Being a single mom I personally enjoy celebrating valentine’s day with my kids so it totally depends on who you celebrate the day with, generally some people celebrate it with their partners and romantic interest, while some with their parents or siblings and so on. In my honest opinion, all days of the year are filled with love and I assume the same applies to most of you, but we should still take this one day to celebrate love, and share the love we have for people we love the most in our lives. And express it to them in whatever manner we can. There are tons and tons of ways to express your love for your loved ones from making them cards to getting them gifts. Chocolates and flowers express love in the best way possible, but even a little pampering or cooking a meal for someone you love gets the message across.I see how some people gift their loved ones various health and beauty hampers. So this valentine’s let’s break the norm of buying the same stuff and spill your creativity beans. I have a few tips, tricks & DIYS down here in my blog to show you how to create personalized presents! Make this Valentine’s Day more special by introducing interesting little fun activities that can be done with kids and your loved ones, both. To me this takes Valentine’s Day to a whole new dimension adding in that fun element. You can also checkout latest Valentine’s Day deals on Voucher Codes UAE.

DIY you own love coupon book:
This is an interesting idea to start off with, this includes putting up personalized love coupons for your loved ones comprising of coupons which revolve around the idea of pampering them and gives them a break from their monotonous routine. You can do these fun coupons with kids and family too. These love coupons are easily available
here and are printable too.


Mix and Match Candles:
Here’s an idea to make use of that extra paper lying in your house, it can be used to create a beautiful personalized present.

Things you’ll need:
Paper, ribbons, tape, candles, glitter, glue

1. Wrap paper around candle for sizing; cut till the length required. Stick strips of paper to the candle with tape or glue.
2. Spill creativity. Place random small pieces of paper, tie it with a ribbon or add some glitter. You can make different kinds of candles through these decorations.


Love in dessert form:
Love is best expressed through sweets and desserts, therefore I am sharing my all-time favorite dessert recipe which is quick to make and equally delicious to eat. The dish is called Eton mess and is absolutely perfect for the occasion.
The ingredients required are as follows:
Fresh strawberries 500 grams
Double Cream 400ml
Ready-made meringue nests (crush them into pieces)
Ginger cordial 1 tablespoon (optional)
Fresh mint to garnish

Preparation method:
1.Blend half of the strawberries in the blender till a puree is formed, leaving a few strawberries for decoration purposes.
2.Now take the double cream, and whip until stiff peaks form, then fold in the strawberry purée and crushed meringue. Fold in the chopped strawberries and ginger cordial, if using.
3.Spoon equal amounts of the mixture into four cold wine glasses. Decorate the strawberries on top or on the corner of each glass and add fresh mint to garnish.
Your sweet delight is ready!


DIY Sharpie Mug – For the always-working-late, coffee-obsessed guys & tea obsessed girls
Caffeine intake is an essential for everyone who wants to stay sharp in the morning to be able function. Gifting mugs is an excellent idea to your loved ones, and what could be better if you personalize it and write a special message for them. From one of my personal favorites make your own coffee or tea mugs by drawing or writing some personal messages on it with a Sharpie marker. It’s an easy, tailored gift that he/she can actually use. You can buy your own mug and Sharpie. You have tons of YouTube videos to do your own sharpie mugs from. You can draw visuals or simply write a text, it’s entirely upto you.


These DIY ideas are from my few personal favourites to try out this Valentine’s Day. It’s a day marked for love so what better way to give someone as much as you can through your own personalized goodies & gifts. LOVE is never-ending. When you give unconditionally you witness the beauty of its power. No matter how busy things keep you or how held up you may be, one thing that assures me the most is that no one can ever be busy for the ones they truly love. Moreover, you can avail latest discounts on H&M to surprise your partner with their favorite outfits.

Happy Valentine’s Day!