Valentine Films on Netflix that are worth watching

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Best Valentine’s Day movies

For your entertainment, we have picked a list of five best Valentine movies. These movies are not only romantic but are also filled with heartfelt comedy to keep things happy and cheerful. Moreover, some of them also dwell upon the problems and hiccups that occur in every relationship. So get ready for a day of movie marathon as VoucherCodesUAE brings to you the best titles that you can watch on Netflix this Valentine’s day.


Valentine's day movies

The Notebook (Netflix)

Since it is Valentine’s day, you should start your movie marathon with a classic love story. The Notebook is so much more than an emotionally manipulative and overly-effectual chick flick that some people believe it to be. It’s an eternal and touching story of love, that is lost and found. The movie is a rollercoaster of emotions that will grab your attention right from the beginning until the very end. It reflects the deep and lasting love shared by Nancy and Ronal Reagen. The Notebook is a classic love story that is done right.

It begins at the backdrop of a spectacular sunset over a lake as an old man shuffles down the corridor of a nursing home with a worn-out notebook in his hand. He enters the room of an old lady who seems surprised to see him as her mind is riddled by Alzheimer’s disease. The old man then politely makes an introduction and sits by her side. Slowly, he starts reading from the handwritten pages of the Notebook and her memory is sparkled by the timeless story of their love. This Valentine’s day you can listen carefully and rekindle the fire within you as Noah reads out his eternal love story from the pages of the old Notebook.

Blue Jay

Best valentine movies

Blue Jay (Netflix)

After witnessing the romantic drama of the Notebook, Blue Jay will give your minds something to play with. It is a very deep and powerful movie with a very well written script. You will feel genuine sympathy for the broken and complex character of Jim portrayed brilliantly by Mark Duplass. The black and white theme of the movie also perfectly resonates with the storyline and gives it a vintage vibe. Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson have great on-screen chemistry, together, they have created a thought-provoking movie with a gripping end. Deep, emotional, powerful, well-written are a few ways to describe this Netflix Original.

The story is about two former high school sweetheart bump into each other at a grocery store in their hometown. Both have been estranged for a long time and have lives of their own. While Amanda is now married to an elderly gentleman and has two grown children, Jim never got married. He works in construction and is still a playful and insecure manchild. They start catching up with each other and soon discover that they still have feelings for each other.

Silver Linings Playbook

Best valentine films

Silver Linings Playbook (Netflix)

This is really a beautiful movie that has been brought to life with some spectacular acting from Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and co. The directors have adopted a unique visual style for this movie. This makes some of its scenes so intense that you will get sucked into it and forget that it is a work of fiction. Even though some of the problems faced by our characters are over the top strange, you can still somehow relate to them. It’s like you are watching real people dealing with real problems and you will really feel for those characters. It is a beautiful piece of art, it means something, you will also see that it is heartfelt funny and you will never want it to end.

The movie begins with Pat Jr who is just released from a mental hospital as he suffers from bipolar disorder. He is very upbeat and confident for a man who has just been released from a mental hospital and is hell-bent on fixing the damage that he has done. He goes home to live with his parents Pat Sr and Dolores. At his home, he crosses paths with Tiffany who is also mentally troubled individual and the two of them bond out of their craziness. Robert Di Genero has also put out an Oscar-worthy performance in portraying the role of Pat Sr. Although it’s quite an old movie, Netflix is streaming it this Valentine’s Day and you definitely should watch it.

Blue Valentine

Best valentine's day movies on Netflix

Blue Valentine (Netflix)

Everything is not always flowers and sunshine, sometimes you also have to deal with hardships that comes in every relationship. This movie follows the troubled minds of a married couple for the first six years of their marriage. This is a movie that observes with great exactitude the birth and decay of a relationship. Towards the end of the six years, Cindy can barely remember why she got married in the first place. The crack in their relationship is evident by the mental and physical exhaustion that has overcome Cindy and also by the fact that Dean hardly seems to care as long as she remains his wife.

The movie moves between the past and the present as our characters try to realize what went wrong. For Dean, everything is still fine, He still loves Cindy the same way when they first met. However, Cindy has lost the pride of her body and self because of Dean’s inability to change as they grow old and care for her. While for marriage is a station for Jim, Cindy thought it was a train. The character of Jim is portrayed by Ryan Gosling and Cindy is done by Michelle Williams. Will they be able to work out their marriage? Find out this Valentine’s Day on Netflix.

To all the boys I’ve loved before

Valentine's day movies on Netlfix

To all the boys I’ve loved before (Netflix)

You should end your movie marathon with this spectacular rom-com that Netflix has given us. The premise of the movie is very interesting and you will find that it is different and well-directed. Although it is a movie targeted towards teens by Netflix, it can also appeal to you because the topic is very relatable to a wide range of audiences. It is one of the better Netflix Valentine’s day movies in general and is definitely the best high school rom-com Netflix original. Lana Condor has done a great job portraying the role of Laura.

Laura is a shy girl, who struggles with expressing her feelings. She has written love letters to five guys on whom she had a crush over her high school years. However, she never gave those letters to the boys but instead, she held on to it throughout the years. One fine day she finds out that her letters have been exposed and hell breaks loose. Want to know what happens next? Find out this Valentine’s Day on Netflix.