After all these months of lockdown, it’s slowly getting to that time when traveling has resumed and residents fly off to ideal destinations. Whether you’re flying somewhere far away or somewhere close by, whether it is a solo trip or a family vacation, you need to be geared with the right travel essentials.

Here are 10 travel essentials list from VoucherCodesUAE bound to make traveling a joyful and hassle-free experience. Along with that, we have the top three travel destinations that you need to check out! 

Travel essentials for a perfect holiday!

1. Safety Must-haves

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The most important part about traveling in a pandemic-stricken world is having the safety essentials intact. Firstly, don’t forget to wear your gloves as well as a mask all the time and especially in crowded areas. Try to maintain social distancing with other travelers. Also, don’t forget to carry the other necessary items like sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, hand soap, and protective covers.

2. Reliable carry-on

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Invest in a durable backpack or a suitcase because that is a key necessity for a seamless airport experience. A good backpack or a suitcase is the one that is lightweight, spacious, comfortable to carry, is water-resistant, and features many pockets and pouches to help you stay organized.

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3. Stylish sunglasses

Travel Essentials list for vacation

It does not matter where you’re going, be on the beach or the mountains, a stunning pair of sunglasses is the travel essential to protect your eyes and keep you cool. The sun’s reflection on water or the mountains can cause severe eye damage so don’t hesitate to get yourself a quality sunglass.

Check for 100% UV rays protection and opt for a polarized one if you’re headed to the beachside. Massive sunglasses sale is going one at the moment. Check out this list of the coolest sunnies and take your pick! You can check Eyewa to get yourself a pair at the most cost-effective price plus get some extra discount.

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4. High SPF Sunscreen

Travel essentials list for smooth holiday

What’s the fun of vacationing if you cannot soak a bit of sunshine? Don’t forget to carry a safe and effective sunscreen wherever you go. This is the obligatory object in the travel essentials list! Our pick is the Sun Bum SPF 30 Mineral Spray Sunscreen from Faces. Get 12% off your order with the code “FUN125”.

Remind yourself to reapply every 3-4 hours and attain maximum protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also, it is advisable to lather yourself with sunscreen when on the plane, especially if you’re seated on the window side because the sun rays at high altitude are even more harmful to your skin. 

5. Camera




Travel essentials for safe and nice vacation

A good camera is enough to take memorable pictures and videos but if you want to share your travel experience on a larger scale then Go Pro is highly recommended, especially if you plan on going underwater for a snorkel trip.

6. Crossbody bag

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Small functional bags are travel essentials, necessary to carry around when sightseeing and hiking. It should be big enough to hold your daily necessities such as phones, keys, makeup, sunscreen, maps, travel guides, etc but small enough to be portable and easy to carry.

Crossbody bags make life so much easier as your hands remain free and you don’t have to search for your bag every now and then.  Stuck On You has personalized bags and accessories starting at AED 20. We are sure you’ll find your match.

7. Portable charger

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Portable chargers are the boon and travel essentials for all travel heads. There’s no fear of running out of battery when you are in the middle of documenting something exciting and important. Pack a portable charger and carry it in your crossbody bag.


8. First aid

Travel Essentials VoucherCodesUAE list for holiday

Prevention is better than cure, so be prepared for anything that might befall during traveling. From motion sickness to diarrhea, to allergies to band-aids, carry a small first aid kit and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, without having to drop by foreign pharmacies.

9. Passport and your ID pictures

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There’s no traveling without your passport, so tucking your passport in your carry bag should be your first priority. Also, carry a spare passport picture and other government ID cards just in case of a worst-case scenario.

10. Self-indulgence kits

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Make your vacation safe thank’s to the travel essentials list


Your summer vacation maybe with your family but that does not mean you deprive yourself of some quality self-time. Noise-cancelling headphones should give you a happy hour or so of good music or a good poetry book, (if not a heavy novel), should help you relax.

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