of shades to give you the perfect skin look.

AED 158.93

NARS Sheer skin foundation

NARS Sheer skin foundation - vegan beauty products

Want more of a hydrating foundation for your dry skin? The NARS sheer skin foundation is perfect for you! Its formula contains turmeric extracts that improve your skin’s radiance and tone. It comes in a spectrum of 40 shades and grants a luminous finish that is great for both oily and dry skin types.

AED 161.42

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Eye shadow

vegan beauty products - Eye shadow

The next step is to bring out the beauty of those eyes. When it comes to your eyes, you can color them as much as you like. Make your eyes stand out with the most beautifully pigmented colors.

Applying eye shadow is the most fun step for many best vegan makeup lovers. You can play with so many beautiful colors and create such bold, amazing, and new looks doing so. Eye shadows make it possible for you to create art on your face.

Anastasia Jackie Aina pallete

vegan beauty products - Anastasia Jackie Aina pallete

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When we talk about eyeshadow palettes, we talk about the Anastasia palettes without a fail. Containing in 14 colours, the Anastasia Jackie Aina palette is so beautifully pigmented and sparkly that it adds the necessary shimmers to your eyes in the very best ways. You can use this palette to spice up your look during special occasions.

AED 140

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Morphe James Charles Artist

vegan beauty products - Morphe James Charles Artist


Want to go for a more modest and less flashy look? Want to create beautiful art pieces on your eyelids? There you have the Morphe James Charles Artistry Palette. Get this palette to discover new limits of artistic beauty by playing with different hues!

AED 188.04


vegan beauty products - Eye liner

The next step to a flawless makeup look is eyeliner. You can get as creative with this product as well. Size the wings according to your preference making them big or small. Outline your eyes the way you like to create a look that best fits your face.

A majority of people prefer winged liners, you could be one of them or you could just draw lines thin enough to lightly underline those lids. Your creation, your choice,

Kat Von D Vegan eyeliner

vegan beauty products - Kat Von D Vegan eyeliner


How convenient would it be to find an eyeliner with a precise brush tip that lines your eyes perfectly at one go? This high quality Kat Von D eyeliner meets all the needs to be a perfect eyeliner. It is water-proof, smudge-proof, and very easy to apply. Cruelty-free and vegan, this product serves all the needs of the user.

AED 105


best vegan makeup mascara

Giving a finishing touch to your eyes, you apply the mascara. Separate your lashes with the help of your mascara want to boost your lash volume. You can also try a lash curler before applying your mascara, in case your lashes are sturdy and cannot be curled easily.

A mascara highlights the volume of your lashes so that they appear full and long. You can make your eyes look wider and more detailed using mascara.

Hourglass mascara

best vegan makeup - Hourglass mascara


Unlock the heavenly look for your eyes with the help of the Hourglass mascara. This mascara separates and curls your lashes with utmost ease without damaging them. Its extensive brush fibers gently comb through your lashes giving your eyes a perfect finish.

AED 139.92

Lipstick/Lip gloss

best vegan makeup lipstick

Finish off your look with the help of a perfectly shaded matte lipstick for a bold look, or a lightly tinted lip gloss for a more natural look. You can define your lips for a luscious, full look. There are so many lip shades available these days, that you can make your choice from the best of colours. Pigment your lips well to asset the look you want to create.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle 10/10 matte lipsticks

best vegan makeup - Mattemoiselle 10/10 matte lipsticks


Try something new with this fun range of Fenty beauty mattemoiselle 10/10 matte lipsticks that come in all shades under the rainbow. Its rich composition leaves a soft and smooth feeling on your lips post-application. Give your lips a rose petal finish to make them look fuller with each stroke.

AED 430

Fenty beauty gloss bomb lip luminizer

best vegan makeup - Fenty beauty gloss bomb lip luminizer


Give your lips a fuller, plumper, and glossier appearance with the help of the Fenty beauty gloss bomb minister. Enriched with shea butter, this gloss smoothly slides over your lips and moisturizes them. It is a non-sticky formula with a peach-vanilla scent you can never get enough of.

AED 100


best vegan makeup - Highlighter

The final step to a wonderful best vegan makeup look is the highlighter. Add a few strokes of a highlighter to your maker up to get that glam look you’ve spent hours to attain. Why do we use a highlighter? highlighters are beauty products that reflect light and make your makeup look dewy. They are usually used to highlight features like your cheekbones.

Anastasia Nicole Guerriero Highlight kit

best vegan makeup with Anastasia Nicole Guerriero Highlight kit


Vegan and cruelty-free, the Anastasia Nicole Guerriero highlight kit comes with 6 stunning metallic shades all so different and unique. Hand-picked by Nicole, herself, this kit delivers its amazing performance in your skin. Pop your highlight with this lightweight kit and get ready to steal the show!

AED 178

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Here’s wishing everyone a Happy World Vegan Month!