Let’s be honest, falsies have become a staple makeup accessory on a daily basis. Forget birthdays, parties and other grand events which calls for dramatic and rather expensive eyelashes, a natural looking one is essential for a day to day wear – be it a simple hang out brunch with friends or an after-office activity with your colleagues, your eyes deserves the extra oomph.

However, because the luxury lashes are now an everyday essential, it is important to go easy on your budget and get affordable ones. You can keep the expensive ones tucked aside for special occasions.

VoucherCodesUAE Blog, your new best friend and an ultimate guide to what’s trending, brings forward the choicest sets of falsies available under AED 10, perfect for an everyday look. We know, and we understand how important those lashes are to complete your look, so why should anybody compromise?

Best False Eyelashes for Everyday

Red Cherry False Eyelashes 523 Sage

everyday eyelashes

(Picture credit: Noon.com)

Made of 100% natural human hair, Red Cherry Sage 523 is long, fluffy and voluminous, perfect for an everyday glam look. Many reviewers have likened the style to Ardell Fashion Lashes #122. The best part about these lashes is that it is made cruelty-free and the second best part is that it is reusable for multiple number of times if properly cared for. These falsies are available on Noon.com at a show-stealing price of just AED 8.06.

Generic Pair Of 3 3D Reusable False Eyelashes Black

best false eyelashes for everyday

(Picture credit: Noon.com)

These 3D lashes come in a pair of 3 just at AED 6.75. These synthetic eyelashes (model number: W5819-1) do not look exactly natural, but the fanned fibre pans out for a doll-like effect suitable for everyday use for those who don’t mind a bit of an extra drama. It instantly makes your eyes look bigger and accentuates the corners for flared, pretty eyes.

MAC Professional Natural False Eyelashes Black

best everyday eyelashes

(Picture credit: Noon.com)

Not to be confused with MAC cosmetics, this MAC Professional lashes, is a very affordable variety of eyelashes to be used on a daily basis. Priced at only AED 6.80, the model number 060 is a basic glam lash with crisscrossed synthetic fibers. The extended and curled lashes effortlessly gives a voluminous look and the flexible base feels light on the lids.

De Bela 18 Adorable Eyelashes Black 008

best daily eyelashes

(Picture credit: Noon.com)

Dubai’s homegrown brand, De Bela 18 lashes is one of the best options available to enhance your lashes every day. Made to suit an everyday look, the lashes are easy to apply and remove. The balanced length of the lashes ensure that it fits every occasion without overdoing or underdoing the makeup. In short, it compliments every look.

Sharpdo False Eyelashes Black

If strips are too cumbersome a task for an everyday eye make-up, then try your hands on individual or half lashes. Individual or half lashes is very versatile when it comes to shaping your lashes for a required effect. You can either choose to enhance your natural lashes or just give an extra edge for an effortless cat-eye. These varieties are also ideal for a double eyelid effect. There is 71% off on Sharpdo’s false eyelashes and a pair of two is available only for AED 11.80. If you are wondering why this features under AED 10, then that is where I mention VoucherCodesUAE, from where you get an added discount of 10%.

Thank me later, for now, all power of glam to you!

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