New Year in the UAE means a visual treat for the eyes as skies light up with magnificent fireworks. This year, as we usher to a new decade, fireworks will be amped to the next level. With the milestone mark of 25 years of the Dubai Shopping Festival, expect the grandest New Year to date when the clock strikes midnight.

Mark your New Year’s Eve with the mesmerizing spectacles of fireworks while you reflect upon the past and look ahead to a bright future. Here are the best places from where you can enjoy the world-renowned NYE fireworks in the UAE brought to you by Tickets To Do.

Burj Khalifa (Dubai)

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The most iconic tower in the city is a gathering hub for thousands of people every New Year’s Eve. It gives the best view of the sparkling Dubai skyline along with some awe-inspiring water shows. The Burj Khalifa is a very popular spot during New Year’s Eve, so be sure to make proper plans and reach there in advance. You can get a discount deal on Burj Khalifa New Year’s tickets at just AED 171.00 only from TicketsToDo.

Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi)

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The Yas Marina is a complete package for New Year Celebration in Abu Dhabi. The Yas Marina will be organizing some quality festive extravaganzas for you to count down the final hours of the decade. You can dine in some of the best restaurants in the town or go on a shopping spree at the festive mall while you wait for the mind-boggling fireworks at midnight.

Ras Al Khaimah Corniche and Al Marjan Island (Ras Al Khaimah)

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The New Year’s Eve 2020 fireworks gala promises to be nothing short of spectacular at the Chronicles and Al Marjan Island. The gala is getting a lot of hype as it promises to display drone shows, pyrotechnics, creative and colorful Japanese aerial shells, and more. This could be the 2020’s best firework display in the UAE, so be sure to head towards the Al Marjan Islands if you are around Ras Al Khaimah during the NYE. Moreover, the main viewing points for the evening’s fireworks have special zones that are family-friendly. These zones are perfect to spend some good time with your family. It’s like a small New Year carnival with food trucks, kid activities, street artists and so much more.

Atlantis, The Palm (Dubai)

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Atlantis is one of the most happening places during New Year’s Eve in Dubai. In fact, we think it’s the best spot to spend New Years‘. There is so much happening from the gala dinners under the stars to themed festivities on lounges and restaurants of the resort. You can book yourself in the resort or get a reservation in one of the restaurants. Get exclusive tickets for the New Year celebrations on The Atlantis from CouponCodesMe starting from AED 3300.

If you want something easy on your pockets, the Pal Jumeirah Broadwalk provides a great vantage point to catch the Atlantis Fireworks. Just like Burj Khalifa, Atlantis is a very busy place on NYE and the traffic is controlled. So be sure to make proper arrangements and get there at the right time.

The Pointe (Dubai)

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The Pointe is located across the bay from Atlantis, The Palm and it is a great vantage point to enjoy the grand Atlantis fireworks. It is a retail and entertainment destination of Dubai that is buzzing with shops, restaurants, and other attractions. So, you will have plenty to keep you busy while you wait for the big event at midnight. You can make a dinner reservation at one of the many waterside restaurants and enjoy an unforgettable New Year celebration. The entry to The Pointe is free, however, you might want to make an early reservation for dinner.

The Grand Canal (Abu Dhabi)


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The Grand Canal has always been a great spot to catch a glimpse of some great fireworks on New Year’s Eve and is rightfully a favorite spot for many people in Abu Dhabi. This year, it’s no different, with so many niche restaurants located in the area it is a great spot to dine with your family and enjoy the New Year’s Cheer. Moreover, Hotels such as the Fairmont Bab Al Bahar, Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri, and the Ritz-Carlton have parties going that give your prime viewing pleasure.

The Beach by Meraas (Dubai)

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If you like an open environment with live bands and sandy surroundings, The Beach by Marras is the perfect spot for you. The Beach will transform into an open-air party, where you can enjoy some excellent live music, DJ tunes, and fireworks at midnight. This spot is perfect for people who like to chill in a cool environment while also enjoying the hyped fireworks of the NYE.

The Dubai Frame

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The iconic Dubai Frame which, even on a normal day, gives sweeping views of the mesmerizing landscape of Dubai becomes a truly special place on New Year’s Eve. This year the frame will light up for the first time with three-minute fireworks at the stroke of midnight followed up by some cool laser displays. For the best views, try to pick a spot near Zeebal Park, as it gives you a vantage point over the fireworks of both the Dubai Frame and the Burj Khalifa. Get tickets for the Dubai Frame at only AED 37.00 from TicketsToDo.

Global Village (Dubai)

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This year, Global Village will not reward a spectacle on one firework but seven signature ones! To ring in 2020, Global Village will fly a set of fireworks at the time the New Year is rung-in at seven countries around the world including the Philippines, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, India, Pakistan, UAE, and Turkey. In addition, this year every visitor will have the chance to win a Grand Prize for themselves and their families to spend a holiday in one of the seven dedicated countries. There will be seven winners and keeping with this year’s theme, all kids under the age of 7 will enter free. There will be an array of different shows and spectacles throughout the park including the renowned African Footprint and Bollywood Icon, the exhilarating Stunt Show Survivor, and much more.