At some point in their lives, everyone has dreamed about making an unforgettable entrance. They’ve fantasized about being that person who walks into a room, and suddenly everyone stops what they’re doing to get a look. Maybe you thought it was just a silly dream of childhood, or that life doesn’t work that way, but neither of those things is completely true. Just because it hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean it can’t.

Even if you no longer want everyone to stop and stare at you as you walk into a room, (seems like it could be kind of awkward, doesn’t it?) doesn’t mean you have to scurry in like everyone else. You can still be stunning and unforgettable with a few tips.

Confidence is Key

You may have heard that saying before, and it is completely true. Confidence can turn the most embarrassing situations into hilarity, it can make wearing a potato sack look chic, and turn you into a completely new person. If you’re not naturally confident, then there’s another saying you may have heard: ‘fake it till you make it’.

Pretend to be confident, practice looking like you know what you’re doing, make new friends, and work on your posture. It might be nerve-wracking at first, but eventually, you’ll settle into it. Being confident will become second nature to you!

Choose The Right Scent

What you lack in confidence, you should make up for in sweetness. If, you leave a trail of sweet-smelling perfume everywhere you walk, people are bound to notice. That’s not to say that you should completely cover yourself in perfume, but rather, choose one scent and stick to it.

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If you don’t like coconut, that’s fine, there are tons of other scents to try. The trick is to choose one and stick to it. Let the scent compound itself, that way, when you leave a trail as you walk past someone, it won’t be overwhelming or nauseating. It’ll be one single, clear scent they won’t forget.




Look Chic, Feel Chic

Yes, confidence can make wearing a burlap sack look stylish, but very few people have that kind of confidence. Often what you’re wearing can influence your how you feel. When you know you look good, you feel good. If you’re wearing something unflattering and frumpy, you’ll feel the same way.

One way to look fantastic, feel fantastic and standout is to wear a dress. Dresses come in all different colors, lengths and styles, so there will always be one that flatters your personality and your figure.

6th street has a dress for everyone and is a great place to start looking for your unforgettable entrance outfit.



Don’t just choose something that makes you look good, choose something that makes you feel good! If you’re uncomfortable, or out of your element, you won’t feel happy. Looking unhappy and confident at the same time is near impossible. For an extra 10% off your 6th street purchase, use code 6ST008 at checkout.

Entrance Time!

Walking in wearing a new outfit, smelling like heaven, and glowing with confidence will always have a good affect. No matter where you go, these three tips will always do wonders for you.

This doesn’t mean you’ll always get the desired effect though. Nothing in life ever goes completely to plan, but that’s totally fine. You can still use VoucherCodesUAE promo codes to get discounts on your favorite stores and items!

So long as you are happy and feel good about yourself, it doesn’t matter who stops and looks. It’ll be an entrance YOU’LL never forget.