Travelling can expose you to new ideas and provide valuable learning experiences. Planned in the right way, traveling can be about so much more than just crossing places off your bucket list. There are lots to learn when visiting other countries. Open yourself up to new experiences such as perfecting the art of yoga or learning a form of ancient martial arts. This way, you will return home with not only a lot of memories but also a lot of new skills. For unearthing hidden gems and new experiences, Lonely Planet have guidebooks for counties and cities around the world and it is a valuable companion for any traveler.

What is the Lonely Planet?

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Lonely Planet is one of the world’s largest travel guide book publishers. Using the travel guides produced by lonely planet, you can travel the world hassle-free with the help of expert insider knowledge, useful maps, activity lists and travel tips provided by the books. You will save a lot of money and time using these guide books as opposed to hiring professional tour guides. You can get tour guides for any country or major cities in the world and make your travels much easier. Get 20% off on all items on the Lonely Planet store through VoucherCodesUAE coupons.

VoucherCodesUAE brings you some offbeat things you can learn in popular destinations around the world.

Perfect the art of yoga in Bali:

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Stretching out on a yoga mat is a lovely way to feel blissed out and healthy while traveling. Have you heard of a town called Ubud? It is a pretty town located in the heart of Bali. The calm and soothing nature around the town makes it arguably the best location on the planet to perfect the yoga moves that you practice every now and then. In Ubud, you will also come across plenty of yoga retreats that focus on teaching the art of yoga to travelers.

Most of the retreats are located on the edge of the town from where you get sweeping views of green paddy fields and swaying palm trees. They offer a variety of classes that you can choose from every day. For those looking for a prolonged stay, there are multi-day retreats and multi-class passes. Some of the views from the retreat studios are worth every penny you spend to get there. The retreats also have in-house cafes that are perfect for chilling once your class is over. Moreover, February is a perfect time for traveling to Bali so you can start planning for a yoga retreat in Bali.

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Find out more about yoga and Bali as a whole through Pocket Bali. It is the perfect guide that will enable you to navigate effortlessly in the region. The guidebook comes with full-color maps and insider tips that will save you a lot of money and time. You can get the e-book for Pocket Bali at just AED 44.54 with an extra 20% off from VoucherCodesUAE. 

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Take a dip into the wild waters of the British Isles:

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There is a quiet revolution going on in the mountains of England’s lake district. A place synonymous with trekkers and hikers, visitors are now starting to wade out into the waters of the area’s stunning lakes for a refreshing dip instead of taking a long hike. Take a dip on the swimming pool at a clubhouse is one thing, but wading through the lakes of the British isles is quite a challenge. Are you up for it?

There are a lot of local agencies such as Active Blu, Chillswim, and many more who can introduce you to the basics of open water swimming. It is suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned triathletes. You will be taken to the depths of beautiful lakes such as Windermere, Ullswater, and Buttermere and experienced guides will teach you techniques of swimming on open waters and give you tips on how to build your stamina. Once you learn your lessons, there will be no lake in the world that you cannot swim in.

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Pocket Lake District can provide you with all the important info in regards to lake swimming in the region. The e-book will show all the best spots for you to dip in along with useful instructions, maps, and guidelines. Get your own copy of the e-book at just  AED 28.76 with an extra 20% off from VoucherCodesUAE. 

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Learn the ancient martial art of Kendo in Japan:

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Even after being one of the most advanced countries in the world, Japan still holds on to some of its ancient traditions with pride. One such tradition is the ancient martial art of kendo. The word literally translates to ‘the sword way’ in Japanese and it sees participants following the etiquettes of the ancient Japanese art of Kenjutsu. The participants wear armor and go head to head on a sword fight using bamboo swords. Its techniques are similar to those used by ancient samurai warriors, making the modern sport a gateway into the history of this fascinating country.

There are many dojos dotted around Tokyo that run introductory kendo classes. The short group sessions will give you an understanding of the etiquette of Kendo. All kits will be supplied by the dojos and you do not need to be a hardened fighter to take part.

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You can get the most relevant, up-to-date advice on things to do, along with hidden discoveries like kendo classes that await you in Lonely Planet’s Best of Tokyo 2020. Get your own copy of the e-book at only AED 45.22 with an additional 20% off from VCUAE.

Sharpen your photography skills on a Kenyan Safari:

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Kenya is a paradise for wildlife lovers as it is the home to some of the best National Parks on the continent. Out of all, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Masha Mara, and Samburu national reserve are the most famous. An African safari is often once in a lifetime trip so it is only natural to want to freeze all the amazing moments within a frame. However, you will be needing an expert guide and plenty of time if you want to get incredible shots of big game in one of the continent’s richest reserves.

There are many agencies in Masai Mara that lead photography expeditions in the safari. They will teach you skills on how to capture perfect images of giraffes, elephants, hippos, and lions. You will have to prepare yourself for long days on the safari, but it’s totally worth it. Few travel experiences can match standing in the back of an open safari jeep taking pictures as a pride of lion pads across the open plain.

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While planning for safari trips in Kenya, consult Kenya travel guide by lonely planet. It will get you to the heart of Kenya, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice. Get your own e-book for just AED: 57.56 with an additional 20% off from VCUAE. Get this CannonDSLR Camera from VoucherCodesUAE

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